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  1. Hi All Can anyone tell me if this model comes with a stand and what the quality of the model is like? Thanks
  2. Bit of an update. I installed the flow regulator/Moisture trap today and its holding pressure nicely not like the setup before where it was dropping. Not been able to shoot any paint yet but looking forward to seeing the difference
  3. I've ordered a Moisture trap/regulator from Screwfix to put at the airbrush end as suggested. Be interesting to see what happens.
  4. The way it's setup it comes out of the compressor into a water catcher/pressure gauge then into a big reel which I then connect to my airbrush. Sorry if this is a stupid question but could I be loosing pressure as it goes through the big reel because the pressure on the regulator is set to only say 20psi? And its got a long way to go before it reaches the airbrush? Would it be better to have the airbrush connected to the regulator so it's not going through the massive reel?
  5. As title of thread my compressor is a big Clarke 150L twin piston which the previous owner of my house left in the garage. It great for air tools and tyre inflating but is it to big for my H&S Ultra airbrush? It does blast the paint out and is is tricky to get the pressure set right.
  6. I'll give those pressures a go and see if it helps. I haven't had the airbrush long so I think like yourself I just need to experiment and see what works for me. The compressor is a garage compressor which will run a windy gun without any problems so there's plenty of air it's just very loud!
  7. So what pressure would you spray at? I
  8. I'm using Vallejo own thinners.
  9. Hello everyone in need of some help with airbrushing Vallejo primer. Does the primer need to be thinned to spray as I've attempted to spray it without thinning and it seemed abit thick so I've thinned it and it just seams to make a mess. It doesn't stick to the model and it spattering quite badly. I'm using a H&S ultra at about 20 psi. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm lucky I only live a 5 minute drive from the Bovington Tank Museum. They are hosting the South West Model show in a couple of weeks time which I'm looking forward to. I have bought a few things from yourselves the last couple of months, really great service
  11. It's the Tamiya M4A3E8 "Easy Eight". In 1/35
  12. Hi Göran I built it after getting inspiration from Al Murray doing a build video of a Bren gun carrier (Al Murray does a WW2 podcast called we have ways of making you talk) and I caught the bug for modelling again after doing it as a kid years ago. It's definitely something I want to progress further in as it been great fun building it but I take onboard your comments about the turret seam, it's not the best and it's scruffy in afew others areas too. Hopefully the next one I've started which is a Panzer 2 will be abit better. I'm following a build video for that on YouTube which is been great for tips and techniques.
  13. This is the first model I've built since I was young about 20 years plus ago and I'm quite pleased with the result. Obviously alot to improve on and I've learnt loads in the process. Interested see hear peoples opinions and tips.
  14. KrisW77

    Painting wheels

    Thanks for those tips, I shall give them a try. I think part of my problem is I've only used my airbrush twice so abit of practice needed.
  15. KrisW77

    Painting wheels

    What's people's opinions on the best way to paint wheels? I'm building a easy eight sherman and I'm having trouble getting the wheels painted, they don't look good at all.
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