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  1. Oh dear! Was saving up for the C1 and now that gorgeous T3 appears! Only need a Viking and yes, a Varsity and that will be my modelling future sorted! Except for a T4 of course! Cheers, Paul
  2. Rigging wires were definitely not black, but they appear so in many photographs, as mentioned above depending on light conditions, background etc. However in small scale black can give a more pleasing effect. Looking at colour photos of the Bulldog in the RAF museum sometimes the wires appear black, in other images they are silver depending on the angle of the photograph. They appear black against the highly polished fuselage. Cheers, Paul
  3. I would love to see the likes of Fairey lllF available but I don't think Airfix will be the company doing them, sadly prewar subjects are neglected as the market is very niche. More likely Eastern European manufacturers may answer our prayers, companies such as AZ or Avis who have already kitted some rather obscure prewar subjects and very welcome too! Cheers, Paul
  4. I seem to recall reading that the previous fastest subsonic transatlantic crossing was by a VC10, a shame if another British record is beaten! Cheers, Paul
  5. Very nice start! I built this about ten years ago and was very pleased with the result. Surprisingly large and chunky for a single-seat fighter but very interesting. Cheers, Paul
  6. At least there is a Belfast very well preserved indoors at Cosford! Paul
  7. Very sad if the Beverley is doomed. I went in this aircraft when it was in the sadly defunct museum in Beverley before it moved to Fort Paull. No doubt the RAF Museum will do nothing although they will spend lots on a Dornier but maybe RAF historic aircraft aren't that important. Disgraceful. Sorry but annoyed to say the least Paul
  8. Excellent choice! Look forward to this build. Not sure of the external differences between B6, B15 and B16? I know one of them had an ejection seat deleted. Cheers, paul
  9. I would be surprised if these are produced now sadly, spoke to Mel a while back at one of the shows and he said Canberra's were not so popular after the initial burst of enthusiasm.
  10. Very happy with the prospect of a Valetta and hence a Viking! Many years ago I built a Contrail Victoria, hardest project I have ever done but I was happy with the result. I would love to see one and a Valentia but not sure if Valom would want to go for it or would be able to mould the thin section wings and complex strutting! A Warwick would be very interesting though, I have always thought it is a very elegant design, with airborne lifeboat would be a great project! PS wouldn't mind a Varsity too, my Aeroclub one is past its best!! Cheers, Paul
  11. Mine also arrived today courtesy of Hannants, looks very good in the box, 25sqn decal critique above noted, thanks Wez. Cheers, paul
  12. Great news, thanks, will purchase at Telford. Cheers, Paul
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