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  1. OTish, but how wide is the webbing in these sets? At 1/12 scale, 2" scales down to 4mm, and 3" to 6mm.
  2. Paws4thot

    He111Z1 Zwilling

    Agreed, on the basis that the only operational use of the Me 321 was on the Ostfront.
  3. Ah, ISTR there being some issue over UK badging that meant earlier cars were "Dodge Viper", and later ones became "Dodge SRT-10"; either way they all had the 8.0l V10.
  4. Cheers; I wasn't aware of the EE diesel shunter (at all), but can confirm that I have a Dapol bagged Deltic (well, ok I don't have the glazing but neither does anyone else).
  5. IIRC all the Kitmaster/Airfix/Dapol locos except the 0-4-0T, the Evening Star and the Deltic prototype are/could be UK Grouping era or earlier with appropriate decals.
  6. Wikipedia says that there are a Viper SRT-10 and a Tomahawk SRT-10 as well as the Ram pickup version. The Viper could be either a convertible or a coupe (and might be badged either Viper or just SRT(-10) depending on year. The Tomahawk was originally sold exclusively through Nieman-Marcus (often called "Needless Markup") in the USA, as a motorcycle.
  7. Apart from badges, end details and standard tyres, the BRZ and Toyota GT86 are the same car.
  8. "National Aeronautics and Space Administration". I got the pic off Airliners.net, with the agreement of the copyright holder, who thought it was a P.1127. Accordingly I'll not be posting it here.
  9. Yes, and one of the first feature films I ever saw in a cinema. I did get up at the intermission, so I could get a closer look at the 1/6 Scale 'einkel (Well CASA 111) model displayed at the front of the cinema.
  10. Ferrari 599GTB, registered "GTB 599X".
  11. And a "Hispanoschmitt" in the background. Incidentally, did you know that the Spanish Air force were still operating these, and are credited with playing the Luftwaffe in the film? (which also explains the lack of any actual Dorniers.)
  12. There's also the question of "which kit"? For example in 1/72 the Airfix "Eurofighter Typhoon" kit actually is nothing such although the early boxings were accurate as a "Eurofighter Development Artifact" (whether later boxngs have DA decals is unknown to me); The Hasegawa is an accurate Luftwaffe or RAF early interceptor (but don't fit it with Air to Ground Munitions); The Revell kit is pretty accurate for later upgrades, even an RAF FGA4 with a swing role loadout, although I think it still lacks the 2 Paveway pylons that fit between the drop tank / Storm Shadow ones and the ASRAAM pylons.
  13. Rather than come up with some sort of cite soup. here's my understanding of main physical differences:- A-4B - Short nose, no boundary plates in intakes, 3 pylon (centreline and inners) wing. Argentinian P and Q models were based on this subseries. A-4C - Longer nose ahead of cockpit, different IFR probe, intakes and wing as above. Argentinian C was based on this subseries. A-4E to A-4M - Nose and IFR probe change again, larger intake with boundary plates, 5 pylon ( (centreline, inners and outers) wing. Israeli thermal jet pipe, and fuselage spine, appear on some aircraft.
  14. Very true, particularly as edited; Doubly so on a Supermarine type which was actively flush riveted (well except Spitfire engine cowls) or a North American Mustang's wings where the panel lines were filled and doped.
  15. Hello. You might also want to join the Airfix Tribute Forum and Scalemates if you want to source PDFs of the instruction leaflets for the models.
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