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  1. Sorry for the late reply and I hope this helps. I just saw your post. First I applied a sealer to the wood with a disposable brush and let it dry for a day. I airbrushed the deck a dull primer black. I basically masked off little features like hatches, etc and light sanded partially through the black primer. I tried to imagine where foot traffic might be and sanded there. I then added grime around the gun, a touch of salt here and there, and a little rust around the tower feature, railings, etc. Basically trying to tie it all together hoping the effort would add to my story.
  2. Wishing you the best during your build. Glad to see that it has begun.
  3. Very well done, very clean &crisp. I really like what you have done here.
  4. Very Well done with a powerful story & purpose. Thank you for posting and sharing.
  5. What a very interesting model. I love the work you put into this kit. Your attention to detail is incredible.
  6. Thank you guys for the kind compliments. I appreciate them. Brian
  7. What a fun build. I enjoyed the kit. Overall the kit was pretty straight forward and well designed. I deviated from the plan a tad here and there. I upgraded the weapons on the conning tower and main deck gun. Most of the features in the conning tower I replaced with 3-d printed parts for a little more detail. I used a nautilus laser engraved wood deck that really spoke volumes and added to the overall build. Without further rambling here is my interpretation of the U-82 U-boat. Here is a link to the “ build “if you care to follow my building process. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235099254-revell-uboat-viic-“wolf-pack”-05015-172/ Thank you for looking and commenting. Goji/ Brian if you would like to see more detailed (closeups) photos of this uboat I have more on my personal website: https://www.briankirkseyphoto.com/Unlisted/n-D5NHZc/Revell-U-82-U-boat-172-custom-build If you would like to read more about the interesting U-82 visit www.uboat.net. https://uboat.net/boats/u82.htm
  8. Lanmi, keep up the great work. Your efforts paid off and your project looks solid. I hope we see future builds from you too.
  9. Well I was on a roll the other evening and I pretty much finished the U-boat. I added the decal and weathered it just a tad. I added the cables, aerials, and aerial insulators. With a brush and a little paint I touched up a random rogue spot or two. I was going to add additional weathering to blend the deck with the hull but then decided not too. I think the weathering is close enough to the heavy weathering I had in mind for this build. Once you go to far I hear it’s tough to go back. Thank you for tagging along my adventure and commenting on the way. I learned a lot with this build (2nd) as I did with my last one, my first. There were several first time moments during this build that I was able to learn and grasp on the fly. A few new tools, oil paints, techniques with oils, masking a camouflage pattern, building a Photo Etch/ resin gun, and adding a real wooden deck to this model. Thanks again for the company. I will add more pictures in the “ ready for inspection” Area. Link below. Ready for inspection link: (more photos)
  10. Well it looks like this Uboat is just about complete. I finished most of the details. The wooden deck is now in place permanently. Deck rails have been installed. I did use the stock rails but in the future I will try to make my own using a smaller diameter rod. I am in the process of painting the isolators for the cables. The one decal (two tone shield ) for the U-82 insignia is now on the tower. After a light coat of matte varnish I will weather it tying into the existing weathering. I added a light wash to the main 8.8cm deck gun for a little detail and contrast. It was looking a little dry and light. A little more to come.
  11. The wood deck is pretty flat so I attempted to add some wood rails around the main deck adding detail and texture. I imagine in most sea conditions at night firing that weapon could be pretty squirley. I believe that’s why they had raised rails to position your feet against for stability. I used .015” styrene sheet and a caliper to size a series of strips. I airbrushed the strips flat black and touched them up after I glued them in place. I scaled the pattern from the existing pattern of the the stock plastic supplied deck. I installed the wintergarten permanently to the aft deck of the conning tower.
  12. I have completed the flak30 machine gun on the wintergarten. I have added a small magnet so the assembly is removable while I continue to work in the conning tower. The completed 8.8 gun was a little tricky to mask as I airbrushed the base colors on it then eventually touched it up with a paintbrush. Here is the picture I used as inspiration for my deck gun. In hind sight I could have used a darker grey for more contrast Out of the many pictures of the deck gun I found this one unique with two merchant vessels painted on the side of the 8.8cm deck gun. I am not a huge fan of how the horseshoe life flotation device looks on the side of the conning tower. I know they are only on display while their at port. I wanted to add the mounts to the conning tower. Instead of trying to make the hook and pots with paper and CA, I decided to modify the stock flotation device and make my parts out of it. I used a .030 drill to make the pot look like a cup. Below in the picture you can see the hardware I am trying to make and represent Left of the vents. (The hook & pots) Chop chop I added the hook and pots to both sides
  13. Pulling up a chair and I’m looking forward to your project. All the best to you.
  14. Excellent progress Dmitriy. Very impressive.
  15. This project looks wonderful. Nice work. Good knowledge Dmitriy.
  16. I am looking forward to your build Steve and will follow along your adventure. Beautiful ship.
  17. Thanks for checking out my progress Steve!! I painted all the rails their appropriate color and did some very light chipping via a fine sponge. I did some minor weathering on all of them. Below is a picture of the wintergarten some where in the middle of my process where I was working on the wood. A side by side comparison of the stock c30 flak gun and a 3-D printed one I purchased. The printed one has a larger lower base. So large in fact while sitting on the deck to me it looks huge. I compared the actual guns and they are real close in size. So looking at this picture now it hard to to be excited about the detail of the printed version. Yesterday and today I had a few bloopers. I noticed white primer droplets on my hull section. OMG!!!!! I recreated the problem a few minutes later when I closed the lid to my primer and it splatted on my U-Boat stand. I actually saw it happen. I lightly agitated the dried droplets with a scalpel and eventually touched up the spots via airbrush. Tonight as I was in a groove doing some weathering on the conning tower and I accidentally added rubbing alcohol to my weathering tray instead of white spirits. I burned a spot as the paint started to break down. I am glad I caught my mistake early enough to reshoot the area and blend it back in with the rest of the tower. another crises averted. it’s time to attach the wood deck and I noticed there is a little room between the hull and the deck in spots. I’m currently looking into which glue to bod the wooden deck to the plastic hull. Also looking for suitable clamps that won’t leave marks on the hull.
  18. Dmitriy- thank you. That was really a nice compliment. I appreciate your comment on my workmanship. Thank you David for taking the time to write this comment/ compliment. If anyone ever builds this kit and you get to this step in the instructions. Remember to give yourself a little extra material if you want the ends of your rail to fit inside the handrail pocket. If you cut from their template it will leave your rail a tad short. I cut the rail long and used a small file to bring it to the desired fit. Assembly line of rails being primed. From here the rails will have different destinations and color depending on where they end up on the U-boat .
  19. Love the comment. Thank you Jeff. Thank you V for the encouragement. Your comments made me smile when I read them. Thank you for the kind words. Building two decks simultaneously proved harder to for me to make a decision on which to go with. The worn wood deck definitely catches my eye more than the plastic deck. I do miss some of the raised features above the deck line the plastic deck has. Today I have been working on some of those details for the wood deck. Pictures soon. I also spent the evening cleaning, debuting, and sanding the Uboat rails. I dipped the stern aerial supports in hot water and added the bend in the legs successfully this time without incident. Am about 75% complete on the propellers. Still some minor touch up and details. Since I did not use the periscope housings and internals which act also to keep both halves of the deck together. On my break at work I made some plastic threaded Nuts to clamp it together . My birthday is coming up in early November and I saw this Revell kit (05045) for sale. I could not it pass up.
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