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  1. Very nice 'Luftwaffw 1946'. Congrats
  2. Thank you; the exhaust are not intended specifically for the He112, but are very similar to the real ones.
  3. Thanks; for the Atemgerät : sprue, plastic rod, an old photoetched part, copper wire. HTH Giampiero
  4. Thanks; I don't remember having problems with the canopy.
  5. A work of some time ago; the RS kit is good, but, like all models of this type, it requires some modifications and a fair number of additions, particularly in the area of the engine and its radiator and in that of the wheel wells. The rather bare cockpit also needs numerous additions. The wheels in the kit are too small, so they have been replaced with those of a Bf109 F. The model represents a B-1 from Industrieschützstaffel, a squadron formed by the pilots of the company a protection of the Heinkel factory in Rostock-Marienehe in September 1939. The camo is in RLM02 (or RLM63) integral (mixture of Humbrol Enamels), entirely brushpainted; the decals are partly those of the RS, partly come from other sheets and the one relating to the indications of the flaps on the left wing was printed by me. Hope you like it. Thanks for your attention. Criticisms and suggestions welcome. Giampiero Piva
  6. Very nice work, well photographed. Congrats.
  7. Very nice work, congrats. The only criticism I can make is that the company has provided the wrong camouflage scheme, as the colors of the wing top have been inverted, which goes back to the original manual. (Purtroppo l'ho imparato a mie spese sbagliando un modello anni fa !) HTH
  8. The model, which appeared in 2021, is a good basis for building this cute trainer aircraft. The changes and additions concern only some details of the cockpit and tail. The aircraft shown is a Bü181 D of the Nachtschlachtkommando 1, based in Warnemünde in March 1945. The model is entirely brushpainted as always in RLM 70/71/65 (Vallejo), the decals are from the kit. It should be noted that the firing cables of the Panzerfäuste are absent above and below the wings, probably because the plane was photographed before a training mission. Finally, an image of the lower surfaces. Hope you like it. Thanks for your attention. Giampiero Piva
  9. Simply beautiful. Vous continuez à m'étonner, après des années, avec votre talent ! Giampiero
  10. The tank is a modified piece of ballpoint pen; comparing various photos of other aircraft with the '7+-' I decided that the 74/75/76 was more likely.
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