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  1. My latest build - Airfix Curtiss P-40B Warhawk 1:48 - An excellent kit, very good fit with no need for filler on par with some Tamiya kits. Pretty good detail especially in the cockpit with the addition of Eduard details it really pops - not a complicated build at all, managed to put the whole kit together within a couple of hours. Painting was a bit difficult to get the correct tones, underside was a mix of skyblue/light grey, camo was a sandstone base with a mix of olive drab/olive green/neutral grey - bonus was i picked this up from The Works for £10 let me know what you think! all criticism is constructive... From a Tribute To a Tiger Program in Honor of Flying Tiger & Naval Aviator: John E. Petach Jr. “Because he served, we are more secure. Because of the sacrifice, the lamp of liberty burns more brightly in the world. He has earned the undying gratitude of his countrymen and of free man everywhere. How honored of those who knew him; how proud of a nation to have borne such a son.” And my effort
  2. INSANE! awesome, but INSANE! really well done.
  3. thanks for the comments, not as difficult as it looks - i created some masking stencils by fixing the supplied decals to some masking tape then cut them out using a VERY sharp scalpel, masked off the white bits and filled in the cammo - did the same with the Luftwaffe insignia. seems to work very well.
  4. HI Joachim, Its odd, it seems to work for be fine for most members - i'm posting image links from twitter
  5. Here's a close up on the engine compartment and its component parts, none of these are glued, they all clip into place.
  6. Build #8 - Tamiya Messerschmitt BF109 G-6. Definitely starting to become a Tamiya fanboy! this one is up there with the P51, P38 and Spit! some serious thought and engineering went into this design and it was a joy to put together (as always with Tamiya) the quality and fit are excellent as you'd expect, again no need for filler or excessive force to complete the build. Granted the engine bay isn't as detailed as using aftermarket detailing kits, but its still better than you'd expect from using stock parts, and the unique way the engine bay is constructed sets this kit apart in my opinion! As with my last build i masked off and painted in as much of the livery as possible which i prefer to using the supplied decals. The German insignias were a little tricky but i was more than happy with the result, the spiral on the nose came out better than expected too. the fuselage was my first attempt at airbrushing freehand, i had a few problems with my airbrush and couldn't seem to keep the pressure consistent which resulted in paint splattering - turns out it just needed a bloody good clean! I used Vallejo Mecha primer on this one which really helped with the yellow pigment which really doesn't like to be applied straight to plastic - I'm pleased with the final result, let me know what you think!
  7. Hopefully these will be useful to you, we have a Shack here in Manchester at the MOSI...took these a while ago
  8. Got a bit carried away with the build, managed to progress quite a bit. I've more or less finished the engine and attached the wings to the fuselage - sorry for not taking more pics during the build process but the end results are looking very good So here you can see the individual engine sections and the cowlings that make up the nose cone, none of which are glued on purpose....this model allows you to swap parts so that the engine can be on display or completely covered. here with the strut braces, top side of the engine and machine guns - you can see one of the magnets just above the prop shaft - that one will hold the propeller in place. there's also another one under the engine to hold the sump and the underside engine cover in place. And here with the open engine cover in place
  9. Excellent work so far, you can see a lot of love and attention has gone into this build so far and i cant wait to see the finished article! keep up the good work!
  10. best looking 1/72 ive seen so far! great job
  11. Thanks for the advise, every little helps - guess it comes down to having a little patients and applying as many coats as it takes.
  12. Build #8 - First time Ive posted in the "in progress" section! first of all a word just to say that this kit is excellent, its what you'd expect from Tamiya there are lots of clever moulding features to make the parts fit together seamlessly! this is the kit with the removable engine cowling so it'll be interesting to see how it comes together... I'll be using Vallejo Model Air for the entire kit, but i'd like to know any advise for airbrushing "yellow" - ive had issues with both the basic yellow and yellow ochre in terms of coverage they seem very translucent- is it just a case of adding multiple coats, or are there any recommendation for a good yellow pigment? Firstly I constructed as much as i could ready for a coat of neutral grey, i've added the etched parts from the Eduard detailing kit to the landing gear. there are a lot of small individual parts which make up the engine, mounts and machine gun housing and they all seem to need to be painted individually - we'll see as the build progresses! Next I added details to the inner cockpit and added the photo etched panels Now for the pilots seat, again all parts fitted together perfectly - didnt want to go overboard with the weathering, just a few scratches on the seat Everything side by side before gluing Coming together very well
  13. Agreed, this was easily the best kit I put together so far and I'd encourage anyone to ad it to their collection! Yours is clean a whistle, mine is battered and dirty - nice to have a comparison! excellent job.
  14. Superb model, looking factory fresh! i really need more helos in my collection...well done!
  15. looks good to me, every build is a learning experience...nice kit to put together as well...I did the North Korea version myself.
  16. epic build, looks awsome! well done
  17. Just finished an Eduard MK2b myself, this one looks great as well - great job
  18. haha! you could say its been in the wars!
  19. Looks amazing, very nice build and excellent detail for a 1/72 - deffo doing a 109 as my next build
  20. Model 6 - Eduard ProfiPACK Kit No. 82153 - Spitfire Mk.IIa - my last build - treat this as a bit of an experiment - i added the Eduard Bressin Mk2 engine - the kit came with the etched metal detailing kits and canopy masks. this is the first time ive had a go at masking and stencilling in the invasion stripes and RAF squadron markings rather than use the decals - i'm not a purist and i'm aware that that the markings make no sense historically but hat wasnt really the point. kept the detailing kit to a minimum as well and concentrated more on the engine and paintwork. my old watercolour pencils came in very handy! The kit itself was very good, not quite that same level as the Tamiya kits but overall very well put together with plenty of good detail in the moulding - only had to use a little filler on the nose and fuselage (standard). my first attempt at adding the additional resin engine was difficult - getting everything to fit flush with the kit was hard, especially as you have to remove most of the nose - as they say you can take it off but you cant put it back on! ive seen examples of kits like this looking amazing, not quite on that level yet - but i had a fair crack!
  21. HAHA! thanks Grim! probably just me being to harsh on myself then! seriously though this is a kit everyone should have a go at
  22. thanks for letting me know Joachim - ive been pasting the links form my twitter account - everything seems OK on my end? Have to keep an eye on that!
  23. Model Number 5 - best build by far - cannot express how good this kit is - it was a little expensive, but the reviews were right - easily the best fitting model so far, the detail is insane and you can barely see any seams between the panels, in-fact there was very little glue needed the fit was that good. Very clever how the kit is put together overall, Tamiya really seem to have thought about the method of construction - there was serious engineering put into this! an absolute joy to build. Not a bad effort, but overall I wasn't that happy with the finish - this is of course no detriment to Tamiya - the model is excellent, its my crappy paint job - just think i dint know when to stop, i may retouch this one at some-point.
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