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  1. Looks pretty good to me @ianwau, that's a fairly complex set of geometry going on at the front of the old Dragon! Angles meeting angles... Nice work!
  2. Patrik, I already have a full 3D CAD model of the Jaguar... sadly its modelled in some old software which is no longer supported, so I can't edit the file too much. Message me if you're interested and I'll see if I can find a way to share the file. I realise the Panther's gear reduction drive cover is different, and the Gordon has a different exhaust configuration, but it may save you some time...
  3. Nice progress on the cockpit Mark! I have one of the 1/32 Williams Bros kits of this aircraft in my stash, and after a quick look I realised the cockpit in that kit is extremely bare! So it will need a lot of help when I get around to it. It's curious that the mounting lugs on your kit actually get in the way, rather than assisting with assembly! But you're moving it along nicely...
  4. The SH Wirraway kit comes with a nice single-piece engine cowl molded in resin, in addition to the two-part injection molded cowling. The resin cowl features the "10'Oclock" intake for carburettor air featured in the Wirraway Order 108 changes to the lower cowling, so that is the part I'll use for this post-war period plane. Sadly as I was removing the pouring block, a chunk of the cowling came away, so this needed to be filled. Here it is after the offending gap has been filled with PPP (the white section): Now to put this in the lathe and true it up...
  5. Watching with great interest, these are some of my favourite aircraft (apart from Wirraways) and I have several of these in my stash, mostly at 1/32 but some also at 1/48. Plus several books about these types and the men and women who raced them! Derek
  6. Me too, but using templates makes it a little easier. All of these access hatches were scribed using a template. No possible way they would be so uniform if not. But locating the template and holding it firmly is still very tricky. I'm still a beginner scriber...
  7. The windscreen looks good @ianwau! I want to be able to emulate similar small vac-formed parts, so I recently picked up a dental vacuum former which has the heater and vacuum in a single unit, designed for parts no bigger than 5" square - perfect for Wirraway and Ceres canopies (all the way up to 1/32 scale!). Your rib simulation masks are very clever!
  8. Working on the underside of the wing, since that's where all the excitement will be on this build (i.e. the rockets!!). Starting to correct the lack of detail and incorrect panel lines under the wing centre section. First I've added stiffeners for the fuel tank cover panel (also known as the "stress panel" as it carried the stresses from flight loads across the underside of the wing): Then I've scribed the correct panel detail onto the centre-section. Still a few extra lines to add around the flaps and under the rear fuselage. And lots of holes to drill too, to complete the fuel tank sumps and the 14 bomb slips which were fitted under the centre section. I also added some very rudimentary stringer detail inside the wheel wells:
  9. Ah, I may have found a source... it appears Jennings Heilig did several sizes of P&W logos, I'll follow this up. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6871-pratt-and-whitney-engine-logos/ .... OK, and after further follow-up it appears the logos are still available from the Fundekals website (which has an online store where I just placed an order). The decals are listed as "radial engine logos" but they appear to all be P&W logos, in various scales. Looking forward to receiving them.
  10. Can anyone suggest a source for Pratt & Whitney logo decals (round with an eagle on a blue background)? I'm looking for some in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 for various Harvard/Texan projects. Thanks, Derek
  11. Nice job on this Wirraway @dragan_mig31 Well done!
  12. Nice one Ed! An unusual subject, looks great.
  13. Panel lines on the upper side of the wings have now been re-scribed... still learning how to do this, and juggling different types of scribers and straight-edges to get the right effect. I added the panel lines for the dive brakes, since this aircraft was retro-fitted with "dive bomber" wings. In actual fact all Wirraways (whether fitted with "dive bomber" wings or not) could and did perform dive-bombing for training purposes (at up to 70 degrees) and the dive brakes of the "dive bomber" wings helped keep the airspeed under control. After correcting the panel lines on the wing centre section either side of the fuselage, I needed to re-create the fuel filler caps, since I had sanded them off getting rid of the incorrect panel lines. So I drilled some 1.2mm diameter holes (being careful not to drill all the way through the entire thickness of the plastic) and then inserted some short sections (about 0.75mm long) of 0.8mm styrene rod, to simulate the fuel filler caps. Pulled out my magnifiers to make sure they were centred in their holes as the CA glue dried - very pleased with the finished result. Now to finish scribing the underside, and adding some missing detail under the wing centre-section...
  14. And Rob, I should have also said that the PE seats look brilliant. I strongly dislike the thick wall-sections of injection-molded seats in just about every model kit, but the fine sharp edges of the PE seats in your build look really great!
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