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  1. Thank you for these excellent reviews. However one point on the markings for the W.O.T. 6; the option D with a registration number rather than a census number would be a post mid 1949 vehicle when this system was introduced. Vehicles already in service were numbered from the end of the alphabet - from "ZZ" and new ones from "AA" with some letter sets reserved for reconned vehicles - RA [I think] to Rx. A vehicle would be probably painted gloss bronze green for Europe. (It would also likely to be bulled to the eye balls with red and white wheel nuts etc.) I believe the last were sold surplus in the early 1960's.
  2. Looks to me that it is on a man handleable skid. However the plate on centre section in your photo is a wiring diagram and could help if still legible. (If to WO standard it will in my experience so far). I assume it has a petrol engine and these are normally from a major manufacturer. Also different nations have different standard connectors and thus some detail photos could assist. (I am assuming what data there is is in English.) If you draw a blank here I suggest the Historic Military Vehicle Forum may have some members who could assist.
  3. Many thanks to all who replied on this matter on the question posed and for the tips on sources and the warning on the funnels. I now have bought the kit and will actively search for a British supplier for the Pontos upgrade kit as none appear on a Google search at the moment (Unfortunately the FTA with the USA is not yet agreed!) On reading through the instructions I am planning to do a couple of simpler ones first to get my hand in. (Really back to memory lane initially with the Renwall/Frog Deluxe Atomic Annie) This model of Hood could make almost a museum grade model if done properly and that is down to me. I still do some military vehicle work at 12" to the foot scale so hopefully will be able to return the favour to members in that particular section.
  4. This is my first post. I am returning to a hobby I last did about 30-40 years ago and also on this particular purchase moving outside my main area of interest (grand strategic bombers) to make this model. The model is no issue and is clearly a good one reading the various reviews.. However I would appreciate some advice on the upgrade kits. Namely do I buy the Mk 1 kit (which looks pretty well "an all in one") or the Eduard ones and others which it looks like cover the same ground? I would appreciate some advice on this from the specialists in naval modelling. Many thanks in advance (I will certainly not claim any expertise in this hobby now as it has changed out of all recognition since I was last actively involved.)
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