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  1. Great work Ian, looks marvellous! the clear nose is a triumph! That worked very well!
  2. A delightful start on one of my favourites, Opus. I have several Testors kits with engraved markings to deal with, so I'm interested to see how you go...
  3. Lovely work on the Boomerang cockpit CC! Another tip for the Boomer: The panel inside the small rear windows (parts E9 and E10) should be painted matt black. This is not mentioned in the SH colouring scheme anywhere (not camouflage colour, and definitely not cockpit green).
  4. Looking fantastic, Reini (tell your Dad!). Good pick-up on the under-sized roundels.
  5. Marvellous work Beggsy, watching this one with great interest. Glad you opened up the radiator outlet! Cheers, Derek
  6. A wonderful build Reini, tell your dad we love his work! Your photography is also brilliant!
  7. But the Wirraway fuselage fabric was painted with aluminium dope, so no red dope on the inside of a Wirraway! Also the wheel wells are silver too! Inside of the cowl too... Cheers, Derek
  8. Enjoyed watching that come together over on LSP! One of the best solutions for the sliding front canopy that I've seen.
  9. Finally have the cockpit installed in the fuselage and the wings attached. Starting to look like a Wirraway. The ravages of the glue spill are apparent on the right wing, where you can see I've sanded off the surface detail. I think that some glue pooled inside the right wing, as it swelled up in a couple of places. More sanding and filler will be required prior to priming. I've also removed the incorrect surface detail from the centre-wing section and will re-scribe that. The roll-over truss is too tall to allow the canopy to sit correctly, so that will also be adjusted...
  10. Still in progress, but this one is on the furthest "back burner". With a 1/72 Mustang, three 1/72 Wirraways, two 1/48 Wirraways, one 1/48 Harvard, one 1/32 Mustang, two 1/32 Harvards and one 1/32 Wirraway all on the go at the moment, I need to prioritise!! Oh, and I still need to finish the manuscript for my Wirraway book!!
  11. Great story and a great model! Well done! I too felt the warmth of a dump & burn in my youth. Just astounding. Derek
  12. Always the innovator Ed! I have to say that's the first time I've seen a brick used in model construction! Will RedRoo be adding these to the "Accessories" list? Cheers, Derek
  13. Thanks Chris, once I finish this one, I'm motivated to scale the decals to 1/48 and do one at that scale too! Thanks Steve, you can be sure I'll be finishing this one! I'm in awe at your 109 triplets, what a great job! Thanks Pat, I love subjects which are one colour overall!
  14. Now I've started applying the decals. These are custom decals I designed and had printed by Custom Hobby Decals in Australia. They look fabulous. The detail is very fine and crisp, and the white looks suitably opaque. The sheet below has two sets of decals. The large anti-glare panel decal which wraps around aft of the canopy is the most ambitious of these, hopefully if this decal works I won't have to mask the super-thin white line bordering the anti-glare panel! My reference is David Muir's Southern Cross Mustangs - a must-have if you're into Aussie or Kiwi Mustangs. This is in addition to the article by Neil Follett in The Aviation Historian no. 15. Making good progress, success with the large anti-glare panel decal! It will need another couple of coats of Micro Set to smooth the edges, but I'm very happy with this. It could have been perhaps 1mm wider on the sheet, but the Matchbox kit appears to be a little on the fat side (13.7mm fuselage width, compared to 12.4mm width for a Tamiya F-51D in my stash). But time is marching on, doubt if I can get all the small undercarriage parts completed and then mask & paint the wing-tips and empennage tips before this evening. Never mind...
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