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  1. I was thinking that heat might work, and that paper tube idea is pretty clever, thanks for the tips.
  2. Yeah I tried that but the tension in the brass simply pulls it apart, even after a significant amount of drying time. I'm hesitant to use too much glue as it starts building up and ruining it. The piece in question I'm having trouble with is approx 1.5" long, bends into a semicircle. There are others in the kit even smaller that need gluing into a complete circle, but the tension of the brass just prevents it working.
  3. Hi all, I bought the Eduard PE railings and hatches for the King George V and I'm having a huge amount of trouble attaching them, mainly the curved ones. I'm finding it near-impossible to get the right curvature as the brass will always unfold significantly, which I guess is to be expected. Straight railings, no problems there as the have the proper folds, but the curved ones are just becoming a headache. Is there a way to get the right curvature, perhaps by heating slightly, and in addition is there a particular glue anyone can recommend? I'm using Army Painter superglue which has been fine up until now, but it's almost like it knows when I want to attach a curved rail and it's like "nah, I'm not going to work". Thanks all
  4. Bloody hell, thanks for the extensive info, nice bit of reading for tomorrow. Had a couple spare hours tonight so started with the anchor chains. They're just an exercise in patience and masochism.
  5. So apologies for the lack of updates. Been on holiday to Austria, luckily just before the major lockdowns and riots. So I ballsed up a bit with the engine intakes. The cheap saw I had really messed up the intake casing while trying to remove the undercarriage bay, so it was back to square one. Managed to get another set of engine intakes, and I decided to just go for the whole intake set straight from Airfix. Yeah I've wasted a bit of money buying the aftermarket set but at least I can get it done. The intake case has been glued and the housing dry-fitted. Overall a nice fit, will give it a brief go-over in silver before assembly. I think Airfix may have neglected to include the rear bulkhead, which may be a hindrance in mounting it but I may be able to fix this. In the meantime I applied a quick bit of primer to part of the fuselage to see if any quality's been lost due to age or previous damage. You know what? Looks pretty damn good. Next step will be to paint up the cockpit and get that fitted. The exhausts previously mentioned have completely failed to arrived so I've just gone for the ResKit version. Not sure when they'll arrive but gives me time to get the cockpit ready. Once that's done it should go much more smoothly.
  6. Thanks very much, I'll take a look. The magazine I mentioned also noted that it wouldn't be anywhere as heavily weathered as comparable aircraft. It looks around the right amount of weathering I want to attempt, and I agree that an airbrush would help. Thanks for the headsup on the slightly off-white tone. I think that's the mindset I had when I bought it, I likely won't be getting another hence I want to make it something special. I think I will have to give in and go for the aftermarkets. I think adding the bomb load will definitely help break up the monotonous white a bit with the green WE.177s, possibly as a "prepping for bombing-run" look if that makes sense.
  7. Thanks very much on the offer. Tamiya themselves have two colour schemes on the instructions, the first looking a little dull and the other's quire garish, so some alternatives would be appreciated. Bit of research on here beforehand found a thread discussing the actual colours (might have been yours), and don't worry about being a rivet counter. I think my main concern would be breaking the colour up enough. I suppose the weathering will really help but like I said, this is a whole new world for me in terms of modelling so the weathering materials and techniques will all be new to me.
  8. I'd also like to jump on this thread; I've got an S20 Ultra which is designed with photography in mind but the photos that come out are pretty crap. The camera includes some quite advanced features which I don't use, similar to what you'd get on a proper DSLR camera. Are there any settings I can use to get the most out of it? Also, for some reason the camera seems to glitch a bit where it won't autofocus at all, meaning I have to keep reopening the app before it does. Anyone else come across this issue?
