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  1. That Jag wouldn't get very far with that load and no drop tanks. Why are the speed brakes deployed, why would he be slowing down on exit from the target area. And, on exit from the target area he has not expended any stores and there's a thumping great big explosion behind him !!!!!
  2. I want to do this with the Airfix 1/48 Merlin. Either that or the Royal Navy grey and red rescue scheme. The Wokka looks awesome mate, nice one.
  3. I might be wrong, but if I remember correctly, there is a light on the clear sprue, cut off the rod/pole and attatch the sequin, replace rod....sorted.
  4. I believe the undercarriage bays were gloss white.
  5. When I was at Brawdy in the early 80's, the SNEB pods (M155 Matra) were green bodies with black nose, the extreme tip of the nose cone was silver. But like Selwyn says, depending on timeframe (earlier) they were silver/natural metal bodies.
  6. Try the bluetac sausage method for the feathered edge. Apparently the white is better than the usual blue stuff.
  7. I believe that the radome does not end at the black or dark grey edge. I think it extends back to the next panel line. If you look at pics of the radome, it has 3 metal strips, one each side and one on top. These are not (as I have seen described) lightning conducting strips, but protective stripes for when the nose radome cover is fitted. The strips on both sides extend back past the black/grey edge. The radome can be opened, hinging to the right (with your back to the jet) as does the skirt, the next panel behind radome. Buggered if I can find a pic to show this though !! Hope you can get what I'm on about !!! These may help. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b28/smeders/histor21_zpsbf33d1f7.jpg This pic shows what I believe is the entire radome. Note green painted aft section. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b28/smeders/walk_001_zps9df0a437.jpg Radome with skirt attached. Different to above pic - without skirt attached. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b28/smeders/tornado20maintenance_zps1aa0b50a.jpg Credit to owners of photo's. Used to get my point across.
  8. Having worked on Hunters at Brawdy, I can say the camo looks great.
  9. Just got the T.2/T.4, lovely little kit, but a tad miffed at only one drop tank and most of the stores are of no use on UK Jags. I'm waiting for some AM goodies before I attempt to start it though. Oh, if anyone has a "spare" drop tank
  10. B/F = Before Flight servicing. Basically removing ground locks/bungs, checking fluid and gas levels, making sure the airframe has no damage etc. T/R = Turn Around servicing. This is making the aircraft ready for the next flight after landing. refuelling, replenish fluids/gases, checking around airframe for damage/leaks, etc. A/F = After Flight servicing. basically what it says on the tin, replenish fluids/gases, refuelling, checking airframe for damage/leaks etc, fitting blanks/bungs/ground locks. After so many hours, the aircraft might require an A/F - B/F servicing if it has not flown for a while. There is of course more to it, but you get the drift.
  11. TER's = U.S. (Triple Ejector Rack) CBTE = U.K. (Carrier Bomb Triple Ejector)
  12. Inboard pylons are incorrect although I think you would get away with reshaping the rear edge. Only one drop tank included. Most of the weapons included are redundant, CBU's and SNEB cans are relevant to the RAF machine, the rest go in the spares box.
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