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  1. Yes, late May/ early June1940 Allan Wright 92 Sq RAF Croydon. From 23May and day after destroyed two Bf110 and tree probably damaged over Dunkirk.
  2. Thanks guys, very appreciated ! Still on bench Camel, P-38, Zero, GeeBee, Delta Dart, ....... Can waiting I probably want to start new fast Christmas Holiday project.......
  3. Only one model finish this year......... If have see builit
  4. Thanks Pingu, Spitfire kits from ED is very good. The last one, hood and door done! cya
  5. One step back.... I did them, new cockpit colour look beater. After dry, I will do weathering cya
  6. Top level amazing quality. I need one Su-27.... Thanks for sharing.
  7. I paint cheap Chinese aero stuff (can do 1mm line) airbrush Iwata is over priced IMHO. SWMBO is no happy about smell paint. She said paint smell how vomit thx
  8. Thanks Tojo ! Nice article. I will change it to XF-71. cya
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