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  1. Thx mates! Wolneygp, you're right. The Aires details are awesome but the fit is a rubbish. I've made a lot of work to achieve a nice fitting, but terrible. These issues aren't new for me, so already to know it's the time to work... A wee updated... wheel bays...
  2. Morning chaps. Just started this kitty, on the bench right now. I'm adding several aftermarkets: cockpit, wheel bays and nozzles from Aires, and Furball decal sheet. Will try to apply an extensive weathering on the whole surface. More pics ASAP! Thanks.
  3. Thx a lot buddies. If you need a 190 on 1/48, this is your brand, absolutely delicatessen mold!
  4. Thx a lot for your kindly comments, pretty appreciated. But Tom is right, there's a lot of artistic license. Only I've seen one of these at Duxford (unfortunately for me...), so different to my version. Anyway they were in better conditions than I depicted. All the best buddies!!
  5. Fantastic kit absolutely interesting, if we except its size, around 52cm of wingspan. It comes completely riveted, and with many good details all over the areas. All control surfaces are movable as well as propellers. The scheme of these AEW. 2 are a bit boring, so I tried to gain a little more richness in the colours by clarifying in random areas. Thanks for looking. Cheers!
  6. Thx a lot for your kindly comments, pretty appreciated.
  7. Hi guys. Long time since my last post. Here's just taken off the oven, an excellent kit, probably the best kit I've built ever. She was painted with Gunze in RLM70/71/76 and splots with White (flatted with Alclad Klear Kote Flat). Depicts one of Nowotny's A-4 piloted over Eastern Front circa Spring 1943. Thx for seeing. Best regards.
  8. Another kit on my stash. Well, it's my first arrow on water effect.... bloody and sadly! The kit is very complicated to fit, more over the engine on fuselage spine and canopy behind. She's painted with Gunze for the upper zones and Aeromaster for the lower wings. The sea was made with a kitchen paper plus wood glue mixture. Thanks for seeing.
  9. Many time ago... Here's one of the last builts. Kit a bit hard to assembly but with a very insane colour scheme. She's painted with MisterKit acrylics and dirty white from Gunze. I mistaked on cowling ring colour... I hope you like her. Regards from Tenerife, Canary Islands.
  10. Thanks a lot, Gentls. It has been a pleasure sharing to you. Now it's the turn for another British. As soon as possible...... All the best...
  11. Hi all. Here's my last built. I wish you like her. Kindly regards.
  12. Thanks a lot for your words. Please, that's just plastic, no more, so take it easy. No, she's not realistic, sure, but why not? Were we at Essex in '43? I guess now you're gonna talk about "pictures", but photos of this aircraft? Does someone keep photos in good conditions about "Little Butch"? I think that it might be, but otherwise don't happen nothing. Presumption of innocence, at least. It is not important because lastly only try to reflect the reality as I see. But, really, friends, it's just plastic and not worth discussing for this. If you did't like her, again will be, and we continue having fun. I'd like express rightly in your language. Sadly, just speak in Spanish, and it makes me rage! Anyway, I hope you understand the message content. Thank you. Kindly regards.
  13. Hi all. Model is already finished, at last. I've tryed to show the whole structure overpainting and achieving a faded paint with a lot of airbrush work and artist oils. Several mistakes can be appreciated but the important is the intention... Funny time! I hope you like her and any comments will be welcome as usual. Thanks so much for seeing. Kindly regards.
  14. Thank you very much for your comments. Now a new progress on this Arii. I hope to finish her in a few days. Thanks again...
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