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  1. Are you refering to Looks lIke Glass or Klear not liking Mr Color ?
  2. Yeah.. I know... I'm the worst kind of pedant.... everyone else is wrong! Somehow I earn a living as a software developer who cannot type.
  3. Good spot... I'm surprised that one got past the natural pedant in me! It was along shot as that was at the bacl of the cleanign cupboard from god knows when. Is this the stuff then.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000ARPH4C/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3PUQE804C0UF4&psc=1 I guess the "Frequently Bought Together" products give it away!
  4. Hopefully simple..... 1) Is the correct canopy procedure to clean, dip in Klear, mask, then paint? 2) Is this the right stuff...?
  5. ...his very manly arms
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the triple seal trick?
  7. At this rate your Ultra is going to end up like Trigger's Broom!
  8. Well.... a new nozzle solved the issue... Thanks all. On the subject of grooves, here is my H&S .2 (left) and 0.4 (right) needle, nozzle sets supplied within the last month with my new Ultra.... 2 grooves/nobs for 0.2 and 4 groves/nobs for 0.4 ...and both caps came with seals too.
  9. I've only had the airbrush for a few weeks and thought I was being careful not to exert too much pressure when re-inserting the needle... ... however... ...things are falling into place! Last week after sustained session applying a primer coat to a Stug IV, upon dismantling for cleaning the needle was a little stiffer to remove than before and the nozzle would not come out of the cap. I thought it was stuck with drying primer, and gave it a good going over with IPA and cellulose thinner. Eventually it did come loose and I thought I had 'cleaned' it loose. When I put it back together there was a little bubbling, but after reseating the needle the bubbling stopped. With the power of hindsight I bet somehow I had pushed the needle in too hard, expanding the nozzle tip, and this was then caught on the cap. Doh! Time for a new nozzle.
  10. Firstly, apologies armored76 for this thread getting hijacked more than a little. Secondly, bmwh548... Good thinking.. swapping out the nozzle seals made little difference, so that's one thing ruled out as a cause (At leat I now have a spare seal for when I do need one). My Ultra did come with an o-ring as a cap seal for both the .2 and the .4 caps. According to Martin at Air-craft.net there seems to be no consistency to whether H&S provide them in the Ultra or not. As for the infinity nozzle cap, you have mentioned that before when I was asking for help with a dripping cap problem, but I seem to have managed to solve that issue by making sure I release the needle before releasing the air. The nozzle does not look out of shape, but I suppose the needle does look like it goes through a long way... ...pretty much impossible to tell though with the tolerances involved.
  11. Martin at Aircraft.net has confirmed that this is the correct seal. Thanks again.
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