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  1. Hi David, It should be AK real color RC206 russian cockpit turquoise. Lays down really nice and solid. Thanks for looking, Ed
  2. Well folks, sorry for very little update. It’s been way too hot to work. But I’ve done a little bit more. already filled in the gaps and started on the rear. What are the thoughts on lowering the flaps? Has anyone got experience with this. Thanks for looking, stay cool and stay safe, Ed
  3. Well folks, sorry for the long time with no updates. But now that my exams and illness has passed, back to sticking my fingers together with glue! First off the ‘pit. Actually quite proud of this. Love that turquoise. (Did loose one of the rudder straps but you won’t see it anyway) Also quite happy with the engine. Coming back to the hobby after a 6 year exodus (last kit was in Year 7) has really made a difference. Well (Get it?) , I am quite impressed with my self for my return and first plane. The detail on this kit is just wonderful. Thanks mate! Went with the colours in the photos, will update more tonight.
  4. Hi all bit stuck on a few painting of parts. Firstly the Radome, I have the correct green but not sure how far it goes, some pictures show MiGs where they expand past a “ring” however some are steel coloured. Not sure what to paint this part? Thoughts? that’s the steel ring at the back of the radome. Here’s the referencing for the 111 Cuban MiG-21R it appears to expand all the way green and maybe even have blue at the bottom. However this seems to be the after a shoddy post 90s repaint, where it differs from the instructions. NEXT challenge is the landing gear, instructions call for them to painted the respective Interior green/Grey in the wells and LIGHT GULL GREY ON THE LEGS.!!??!! obviously this is incorrect for this MiG, on the inside I went for the 324 lower colour similar to other MiGs seen (Reference PF at Cosford lower blue continued into wells, light grey on legs) but on further analysis of reference I’m now not sure wether the Wells and Legs should be painted more of a metallic, or if this is a product of a shoddy repaint? Thoughts?
  5. Forgot to attach the bloody images!
  6. Hi all, been cracking at this whilst my account was being approved. I’m building the Cuban 111 Livery of this Soviet Icon.
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