  9. I was lucky enough to snap up the 1/48 TSR-2 for a very good price a while back and even luckier to get hold of the *very* rare Eduard cockpit, but I've lost a fair bit of momentum in this project mainly over how to continue with the following concerns: - Should I go for the aftermarket undercarriage/bomb bays? Will enough of the extra detail actually be visible to be worth it? - How best to go about the weathering? I found a copy of MiGs magazine of weathering aircraft that had that kit in it but it does seem pretty advanced, and trying to get a lovely finish on anti-flash white is something I'm really not looking forward to. - Mounting the bombs. I found a set of the dedicated WE.177s on eBay but the seller refused to sell them for some inane reason, so I had to go for the Shapeways 3D printed ones. They're very nice but don't include any way to actually mount them to the bomb bay. Overall it's a massive snag in what is otherwise a nice kit. I don't want to burn out entirely so I'm hoping that someone would have any advice or tips for the points above. Thanks all
  10. So continuing my rather headfirst plunge back into scale modelling my fiance decided to surprise me for my birthday. I haven't had much experience with naval models so this'll be both a challenge and a treat to work on. My main experience comes from the gargantuan 1/200 HMS Nelson which as of now is shelved indefinitely due to the impractically of displaying a 4 foot model anywhere. It did however give me a bit of practice working with etched brass of which I've stocked up for the KGV. Given that this kit's from 1985 it's aged surprisingly well, although I would definitely recommend the PE sets just to set it apart. There are bits however which I will skip for the sake of my own sanity, one particular example being the octuple 20mm mounts. On the Nelson they were practically impossible, on these even smaller ones I'll just use the plastic. With this we have a whole set of railings and steps as well as upgrades for the main and secondary weapons and various hatches and cases scattered around the deck and superstructure. Decided to start it simple and got the stand set up. Went together no issue, the mould lines however are a bit prominent however so I'm hoping the sanding and a coat of primer will hide those enough. I also started with the brass on one of the quad 14in turrets. Altogether this is relatively simple and rather enjoyable to see the final result. While the glue was setting I drilled out the appropriate holes in the decking and started filing away the anchor chains for the PE upgrades. Where I'm absolutely stumped however is the best order for assembly. With aircraft it's relatively simple: paint cockpit, assemble the rest then paint the rest. With a ship however, where do I begin? Do I assemble the whole thing then paint as usual? Paint the superstructure and extra gubbins separately? What's the best option? Thanks all, any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. One piece I forgot to mention that was also required was the engine intake housing. Overall it's not an important piece in terms of looks but is crucial to the build as it supports the entire cockpit, engine intake and front undercarriage assembly. Again, this wasn't included it the pack so Airfix was able to send out a replacement. Once again however it wasn't as easy as it looks. Using the CMK parts means I'll have to cut away the existing nosewheel assembly. This doesn't seem too difficult, but what I'm worried about it getting a flush finish. In the meantime I've also been looking into the cockpit dials, and the film provided for the dials themselves appears to be of pretty poor quality. Perhaps my expectations are too high after using Eduard's photoetch versions, but most of the dials are just black circles at best, might just be easier to try painting it. Just waiting on the exhaust assembly and this thing should be ready to start.
