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  1. Are you sure about that? I was pretty sure I uploaded them the right way... I'll try this, thanks for the suggestion! I was having trouble getting th right shape but I think the tape solution should work.
  2. Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm an italian guy passing by and hoping to stay. I recently bought my first ever airbrush and I can't ait to paint my first kit (an f-4E from Italeri). I've always dreamt to fully paint my kits so, even though I'm a beginner, I've already experienced modelling in some ways (put together countless of bandai kits that didn't need glue or paint and put together Warhammer minis and handbrushed them). I'm especially passionate about cold war and modern aircrafts (my favourite jet is the beautiful Phantom II), and modelling is an excuse for me to
  3. Hello! I'm building an Italeri F-4E (actually converting it to a JASDF RF-4EJ). The kit has a lot of inaccurate details, but the one I can't figure out how to fix is the front gear door. The kit one is hollow: While the real one is like this: I really can't figure out how to make the provided one look a bit more accurate to the real aircraft. Does anyon more expert than me have some advice? Thankyou!
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