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  1. Some images of Ar234 ETC. HTH Giampiero
  2. A realization of some years ago, the Ju 288 of Huma; on the whole it is a good model, but it required a great work of modification, both of the cockpit (almost totally rebuilt)… and of the wings and engines details. The model represents the Ju 288 V103 (C-1), as it appeared in Dessau in the summer of 1943. The camouflage is in the classic 70/71/65 (Humbrol Enamels mixtures); the codes are decals printed by me, the crosses and swastikas instead are from other models. Everything, as always, has been totally brushpainted.. Hope you like. Thanks for viewing Comments and suggestions welcome. Giampiero Piva
  3. Very nice work and WIP; brilliant final result. Congrats.
  4. Hi Walter, thanks for the compliments; as you can see, no dipoles under the left wing. HTH Giampiero
  5. It took the usual modification and addition work, typical of Eduard kit, plus some 'extras' related to this particular version. The aircraft represented is that of Oltn. Klaus Bretschneider, belonging to 6./JG300, which operated from the base of Rheine in March 1944. Note the absence of the armored headrest. The aircraft is in the classic 74/75/76 scheme (Humbrol Enamels blends) and is painted, as usual, entirely by brush. Finally a picture of the lower surfaces. Hope you like. Thanks for viewing Criticisms and suggestions welcome. Giampiero Piva
  6. Bello ed originale. Complimenti. Ciao Giampiero Piva
  7. Awesome model of a splendid aircraft !
  8. WOW ! Superbuild and superpaint ! I love Ta152.
  9. Very nice result, I like it. Bravissimo ! Cheers Giampiero
  10. From the old but very useful 'Official Monogram Painting Guide' . HTH Cheers Giampiero
  11. Another masterpiece, Nanond. Bravissimo ! Cheers Giampiero
  12. Probabilmente dopo la parentesi della Werkschützstaffel gli aerei vennero assegnati alla SchiessSchule di Vaerlose. Probably after the parenthesis of the Werkschützstaffel the planes were assigned to the SchiessSchule. Ciao Giampiero
  13. Humbrol Enamels mixes and some Valleyo acrylics (cockpit and landing gears).
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