  12. Whilst juggling a number of project, both Airfix and 40k, I treated myself to an early birthday present, another 1/48 EE Lightning, in my eyes one of the best-looking planes ever built. I originally bought one several years ago and it languished in my pile for years before I decided to strip it down and rebuild it from scratch. This didn't work out as well as I planned due to the temperamental nature of the Alclad paints and the unavailability of spare parts at the time. I saw this one however online for a decent price and snapped it up. Here's where it becomes a piddle-take; half of it is missing. The original ad stated it was buildable, but the kit is missing the entire cockpit and engine intake, as well as the exhausts. Basically if it goes inside the fuselage, it's missing. This has presented a massive headache due to the kit being long-OOP, meaning I'm going to have to spend a fair bit on aftermarket parts. This is the kit in question. As you can see it's the more advanced F6 variant, with the distinctive overwing pods as well as different colour schemes available, as by this time the RAF had moved on from the distinctive bare-metal finish. Going forward I decided to have a look at the overall kit. Overall condition isn't too bad on the remaining pieces. The fuselage halves have some sort of staining to them, likely due to the age of the kit. Excuse the mess of the box in these photos, that's the box it came in. The inside of the fuselage was coated in old green enamel. As to why someone would paint the inside I have no idea. Took this pic halfway through stripping it down with Biostrip, and it's coming off nicely with no issues. So here's where we get to replacing the missing parts. Airfix offered to send replacements, but the cost would soon add up; I suspect it'd cost around £50 to replace them all, so it's cheaper to go out with the aftermarkets. With that in mind I was able to get the engine intake and cockpit tub from CMK: Haven't used the film dials for the cockpit before, so any tips on that would be appreciated. As for the engine exhausts I was able to source a set of replacements. Stever219 has offered to send over a spare set which I'm very grateful for, in the meantime I'll start panting up the cockpit tub and getting some sub-assemblies put together. That's all for now. If anyone has any colour scheme ideas at the moment feel free to comment. At the moment I'm tied between the late-era grey and the classic grey/green camo, both of which I've seen used on F6s.
  13. So I've rather blitzed ahead with the Meteor and missed out on some photo opportunities but here's a quick update. I didn't want to go all-out with aftermarket parts for this one but when it came to apply the decal for the cockpit dials it all went a bit south. I've always hated putting this particular decal on as in my experience it never goes right, always just gets crinkled and ruined even after quite a liberal amount of decal softener. I scrapped that and just bought the Eduard upgrade, mainly just for the dials but thought I'd have a look at the other details. Very happy with how the dials turned out, as I was a little worried about getting it aligned correctly. I keep saying this but I still can't believe the detail in these parts. Another angle and you can see the throttle handles and such that were also included, which I've deviated slightly and painted red just to highlight. The handles themselves were a bit of a nightmare requiring multiple folds to get the thickness right. The red bit inbetween the two handles is just a bit of sprue, heated then cut to shape. I may apply a tiny bit of putty just to even the finish out. The seat is still in progress. I thought I'd have a try at the seatbelts included in the Eduard set, but had already glued the seatbelt part included with the Airfix kit in place, so I've been filing and shaving them away ready for the Eduard ones. Never attempted photo-etch seatbelts so any advice would be welcome. Once the cockpit was done the rest went together very quickly. Bit of difficulty with the fuselage halves not lining up correctly so a fair degree of sanding was required on the top seam. Once that was done I was on a bit of a roll and attached it to the lower wing halves which now have the exhausts attached ready for engines. The tailplane is also in progress; next steps will be to finish that off and decide on the engine configuration. as I'm still deciding wherever to have one completely closed and the other on display, but if I do that then it can't be placed in the engine bay afterwards as it's just slightly too big to fit. Any suggestions?
  14. Evening all, Bought myself an early birthday present of another 1/48 EE Lightning. Unfortunately it appears to be missing a fair number of parts, despite being advertised as all there. The cockpit, engine intake and exhaust assemblies are all missing meaning it'll just be an empty fuselage with wings. Now I'm wondering what's the best way to attain these parts. After doing some research I have the following leads: - Airfix can send out the spares at £2.00 per piece, meaning the parts will probably cost another £40. - CMK do a cockpit and engine intake set which will set me back around £20, but I can't find any exhausts from them. - Aires do a 1/48 nozzle set but seems very hard to find, and even then would cost probably another £20 - ResKit also do a very good nozzle set but one site I've come across says it won't be ready until Jan 2022, and even then might be longer to ship. ResKit's website themselves is a bit odd, I've made a request and have received an email saying they'll get back to me. I'm considering getting the exhausts from Airfix as they seem the most troublesome, and the rest from CMK to save a bit of cash, but thought I'd put this up to see if anyone knows of any other sources. In addition if anyone has bought from ResKit in the past, any info would be helpful as I'm unfamiliar with them. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the tips. I initially irked a bit at having to fork out for more aftermarket parts, but they seem to all be included luckily enough.
