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  1. Right update 3 with piccies to come tomorrow. Assembled the cockpit and got the two halfs of the forward fuselage joined the tricky bit was the engine and i had to take a bit of it to bits and build it in the fuselage as the two nozzles wouldn’t locate properly. I did most of the construction yesterday with the tail plane and tip tanks and ive got the wings done today. Ive decided to paint the tip tanks separately as well as the part of the wing thats going to be raised then i will attach it at the end as its easier i feel. Also im going to to the nose cone/radome separately and attach it at the very end. Tomorrows task is to attach the wings and fuselage panels and then tail plane then i think its off to the paint shop for the bulk of the painting. Im just waiting on my order of primer then i can begin with the u/c, weapons etc in the week and get her primed. Pics to come tomorrow of today’s update and hopefully the result of Sundays work Cheers
  2. Hi I didnt know tho, looks like a trip to tesco is in store, thanks 668 Hi all Well update 2 and abit later than i had hoped...the foots still not totaly better but ive mangaed to get a few bits done. Ive got the engine compete as you can see and all i need to do is touch it up before it goes into the fuselage. The fit looks abit tight and this looks like it might take some time to do. Ive also painted the interior of the cockpit and the two fuselage halfs and pannels. Im just finishing off some of the detial and i shall hopefuly have it assembled tonight Next step is to join everything up together and when i buy more primer i shall get the U/C e.t.c done Cheers for now 668
  3. Cheers Mike Heres a few pics of what you get. As im new to all this im just buliding the raw kit and no extras yet! Sadly these were taken on a mobile phone so they will have to do for now but you get the general idea. Box shot Sprues (not many small pieces) Canopy Decals Made some slight progress on the engine yesterday and will get some more of it done today Cheers for now 668
  4. Hi Well this is my first WIP thread of the revell sea venom so go easy haha. The kit looks pretty decent and very few small fiddly bits. Its 1/32 scale so its a decent size and ill be doing it in the markings of XG693 of 894 NAS, FAA, HMS Albion, 1960. I will post picces tonight when i find the camera lead but the build might be slow as im finishing of my first airbrushed model which is a canberra b(I)8. I think the standard will be pretty low as im very new to airbrushing, washes e.t.c Anyways Cheers 668
  5. XH668

    airbrush paints

    Well i seriously cleaned it out and has some sucess. I managed to spray on the grey for the camoflage scheme and was really happy with it. But ive got to the green and it doesnt want to spray anything anymore. Im going to strip it and clean it out and then when my new order comes try the green again I was just wondering what paints other people use? Im sticking with humbrol at the moment but what otheres can i venture into? cheers 668
  6. XH668

    airbrush paints

    Hi all, just sent the afternoon cleaning and testing it. Stripped it and cleaned it 3 times and still i only get air comming out and no fluid. I tested it with water and got nothing. Im working between 30 and 60 psi whats more can i do cheers
  7. XH668

    airbrush paints

    okiee its a BD-130 model and im using accrylic paints, and the compressor im using is the as18(2) from airbrush pro. i managed to cut a tiny tiny bit out for a preshade but not alot :| whats going wrong? cheers 668
  8. XH668

    airbrush paints

    just spent the last hour or so trying to set it up but nothing :| I tryed different strengths or paint/water etc but only air came out. What am i doing wrong? cheers 668
  9. XH668

    airbrush paints

    Cheers guys, anyidea what sort of paint? acrylics? enamels? etc
  10. XH668

    airbrush paints

    Hi Just recently brought an airbrush to break my airbrush virginity and was wondering what paints to use and what ratio to mix them up as? Hopefully the compressor and brush i brought is good enough cheers 668
  11. On the airfix colour sheet it says use humbrol colour 11 for the underneith Is it 11 (silver) as it looks more like a creamy colour Can anyone confirm? Cheers
  12. XH668

    Victor paint

    OOO ok, cheers I gather that white and grry would be ok? Cheers
  13. XH668

    Victor paint

    Finaly had the motivation to pick this one back up. Its the revell HP victor and i need revelle number 65 or bronze green (matt) Now ive looked it up on my revelle - humbrol conversion chat and i cant find it yet airfix do a bronze green number 75 will this one match ok? Cheers 668
  14. XH668


    Still nothing looks like i shall have to wait longer. I take it no one has two wing halfs
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