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  1. Hi, further to the above I have compared the entrance door to the one engraved on the S&M models resin Viking kit which looks accurate when compared to photos. The leading edge of the door is 12mm to the rear of the eighth cabin window and 3.5mm to rear of the leading edge of the rear door of the Valom kit. Maybe one could use the forward, paratroop, door of the Valom kit as a template but all the existing engraved door detail on the Valom Valetta would need removing. Cheers, Paul
  2. A Viking would be great but as mentioned above would hope for a new left fuselage, the passenger door in the Viking is a slightly different shape to the Valletta's and I think in a slightly different location, also the hinges are on the opposite side as the Viking door hinges on the left when facing the door. I have seen photos of Vikings with cargo doors, again these look different to the Valettas and obviously lack the parachute door. Cheers, Paul
  3. Great progress, yes there should be ten windows on the starboard side, don't know why Valom provided the outline without cutting out the ninth window. Fortunately they provide 16 windows in the transparencies! Cheers, Paul PS the rearmost, tenth window is semi opaque on the real aircraft, presumably for the toilet
  4. I built several of these super little kits a few years ago, most Moth variants have been covered by Avis. Cheers, Paul
  5. Release was due in March but as stated above no recent updates on this. Price quoted at 32.95 euros including tax on Aviation Megastore site so hopefully UK price will be a fair bit cheaper than the Bristol 170. Cheers, Paul
  6. Disappointed as this is always a great show but a wise decision in View of the current situation. Sorry for the traders and those who have put a lot of effort into the organisation but better to cancel now than possibly have an enforced cancellation nearer the time. Paul
  7. Have been looking forward to this for a good few years but a bit shocked by the price, not sure if I can afford the thick end of fifty quid.
  8. Looking forward to reading this, the photos of completed models look superb!
  9. Looking forward to this, not greatly inspired by the initial schemes but the rendition of the blue GAAZP in the artwork looks gorgeous! Cheers, Paul
  10. Great choice and look forward to watching this. I purchased one at Telford last year knowing very little about the type but it's an interesting and attractive aircraft. All the best with the build. Cheers, paul
  11. Very nice video! I picked up a FRSIN Freighter at Telford but have not plucked up courage to attempt it, so will follow this build with interest. Have been waiting for Fly to release their 1/72 scale version for what seems like many years, maybe will not be long now! Cheers, Paul
  12. Like the choice of colour schemes, hope to see a build from you Moa once the kit is available! Cheers, Paul
  13. Oh dear! Was saving up for the C1 and now that gorgeous T3 appears! Only need a Viking and yes, a Varsity and that will be my modelling future sorted! Except for a T4 of course! Cheers, Paul
  14. Rigging wires were definitely not black, but they appear so in many photographs, as mentioned above depending on light conditions, background etc. However in small scale black can give a more pleasing effect. Looking at colour photos of the Bulldog in the RAF museum sometimes the wires appear black, in other images they are silver depending on the angle of the photograph. They appear black against the highly polished fuselage. Cheers, Paul
  15. I would love to see the likes of Fairey lllF available but I don't think Airfix will be the company doing them, sadly prewar subjects are neglected as the market is very niche. More likely Eastern European manufacturers may answer our prayers, companies such as AZ or Avis who have already kitted some rather obscure prewar subjects and very welcome too! Cheers, Paul
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