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  1. Ok, thanks Exkiwi - I once used cotton thread to rig my Airfix HMS Victory - needless to say it picked up dust etc very quickly and looked awful! That was a 1/180 scale kit.
  2. Looking nice! Can I ask, what do you use for the rigging? I've built a couple of 1/700 White Ensign kits, but haven't gone beyond the photo etch.
  3. Thanks Iain, pm sent. Thanks Steve for the link.
  4. Hi CasualModel98, Thanks for your advice. I definitely think however that the decals are either faulty/too thin or have decayed due to age. (probably 20 years since I brought the kit) I gave up on decaling the Phantom and moved on to my Spitfire and Dakota, both of which I have been able to apply the decals on and adjust positioning with a fine brush and water, as you suggest. I'm thinking of using the liquid decal film on one or two smaller decals then if that works have a go with the tail fin decals from the spare sheet. Otherwise it's £10 or so for a new sheet.
  5. Ok, still not having any luck with these decals. I dipped in water for a short period then left on a piece of plasticard to straighten. As soon as I touched it to move it on the backing paper the decal broke up. Are they simply too old? Should I try using Liquid Decal Film or give them up as a bad job?
  6. Thank you for that explanation - it was gently running a brush across the top of the decal loaded with water that led to its destruction! Not an issue I have had with Tamiya decals which I have been able to adjust in this way but definitely a method to note and be wary of with some of the decal sets I am now buying.
  7. You are correct, the decal was left in the water until it slid off the backing paper - so I take it out after say about 10 seconds then let it rest before trying to apply? Do I apply anything to the model before the decal to make adjusting it easier? Alan
  8. HI, I've built and painted the Airfix Phantom, kit no 04013 (I think that's right) but have had problems getting the large tail fin decals in place. Fortunately the kit came with a duplicate decal sheet so I can have another go. When I tried the first time round I soaked the decal in warm water until it slid off the backing paper, then applied it to the glossy surface. As I wasn't quite satisfied with the positioning I tried to use water and a brush to adjust the position, and the decal disintegrated! The decals are it seems to me very very thin. I have ordered Micro Sol and Micro Set but never used them before. Any tips? Thanks
  9. Alan W


    Thank you for your welcomes. Perhaps I should clarify my intention to model most British tanks - I want a representation of most of the types, but will not be modelling variants - so I will have a Churchill Mk VII but not a Churchill Crocodile or Churchill AVRE. I will have both the standard Sherman and Sherman Firefly though. Still a big project and reliant on what kits are available - I've just discovered the Conqueror tank to add to my post WWII list. I've built up a supply of kits (about 50!) whilst working to look forward to the day I retired and would have the time to spend building them - I have a number of WEM 1/700 Royal Navy kits, both WWII and 1980's era. I did build their HMS Cossack kit, including all the photo etch ladders etc. Thanks for the heads up Mike, I am aware of various discussions about colours, especially Olive Drab, and that even two tins/bottles from the same manufacturer can be subtly different. My kits are never going to win awards (or even be entered), and as long as the colours look reasonably realistic to my eyes, I will be happy.
  10. Alan W


    Hello everyone, My name is Alan, I've recently retired although I've been building models for many years. My interests are 1/35 military vehicles, 1/72 WWII aircraft and 1/700 ships (just to ruin my eyesight!). Most of the models are of British subjects. For fun I model the odd Sci-Fi craft. I found this website looking for a review of the Meng 1/35 Mk V male tank - it is my intention to model most British tanks from WWI through to todays Challenger. For the most part I model kits as they come out of the box and without creating any dioramas. I have started buying separate decal sets though. I currently have a Trumpeter 1/700 Liberty Ship and Luke Skywalkers X-Wing under construction.
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