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  1. This is my first few attempts at some AFV/Tanks so playing aroound with weathering etc. All are straight out of the box with no extras.
  2. At last finished the Beaufort, Just the standard kit the only extra was the Eduard mask kit (pricey compared to the kit but well worth it). The story is that my grandfather worked at BAC from '39-'43 and we think may have worked on Beaufort as he had the print by Cavendish Morton, early in the year I had been googleing the print and saw the airfix were going to do a kit and that got me building again. Still a few bits need to improve but getting happier with my results
  3. Juat another Beaufughter, nothing too fancy and OOB build from the Airfix kit, getting a littlw bit more practice with the airbrush and basic weathering, need to get the canopy masking a bit better.
  4. Ok, first post of a completed model so go easy on me! Standard OOB of the Airfix kit and first try with an airbrush, Canopy not great and need to get the hang of filling and sanding a bit better but its a start
  5. Hi All, Been lurking here for a good few months so time to join in a bit. I got back into this all after 30+years away, what got me back was this print as it was my grandfathers as he worked at B.A.C from '39-'43 and this was in the family since then and I'v had it hung in my office at home for years now, I was googliong the plane at the start of the yeat and saw that Airfix were doing a kit, and that was it started with a few starter kits and gradually have gone full on into this. So will now start to show some of the finished kits. The Beaufort is started and just waiting on the canopy mask kit to arrive. Next to be done is a Vought Corsair as had my drone out a few weeks ago over the wreckage that is in Lough Foyle (video I did is up on youtube will not put link here as not sure if allowed but you can search. Edgar
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