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  1. Herrick

    Exhaust Effects

    I'm just finishing off my P51-D and I want to give it some exhaust marks. There are tons of 'How To' videos out, it's like looking for the proverbial needle... I've just seen these : AK Interactive - Exhaust Stains Weathering Set (https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/paints-hobby-and-scenery-by-manufacturer/ak-interactive/sets/ak-interactive-exhaust-stains-weathering-set?d=22&gclid=CjwKCAjw0qOIBhBhEiwAyvVcfznCl9eGyzd3aMRY2CIf7LSY89giXRyDsK6gcvjk7l2xX11W17LAHxoCefgQAvD_BwE) (Yet another £20 odd for an effect...) Has anybody got any experience of using these? Any other advice? Can I just use thinned down paints?
  2. I realise that I've been making progress with this but not posting. Time to remedy that. The result of applying Flory. The Vallejo aluminum finish has really suffered during this whole process. Part of it is my doing, I seem to be heavy handed, but part is down to the paint itself being so soft. I finished applying the decals, using a mix of Warbirds and the boxed set. I've been scouring the net trying to find pictures of the Red Tails planes but there don't seem to be many, what there are are distance shots in b/w and most of them seem to refer to those two awful films, so I've ended up just using my imagination I have never use Flory before, in fact I hadn't even heard of it until I started reading Spadgent build of Revell's 1/32 scale of the same model. I've probably been too heavy handed ( it's a thing): I like the way it highlights. There's precious little surface detail on this model but the result of applying has taken away some of that obviously 'plastic model' feel. I also used some Humbrol black wash on the wheel wells which looked way too clean for the floried body. Taking pictures like this is very unforgiving... The view from the top of the cleaned up plane. I'm dreading the moment when I try to clean up the canopy! Before I apply a coat of Satin varnish to protect it, I want to try to create an impression of exhaust marks on the fuselage. I have no idea how to do that, so there will probably be something of a wait before this gets posted to RFI. Have a good week!
  3. As a recent joinee, I share your amazement. It's a friendly forum and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Airfix has a lot to answer for! Talking of Haynes, I just bought a manual for a P-51D. I have no intention of trying to repair one, howecer!
  4. Great model, love the cigar chomping pilot!
  5. Yes, it does that! You’ve built a wonderful model there. I love the leather trim.
  6. I’ve just seen this thread and have taken a look at your father’s photos. Wonderful, a glimpse into a bygone era. They’re all special but I like the one taken out of the window of the engine - quite different from the view you see nowadays!
  7. Wow, just seen this thread for the first time. This is a phenomenal build! Congratulations!
  8. Thanks for posting these links, Troy. Knowing about the issues, I can look out for them and hopefully produce a decent model. Paul Budzik's review is absolutely excellent!
  9. Having got a couple of things to the 'nearly finished' stage, I though I'd take a break from P51s and start what was always my favourite plane as a child, the Tempest. I bought this when I visited Hannants recently. I saw it, and as modellers, you know the rest. It came home with me. I've only recently taken up the hobby again and have been working on a couple of Revell kits that I bought a few years ago while living in WA. I'd never bought an Eduard kit before and I have to say that I've been quite blown away by the difference in quality. It's like I've been involved in a pub league up until now, and suddenly I'm in the Premier League. Even the box art is so much better: The instruction booklet a a glossy magazine, and informative. The clear parts are well formed and very clear: There's even a sheet of photo etched parts. And the detailing on the fuselage and wings is absolutely superb. If anything, I'd say the rivets on the fuselage look a little too pronounced. There's not a hint of flash anywhere. I'm going to enjoy this!
  10. It is a strange pose! The others are quite reasoanble, especially the airman (eventually) carrying the jerrycan. But ZombieMan, well, perhaps he's about to burst into song? Fancies himself as Fred Astaire?
  11. I haven't updated this for ages. I've been plodding along, little at a time. Here is where I'm at now: The WAAF, the guy with the coat, the dog and the pilot in flying gear are nearly finished as is the pilot with the Mae West. I've given them a protective coat of Quickshine with an aim to give them all a quick spray of matt varnish with the airbrush when they're all finished. The kneeling man is the only one I haven't glued up yet, he's waiting for his cap but I'd only glued his head in place when I took this! The airman centre stage will receive his jerrycan in due time. There are other pieces to work on, but they'll get done when I attempt to bring it all together in a diorama. The Spitfire got knocked back and is awaiting its replacement aerial ( the original got broken beyond repair) and the dispersal hasn't even been planned yet, let alone started. View from the back: As you can see, there's a bit of touching up to do on a couple of the figures but they'll soon be finished. I need dirty them up a little, especially the pilot in flying gear who looks way too clean for my liking! I found it impossible to do anything with faces, they're just too small for me. I tried darkening the lips a bit on one figure, which ended up looking stupid and I've shied away from trying to whiten eyes.
  12. Welcome, David and enjoy!
  13. I'm just about to start this and am inspired by your work! Bravo!
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