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  1. Sorry I won't finish this one in time, I've been in Britmodeller jail for a while for trolling, it's really knocked the stuffing out of me, I've never had anything like this happen before, they said I broke no rule but in seeking and explanation I trolled a moderator, sorry guys Sorrybritmodeller staff, you made a happy go lucky old man very unhappy
  2. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    Just seen the closing ceremony from Tokyo, they have a wonderful culture out there, so much to admire! I really should use this personal hype to go out and do more before it wears off in a week or two!! Congrats to TeamGB finish forth equalling London 2012 medal haul . . . also congrats to Australia down there in seventh for a best medal performance ever? Miko (pumped up bike tyres earlier, hit the road in a bit)
  3. Yeah but where are you gonna find one of those, they never answer calls, and when you do manage to get one they just mess about while looking super cute??! Ha!
  4. Miko


    Who was the theatre guy who created all the decoys and deceptions for RAF airfields? Can't remember his name, quite famous? https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/wwii-ghost-army
  5. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    You know the equestrian events, why don't they have the horse on the podium to receive a medal? After all, it's they who do most of the work? Ha! Miko
  6. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    Just goes to show, the media can prove anything with statistics! ''Lies damn lies and statistics'' (anon) ''You can prove anything with statistics 89% of people know this!'' (Homer Simpson) Miko (part time social commentator)
  7. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    Currently ninth in the medal table with nine renditions of "Wilhelmus" as the horizonal tricolour ascends the middle flagpole! Impressive! However TeamGB's renaissance continues sitting 4th behind the hosts, USA and China but ahead of the Russians and most importantly. . . Australia!! Ha! I remember a time when GB would get just a couple of medals and sit somethingteenth in the table, god bless lottery funding. . . . .and Brexit!! okay, maybe not bxt Miko Hardly offensive, just banter, nothing obscene or bad language, just gentle banter, I had no idea Australians were so easily offended, my apologies to all those down under
  8. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    WoW!! brings hope to us all!!
  9. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    I learned of this in 2012 Olympics, inspired me to get myself a road bike, I'm so proud to say, it's still in the shed to this very day! Ha! Miko (cycles for fun and exercise a few times a week)
  10. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    In the same event those teeny girls were on all three podium spots the mens gold medalist is 46! Experience trumps youth, sometimes??? Doesn't the sports free to air crown jewels include the Grand National and British Grand Prix? Miko (armchair sportsman!) Found it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ofcom_Code_on_Sports_and_Other_Listed_and_Designated_Events
  11. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    I couldn't continue with the artistic swimming, all those legs waving about! Ha! besides, missus Miko will be home any minute! It seems Eurosport extra channels are just for the Olympics, bless 'em! Miko (wonders how they get round the 'TV rights' issue?)
  12. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    Sky channels for Eurosport 3 to 9 are '983' to '989' currently showing Table Tennis, Field Hockey, Basketball, Wrestling, Handball, Volleyball and . . .Ooooh Artistic Swimming again!! . . . brb Ha!
  13. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    Who said it's an adult olympics? the guy on the TV said those girls are not the youngest olympians, ..(quick Google search later).. there's a Syrian table tennis competitor who's 12 and the youngest since 1992 when 11-year-old Carlos Front competed in the rowing and 12-year-old Judit Kiss participated in the swimming. The youngest ever was Dimitrios Loundras was only ten years old when he participated in gymnastics waaaaaaay back in 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens where he finished third. He remains the youngest Olympic athlete to date. I understand your concern about 'burn out' by the time they're in their twenties, thinking of tennis star Tracy Austin, although in these modern times this kind of thing really shouldn't happen, not just because of advancement in medical and physiological science but we are in the age of the law suit too! It seems these days its not physical problems that end them but psychological! these young millennials are growing up past the era of ''Oh stop being silly and pull yourself together!'' School of life! They have no coping strategies because they are mollycoddled all their lives! . . . but that's for another time perhaps? Miko (just seen Australian Mary Hanna is the oldest competitor in Tokyo at 66 and oldest ever was Oscar Swahn, a Swedish shooter, at 72 years old when he competed in his third and final Olympics in 1920. . . . so, still hope for me yet!!)
  14. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    Bethany's gold was a bit special, to see her emotional response on winning was really quite moving, just an ordinary girl coming good against the odds! that's got a TV movie all over it! As for minority sports there are seven free Eurosport channels showing the stuff Auntie Beeb doesn't want to know One other stand out for me is just how young they are, earlier I saw a tiny Chinese gymnast with little chubby hamster cheeks win gold, she looked about ten! and I've just seen 13 year old Skye Brown win bronze for Team GB in skateboarding losing out on silver to a 12 year old Japanese girl! Just incredible ! when I was in my early teens I spent my time sticking Airfix kits together and painting them with my sisters nail polish! it was the seventies, she has every colour! (Olga Korbut, remember her?) You should have seen my pearlescent pink Fokker triplane! Ha! Also got into trouble with missus Miko today when she caught me wide eyed and open mouthed watching pretty ladies in evening wear dancing in the swimming pool!?!? oo'er!! Miko (athletic days are over)
  15. Miko

    Olympics anyone?

    I'm a bit surprised no one has brought this worldwide phenomena to chat? or are we conforming to stereotype and shunning sports in favour of our more technical and somewhat artistic pursuits within this forum Miko (amazed at how bendy young people are these days!)
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