  16. My main blog with all my current projects really isn't gaining much traction so thought I'd split them into separate, more manageable threads. I never had the Meteor particularly high on my list of future projects. My main area of interest are jets from that era, 50's - 80's, but more along the lines of the Lightning, Buccanner and TSR-2. Getting back into the hobby was made easier with the Airfix Mystery Box, which included this and a MiG-17 and Curtis Warhawk, both in 1-72. Both of those were fun builds but I miss the added complexity you get with 1/48. This is the first 2010's-era kit I've bought from Airfix and the I'm really taken aback with the optional extras they've added. The kit allows you a multitude of options such as having the gun bays open or shut, as well as having the engines on show, or even on a maintenance rack, removed from the aircraft. I didn't want to go overboard with the aftermarket parts, in this case I've just gone for a set of Xtradecal transfers to replicate a particular look, WL135 Something about this design I just love. The schemes included were just silver and I was getting a bit sick of that, wanted the standard camo look. The lightning bolt and blue/yellow chequer just finishes that look so I'll be going for that. The cockpit looked rather complex at first but fits together like a glove. Around 5 parts to make the tub, another 4 for the seat and it's pretty much there. Paint-wise I've kept it rather simple; a few photos show a generic black cockpit so that's what I've gone for. Simple basecoat of black with a light drybrush with Citadel grey, and then I'll mark out a few little details based on any available photos. Seat isn't yet glued in, so that'll be done separately. While that was drying I started the wing subassembly, mainly the undercarriage bays. This was nice and easy, just a few small panels creating a box structure on each side, with a couple of trusses that'll also support the exhausts. Since the photo was taken I've also drilled the holes for the rockets, same as the image of WL135 above. Wherever it's a real image or not I don't really care, it's a good enough reference for me. I also had a look at the lovely engine subassemblies in the kit. With this kit you get both engines with the option to have them uncovered within the wing, or separate on a...gurney thing... I decided to keep my options open and just have it all unglued, so I can move it about as I wish. I based the engine on this perfect example on display at Hendon. And after a little while came up with this. The gurney is still to be painted, might go with an industrial yellow for that as a nice bit of contrast, but overall I'm really happy. The cylinders were Alclad Hi-Shine with Vallejo Gloss Black, and a Citadel black wash to accentuate the grill detail. Still have to attach the end-piece and might pick out some other details but it's a nice little eyecatcher in itself. Next step is to paint up the seat and get the cockpit finished before I move onto the fuselage. Thanks for reading, all comments appreciated.
  17. Now that the MiG's finished that's one thing off my list, and onto another. Decided to take a look at the Meteor. Got this as part of the Airfix Mystery Box and upon first look, I really do like the added complexity. The kit allows you a multitude of options such as having the gun bays open or shut, as well as having the engines on show, or even on a maintenance rack, removed from the aircraft. I didn't want to go overboard with the aftermarket parts, in this case I've just gone for a set of Xtradecal transfers to replicate a particular look, WL135 Something about this design I just love. The schemes included were just silver and I was getting a bit sick of that, wanted the standard camo look. The lightning bolt and blue/yellow chequer just finishes that look so I'll be going for that. The cockpit was pretty straightforward despite the complexity if that makes sense. Around 5 parts and the tub is ready, just another side panel and the seat and that's done. I decided against the Eduard cockpit out of practicality and budget which I'll explain later. Doing off research photos it'll be just a black cockpit, so a quick drybrush with Citadel Grey and I think that'll do it. I'm doing this a bit out of sequence and decided to get this sub-assembly finished beforehand. The