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  1. MRP seems to be great product but I can't get it in canada. I can get Mig products and I will give it a try for sure. For now I've tested AK primers and paints and I'm very pleased... But I definitively try lacquers after, maybe I will switch to this as I have many vallejo and AK in stock. Thanks to you guys I will try playing with pressure and distance. Your help was great! And for camouflage I saw a guy using blue mastic to delimitate the pattern, seems to be intresting as I don't have to be precise and too close to the model so more pressure will help me getting better surface...!
  2. Hi to you, hope all fo you are doing good, such great furom you have! So here is my problem, I'm trying to do my first camouflage on a Harrier and I'm struggling to get a smooth surface with my badger 150 (and crappy Passche Talon too). I'm using Vallejo model air mostly and when I'm doing a camouflage patern I can achieve a good contour but when trying to fill the inner space I'm doing many passes and I got some "mirror" effect and rought surface. So my question is: should I use more Airflow Improver than Thinner? Which have the greater impact of surface quality? And what about the PSI? Here is my setups: I'm shooting mainly at 13-15 PSI. With my badger: 0,35mm needle 10 drops of paint, 2 drops of Improver, 1 drops of Thinner With my Paasche: 0.21mm needle, 10 drops of paint, 2 drops of Improver, 3 drops of Thinner My Paasche Talon GF seems to get better results but I have to struggle with nozzle/aircap and seem to be more tricky with dilution. (really disapointed by this product... especially with nozzle air Aircaps...) Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi to you, I'm a returning builder from somes odd years. Interested in military aircraft of any era. 1:48 1:72 are my favorites. Using Badger 150 and Paasche Talon GF airbrushes.
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