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    Fascinated by the P-51. Pining for Duxford airshow

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  1. I’ve never tried because Quickshine brushes on easily and dries to a lovely shine with no brushmarks. But I believe it can be done. Not sure about the thinning and be careful to clean your airbrush thoroughly because it dries fast and it difficult to budgr
  2. Fascinating watching. Some grim stuff in there, mind.
  3. Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett? Pathfinder Force Commander; I can find one called Pathfinder. Any others you recommend?
  4. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum.
  5. Herrick

    new member

    Welcome cutter. Enjoy the forum!
  6. Welcome Henrik. Nice Hornet!
  7. Welcome Adolfo. Scratch building has to be the hardest form of modelling but perhaps the most fun. Welcome!
  8. Welcome Frankson, hope you enjoy the forum!
  9. I’ve just watched a fascinating film on Prime Video called Night Bombers. It gives a detailed account of the preparation for, and execution of, a ‘maximum effort’ night attack by Lancasters and pathfinders against Berlin in 1943. In colour, it is narrated in the dry style only the British seem to manage. Absolutely fascinating if you’re into WW2 in any way.
  10. I have the same problem only with dog hair! No matter how careful, she always leaves her mark. Lovely build, really enjoying this. What did you do with the gunsight? There’s a slot in the forward bulkhead I think. Agree it’s not at all clear.
  11. What an excellent pair of birds! And your photography is just as good. Truly impressive.
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