landing gear bays went together like a charm. Around 5 parts in each one, fits together brilliantly with no issues and the detail is very crisp indeed. I also spent the time putting together one of the engines. It's still a work-in-progress but I took a number of photos at Hendon last weekend, in which the chambers of the engine were this lovely mirror finish. Have tried to replicate this with Alclad, and will go back over with gloss black in other areas to try to match it. Depending on my skills I may try to dirty it up a little. And getting a bit ahead of myself here but I treated myself to an early birthday present, courtesy of Facebook Marketplace Managed to get this for £40 online, but was very disappointed when I opened it and a large proportion is missing, namely the entire cockpit and intake/exhaust sections. Pretty wee weed off at this as it was advertised as nearly brand new. I've emailed Airfix seeing if they have spares, which isn't too difficult as the parts in question are interchangeable between all Lightnings. Sounds promising at the moment, but if they can't help it'll be a hefty bill to CMK for the replacements, hence the budget issue I mentioned earlier. Plan is to go for the full F6 variant, with the Red Tops, overwing tanks and the more modern RAF grey livery. Might be a while before I start as it'd be nice to get the TSR a bit more done first but watch this space. That's all for now, all comments and critiques would be appreciated. I'll be honest this blog seems a bit more dead than some of the ones on here so any comments at all would help. Thanks,
  18. Been on a bit of a roll with the MiG-17 this week after the success with the Alclad, and it's pretty much finished. The black is simply Vallejo black airbrushed on, with the whole thing given a couple coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss. Doesn't look like much but the black really breaks it up well. I now take back everything I said about Alclad in the past, particularly the Aqua Gloss. Brilliant stuff all around. The kit itself was a nice build, although the fuselage was a bit warped around the nose. While some sanding and putty helped it's not the neatest underneath but overall I'm happy with it. The major markings have gone on, but as for the various technical details I might not bother, mainly as they're so fiddly, but also as they're near-invisible against the silver. So that's one out of my pile done. Next steps would be to just finish off the last details on the Warhawk. Currently looking for a nice white for the TSR-2 but in the meantime I've treated myself to an early birthday present, a brand new Lightning F6. Bit of an impulse buy but I figured it'd contrast nice with the silver F2, painted up in the later grey scheme with the overwing tanks. Will post photos when it arrives. That's all for now, any comments appreciated.
  19. So I bit the bullet and ordered the WE177s from Shapeways. I initially found the Aviation Workshop set on eBay but the seller was refusing to ship from France to UK. To me that seems a bit ridiculous; I made a decent offer and stated I'd cover any additional shipping cost, they still declined for some reason I can't fathom. Anyway, spent a few hours last night with the Mig-17. Once the cockpit tub was assembled it was pretty quick progress, although overall I'm a little disappointed with the kit. There seems to be some considerable warping around the nose, meaning getting the fuselage halves aligned with the lower panel and the nose-ring was exceptionally difficult. Some filler and considerable sanding was required but it's not going to be perfect. I also thought I'd give the Alclads one last try and replicate the classic Mig bare metal finish. On went the gloss black except this time I went against Alclad's advice and barely sanded it. Whereas before I went through all the grains of polishing paper, this time I just used the finest and gave it a very light go-over. Couple of coats of Hi-Shine Aluminium later and the result is pretty decent. Ignore the cotton bud, that was just used to suspend it while drying. Despite my grief in the past, I'm pretty chuffed at this one. Off to the RAF Museum at the weekend, will stop by Hannants afterwards to return the crappy WE177s and pick up some Alclad gloss varnish, after which the decals will go on and it'll be pretty much finished.
