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  1. Hi Ray and Colin, Thank you for the replies. After I ordered the Infinity CR+ I also looked at other options/accessories to go with it. As my Infinity set comes with 0.15 + 0.4mm nozzle/needle, I thought of getting the 0.2mm nozzle and needle to complete the package (Also I heard that the 0.15 is quite finicky on paint, so I thought the 0.2 would be more forgiving). As I was looking at the price of the 0.2mm nozzle and needle I found out that a local shop offers the Ultra 2 in 1 set at the price of just about 60% more than I would have to pay for just the 0.2 nozzle and needle. That got me thinking that I could get the Ultra set for the 0.2mm pack to put on the Infinity, and then use the Ultra with the 0.4 for broader things like spraying primer. Is it a good idea to get that Ultra set or just settle with the 0.2 needle/nozzle pack for the Infinity? Thank you again Regards Jason
  2. Having had an intermission of nearly two decades I just returned to AFV model recently and starting to accumulate my stash. One thing I begin to snap up is airbrush, as in the past I did not have much success with airbrushes, they always ended up with clogs and ruined needles/nozzles. I am quite surprised that the prices of airbrush like Gunze Mr Hobby ones are now priced at almost the same as those back then, not to mention back then there were virtually no Chinese cheap airbrush, so with the airbrush in better value now I intend to get myself more acquainted with the use of airbrush. After fiddling with several "cheap" Chinese airbrush, finally able to get them to work, I am now looking at the better offerings, wondering how much difference they could offer. I now have in the mail coming to me two Mr Hobby airbrushes (PS270 and 289), a Badger Sotar, and hours ago just ordered for a H&S Infinity CR+ 2 in 1. After ordering the HS Infinity, I noticed that basically all HS airbrushes are equipped with the same set of needles and nozzles, which makes me wonder whether there would be any substantial improvement on the output quality between, say, the Infinity and the Ultra (which costs only 1/3 to the infinity)?
  3. After over 2 decades of intermission due to a flood damaging most of my model collection, lately I just got bitten by the bug and return to the hobby. Glad to see there are now "new" manufacturers like RFM, Takom and Amusing that comes out with very high quality detailed kits. As I am gradually building up my stash, I have been trying to get a 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) Lang. Are there any other kits besides the old Tamiya and ESCI kits available? Thanks
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