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  1. Wow now that's one Beautiful SPAD my friend. Impressive details and painting as well. Well Done and Congratulations. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette PS: Love those many tiny little bullet hole patches. What decals did you use?
  2. Terry, You're doing grand work to the old girl. Keep up the highest level s of excellence my friend. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  3. That's the one my friend.Thank you for your remarks .
  4. Dave, What a lovely pair of kites my old friend. Sad to read of the Fokker demise though. Any chance of rebuilding her? Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  5. The air grew were indeed American my friend. Thank you for your kindly reply Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  6. Thanks for Looking Guys. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  7. This one is older vacuform builds for you approval. I ordered this kit from an add in Fine Scale Magazine in the early nineties. I have no idea who manufactured the kit but do remember they were in Canada. Any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated.
  8. Moa, Another awesome project my friend. Very impressive modeling indeed from wood work to vacuforming to finish. Well Done and Congratulations. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  9. Wow impressive work from the little Lady! Well Done and Congratulation to you both. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  10. Just an FYI I forgot to pass along. The SPAD XII was a 37mm cannon armed fighter. The cannon is mounted between the geared Hisso's cylinders. The breech was nearly at the pilot knees,this is why the unusual control method. Although it is completely out of sight the cannon breech and shell trays are there. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  11. Thanks for looking! Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  12. Evening All, Here's yet another of my Coastal Forces projects. This one is a conversion of Revell's McHale's Navy PT-73. Not to worry guys I have another of the same in the stash as well as the later issues. This project was completed using Al Ross and John Lambert outstanding book. As always any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated.
  13. Moa, Absolutely beautiful modeling my friend. I do love seeing a good vacuform kit build up and your's is one of the best I've seen . Well Done and Congratulations! Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  14. Mine too my friend. Thank you for your comment. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
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