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  1. I shall have a play and see what it comes out like. Looks like I'll be buying some more paint
  2. I'll be using Tamiya paints so I'll have a look at Mike's mixes. I'm not to worried about getting 100% spot on but near as will be good enough for me. Thanks everyone for your responses. Really helpful.
  3. I'm soon going to be building an Asuka Sherman Firefly. What colour green where they painted? Thanks.
  4. The sherman is starting to take shape nicely and I've already found things I'll do differently on the next model. I'm trying to remember that this is my first build as an adult and to treat it as abit of a pratice and not get to annoyed if it doesn't look perfect. I'm enjoying it though and have already bought an airbrush!
  5. Hi all thanks for adding me to the group. I've just decided to get back into modelling after 20 years. I used to enjoy the hobby when I was younger and to be honest I just stuck bits of plastic together with finger marks everywhere and slap the paint on. Not the prettiest but I enjoyed it. I've started off with the Tamiya Sherman Easy Eight and also bought some tools + paint. I've been using the Tamiya olive drab spray paint and so fair I quite like the results but along way to go yet!
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