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  1. Hi, I'd also love an Autocrat but likewise not sure how to go about it. The Autocrat was basically a mk v with British engine but I think the cockpit glazing also differed from the military variants. I would imagine the AZ kits would be the best starting point. Good luck. Cheers, Paul
  2. Glad you have received your Viking, I found it an excellent kit! The TAHS book is good, not much technical info but lots of nice photos! Cheers, Paul
  3. Yes the Viking kit has a spare Valetta fuselage included. As suggested above, could well be easier to scab a section of Valetta fuselage onto the Viking, an extra 28 inches forward of the wings for the 1B in real life. Cheers, Paul
  4. Hi, the split landing gear doors are included. I think aftermarket would be required to provide props without spinners although I have a couple of contemporary photos of G-AGRU which had the spinners. Sadly my internet skills don't extend to uploading pictures! Cheers, Paul
  5. Looking at the history of G-AGRU, this aircraft was assigned to Aer Lingus in late 1946 but never entered service, re-assigned to BEA in early '47 before going to the West Indies for a number of years.
  6. The fuselage cross sections are the same so could well be possible, taking care to get the correct window openings. I believe the extra length of the 1B was forward of the wings. Alternatively use the Valetta fuselage, which was the same length as the 1B and rescribe the entrance door. Additional windows are indented in the Valetta fuselage. Cheers, Paul
  7. Received my Viking yesterday and on initial inspection I'm very happy! To confound my pessimism earlier on this thread Valom have completely reworked the fuselage halves, now correctly shorter for the "short nosed" Viking 1A, with correct windows and entrance door, also new horizontal tail, undercarriage doors and windscreen. Very impressed with their effort, they even include the Valetta fuselages in the box! Decals seem of good quality although lacking the cheat lines but a great looking kit in the box! Cheers, Paul
  8. Hi, had a look at the Fairey a/c Putnam book, in fact dimensions are quoted for six different IIIFs although it does say in the book that data should be treated with caution as they were taken from many sources! Listed below: wingspan for all given as 45' 9" IIIf floatplane prototype N198 : Length 36'4" height 12'7" weight loaded 5,300 lb IIIF mk 1 landplane L 33'10" H 11'3" weight loaded 5,120lb IIIF mk II seaplane L 35'6" H 12'7" WL 5,300 lb IIIF mk III M/ B GP 2 seat landplane L 34' H 12'9"" WL 5,874 lb IIIF mk IIIM/B 3 seat seaplane L 35'6" H 14' WL 6,301 lb
  9. According to the old Profile Publication on the IIIF, aircraft in the Home Fleet had the upper fuselage in Battleship Grey, while overseas based aircraft were black to reduce glare. Cheers, Paul
  10. Possibly, the floats don't seem to project too far in front of the fuselage so a two foot difference is plausible. However floats are not mentioned in the dimensions quoted in the Profile. In the Putnam book on Fairey aircraft by HA Taylor there is quite a long chapter on the IIIf and three different lengths are quoted, one being a floatplane! I will check and post the details when I can. Saying all this, after nearly a hundred years and with only a fuselage frame as the only surviving relic I doubt that we will ever know for certain and Kora had to base their kit on widely quoted di
  11. Great to see one of these built on BM, I built this a few months ago in a lockdown attempt to reduce my stash, it needs a lot of care but builds into a good model. I do remember the wing to fuselage join needed quite a lot of filler! And a lot of weight as stated above, fortunately there is plenty of room in the long nose! Cheers, Paul
  12. Hi all, to add to the confusion I recently found a copy of the 1960's Profile Publication on the IIIF and the dimensions are given as 34' 4" for the FAA IIIB and 36' 8 5/8"for the RAF IVM. No explanation is given for this difference but I see that the above manual is a FAA publication. The Putnam Aircraft of the Royal Air Force book also quotes the longer length. Not surprising that Kora went for this length and I am delighted with their new kit! Cheers, Paul
  13. October SAMI in my local WHS today, a little bit late! Also Model Aircraft Monthly. Cheers, Paul
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