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  1. Thanks dromia. Increasing the pressure as you suggested worked a treat
  2. This vid highlights some of the pros and cons of the ICM Spit....... complete with kegs...
  3. Welcome back. Lockdown has also been responsible for my return after a few decades away from the Tamiya Extra Thin. I've never been to the IPMS event in Telford before but need to check it out at some time... I dunno how this first post COVID event is shaping up compared to 'normal'.
  4. This review of something pretty similar is more positive than I expected....
  5. What sort of distance do you spray it at with that high a pressure?
  6. I have recently attempted to use the Ammo One Shot primer on a T34 build. During some test sprays on spoons I had great success. Laying down light layers produced a nice, smooth, opaque finish that stood up to sanding after curing overnight... despite the primer seeming a little thick out of the bottle it seems to go through my H&S Ultra 0.4, at 20-25 PSI with no issues. However... Upon moving trying on the model I barely managed to put a light coat on a rear quarter before I started to get splattering and clogging. This was more than a little tip dry. The nozzle was becoming thoroughly clogged and a deep clean was required to clear it out, even needing to resort to the reamer and brushes in the H&S service kit. It too me 3 cycles of spraying/cleaning to get a coat on the model and unfortunately it has dried quite rough. My diagnosis is that the primer is too thick, and the high PSI is causing it to dry before hitting the model... so I have 2 questions... 1) Is my diagnosis reasonable? 2) What have people had success thinning One Shot primer with? I have been using Mr Surfacer as a primer in the past (with mask and booth), but I am keen to limit putting nasties into the air as much as possible for the sake of kids/pets lungs and Stynylrenz/UMP/One Shot seem to be considered the better end of acrylic primers. Ta in advance.
  7. Proper job... I'll take a look Glad I'm not the only carrot crunching, country bumpkin, cider quaffing, yokel modeller around these parts. (did I miss any stereotypes there? )
  8. What would the collective expertise here recommend for scratch building a tow cable for a 1/35 M3 Grant? The Miniart kit comes with the end loops but the cable itself needs to be provided by the modeller.
  9. Slow and gentle push, feeling for the needle seal and then stopping when I fell any more resistance, then tighten the nut finger tight.
  10. Grrr.. having replaced the obviously knackered nozzle.... its happenned again. I was trying to be so gentle when inserting the needle into the nozzzlr, but it appears I was not gentle enough at some point. I guess I'll have to stop removing the needle to clean every time as this oud get expensive.
  11. Are you refering to Looks lIke Glass or Klear not liking Mr Color ?
  12. Yeah.. I know... I'm the worst kind of pedant.... everyone else is wrong! Somehow I earn a living as a software developer who cannot type.
  13. Good spot... I'm surprised that one got past the natural pedant in me! It was along shot as that was at the bacl of the cleanign cupboard from god knows when. Is this the stuff then.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000ARPH4C/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3PUQE804C0UF4&psc=1 I guess the "Frequently Bought Together" products give it away!
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