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  1. Thanks Corsa. Start Riveting , its and idea...
  2. Thanks Pingu, Spitfire kits from ED is very good. The last one, hood and door done! cya
  3. One step back.... I did them, new cockpit colour look beater. After dry, I will do weathering cya
  4. Top level amazing quality. I need one Su-27.... Thanks for sharing.
  5. I paint cheap Chinese aero stuff (can do 1mm line) airbrush Iwata is over priced IMHO. SWMBO is no happy about smell paint. She said paint smell how vomit thx
  6. Thanks Tojo ! Nice article. I will change it to XF-71. cya
  7. Thanks! Small update, Undercarriages bay painted B&W. Delicate panel line wash tan grey from MiG on both sides. Propeller and exhaust ( need putty, be honest next time better use aftermarket part). CYA
  8. Nice cockpit, I wait for more.... Still few Merlin Spitfires wait in my cabinet. Time to collect ref for griffons, thanks for sharing.
  9. I do plane Capt.Bob Faurot, an ace of the 39th Fighter Squadron in Jan1943. Try use decals from Eduard. I need diff tyre pattern in Tamiya kit have diamond thread Def.Model DS48014 be probably OK. Front wheel bay all fit like Lego bricks... Still work on cockpit lot of work left I add few PE parts Thanks for viewing Cya
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