  20. So I've decided to bite the bullet and get the Mustang done. The experience with the Alclads (again!) put me off for a while but I've gone back and was able to: - Neaten up the yellow/green banding at the front. I wasn't too keen on how it tapered at first. It's come up a little thick so I may go back over with some wet/dry. - The cockpit has been masked and sprayed. The Eduard mask wasn't too bad but the pieces could be more prominent on the sheet. - Started applying the decals. The decals were a bit of a letdown. The chequerboard pattern just didn't want to fit and the instructions provided were pretty poor, needing to be swamped with softener a few times before it fell into place, and even then I suspect it was more luck than skill. Some neatening up with a brush is needed but, in my eyes at least, that's the worst of it done. Also started the prop and spinner. The blue banding was hard to achieve due to the curvature of the spinner, but I used a ring of blu-tack and tried by eye to get it level, and overall it's not a bad attempt at all. I've also painted the interior of the TSR-2. This was pretty difficult due to having to recreate that shade of blue by eye. It's slightly different but once it's all put together I doubt it'd ever be noticeable. The ejector pin marks will also be hidden by the cockpit and consoles. In the meantime I've started on the bomb bay superstructure and got some nice goodies to go in it: Here we have 2x 300kt WE.177 bombs, each one 15x the power of the Hiroshima bomb. I'll be honest I'm a little disappointed with them; they're a generic bomb part lacking any detail of the real thing. In addition there are some big resin gates and flaws, and no way of mounting them to the model. Might return them and go for the more expensive but more detailed Shapeways set. I really don't want to go down the Shapeways route due to their obscene shipping costs, if anyone knows a UK retailer that still has The Aviation Workshop set I'd be very grateful. Here's where the project is going to get difficult. Next step is to attach the engine intakes which require painting beforehand. Still unsure on the anti-flash white recipe I was thinking of, some recommendations would be helpful. Thanks all, comments appreciated.
  21. I think given the hassle I've had with this kit I'm not particularly fussed on that level of detail. It was a ballsache from the start and redoing it was even worse. All I'm caring about is wherever it looks ok or not.
  22. I'll start by noting that I made a big mistake when ordering the TSR parts. I thought I'd ordered the cockpit upgrade when I actually ordered the parts for the cockpit, ejector seats and the interior detail, which was a nice happy accident I guess. I'm not 100% sure what these are, probably just part of the structure, but they went on nicely and break up some of the plain cockpit wall I guess. At this point I cleaned up the fuselage halves for a dry-fit and I'm very impressed with how cleanly it fits together. It's almost a perfect fit with no glue required. Here you can see the cockpit detail before the other parts were added. Once the fuselage interior's all painted it'll definitely start looking the part. However this also got me thinking about pilots; both the pilots in the kit are very plain and identical, given the detail in the cockpit it'd be nice to have some decent pilots to match. With that I have two options - Find a suitable alternate set of pilots. - Leave the cockpit empty and use the Eduard seatbelts. I'd rather add a couple of pilots, but if anyone has any sources for some good figures please do let me know. And just to finish up I decided to have a start on the MiG-17.Given that it's a small kit I wanted to just keep it simple, no photo-etch or other upgrades. So far it's gone together nicely. The cockpit just consists of 3 parts before the seat is added, and the fuselage just fits around it in the typical manner. I did balls it up however and get ahead of myself on the wings. For some reason, if you want the undercarriage raised you have to glue the doors into the wings before gluing the wing halves together, which I didn't realise. Quick go-over with the knife and I managed to separate them enough to get the part in. And here we have a quick dry-fit of the model as a whole. Doesn't look like much yet, but we're getting there. Plan is to give the Alclads one final shot and do it the typical MiG baremetal finish. If this one doesn't work then I give up on Alclad for good. That's it for now, any comments really would be helpful.
  23. Great work. I've just started the same kit with the Eduard cockpit, nice to see another example of this great kit. From what I've heard the gold tint was to protect the crew from the radar emissions. The E6 Prowler has the same coating for that reason. Brief search on Wikipedia states it was to protect the crew as well as reduce any interference from outside sources.
  24. Morning all, Currently looking for a couple of pilot models for the 1/48 TSR-2 and Gloster Meteor. The pilots in the TSR are a bit undersized in my eyes and both identical, and the Meteor kit doesn't even include one. Anyone know of any good third-party suppliers? The Meteor is Korea-era so it fits more in the Cold War section. Thanks
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