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  1. Fabulous resin work so far. This thread will be really valuable especially as Airfix are going to release the Heron again in their Classics series. Cheers, Paul
  2. Nice progress, I built this a few years ago and still has pride of place in my cabinet. A lovely little kit. Cheers, Paul
  3. Very surprising, I assume this is from the pre-first world war era - the most neglected period in aircraft modelling! Cheers, Paul
  4. I'm sure dayglo was used by the RAF from the late fifties. A few years ago I completed the Special Hobby Balliol in a silver/dayglo scheme taken from a profile in SAM and this aircraft was out of large scale service by the end of the decade. Meteor T7's and vampire T11's also were finished in silver and dayglo for a while, will need to check my references for dates. I think its a good looking scheme and can be spectacular on a model! Cheers, Paul
  5. Short run but accurate and well detailed. Can take some work but I'm sure a good build will result. Recently tackled their Miles Aerovan, a bit of a struggle at times but pleased with the result. Cheers, Paul
  6. Agree totally, a terrible shame. Only a couple of years ago we could enjoy the T.7 and NF.11 at airshows, now no Meteors available for the public to view. The Martin-Baker ones are rarely seen in public. Paul
  7. A superb rendition. Now I have to decide whether to build the SBS or KP. TBH I bought the KP for the silver decals for ACSS which appear to more accurately represent the 1930's appearance of the aircraft according to an earlier thread on BM. Cheers, Paul
  8. Some excellent choices here! Glad to see that Dora are extending the Proctor range. Cheers,Paul
  9. There is an excellent work in progress feature somewhere on this site, by Patrik, where he recreates the Fairey mounting and cuts back the decking aft of the gunners cockpit. Also has photos of the real aircraft. Look under Vildebeest mk IV Cheers, Paul
  10. I have the original releases of the Vildebeest and Vincent from about ten years ago. Great kits but a big issue is that the rear gunners position in the Vincent and Vildebeest III had a Fairey High-Speed mounting for the rear gun not the Scarff ring as in the kit so needs some of the rear decking cutting back. Don't think this has been addressed in the new re-release.
  11. I suppose it is feasible, types B, C and D all seem to have been used early post war especially on eg the Meteor. Can't find any pics of the upper wings so down to personal choice I suppose. Definitely D's on the fuselage though for the box art aircraft. Type D's are provided on the decal sheet for the upper wings. Cheers, Paul
  12. Will look in the Air-Britain book for Danish birds, cheers Paul
  13. Hi, Proctors I to III had the same external dimensions as the Vega, the Proctor IV and later civil V had the bigger fuselage and I think slightly more wing area. The IV was originally going to be called the Precepter as it was virtually a new design but the Proctor name was eventually retained. Front seats were side by side in the Vega, Proctors had various interior layouts. According to the Air-Britain Percival book Proctor Z7237 was built as a II and later modified to a III. All a little confusing, especially the interiors of Proctors! Cheers, Paul
  14. Nice review, thanks. Purchased this kit at Telford and it looks good. I recently made the Vega which I am pleased with although I had a struggle with the glazing. Z7237 is certainly in post-war markings not 1942. As I mentioned in an earlier thread I found a photo on the net of this aircraft dated 1950. Cheers, Paul
  15. Hi, is there any chance that SH could reissue the Percival Pembroke, now very rare and expensive on the net and the RAF version is unavailable? Yours hopefully Paul
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