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  1. Miko

    JASDF Blue Impulse

    Indeed, from 1960/63 team leader (tenryu) was gold for the Tokyo olympics 1960 MYK Design do a decal set
  2. Miko

    JASDF Blue Impulse

    I do have the Platz kit, a very pricey import, it's the CCV version Thanks for your reply
  3. I'm going to start a Blue Impulse-a-thon, displayed together in flight gear up, any experience with these kits? Miko (waiting for stuff to dry)
  4. You're thinking of 5sqn F6 XR770 'AA'
  5. I built this one many years ago, a Matchbox T55 and an Airfix F1a cut 'n shut, it's a bit of a dull aircraft visually, it's like they started the process of red white and blue 'raspberry ripple' scheme but never finished it! had they, it would have been super cool!! Once it was done I converted it to 145sqn T4 with it's striking red and white tail and spine with trainer yellow fuselage and wing bands! Wasn't this ETPS T5 one of the few lightnings never to serve in the RAF being transferred from Warton to Boscombe? If you want an 'interesting' T5, how about this one. . There's an Xtradecal set for this one, As I understand it, it was flown to Akrotiri with 56sqn and became the station flight aircraft because it needed further Victors K3 IFR tankers to get home having a lower fuel capacity than the F6,. . .and. . . I 'think' this one made it's way to Thunder City in SA Miko (long term lightning builder living on the flightpath into RAF Binbrook)
  6. It's always a difficult to decide, paint first then cementing could be a problem or assemble first and have an awkward painting task, then there's always the accidental damage for one and paint touch up for the other. This one is overall white, so assembly first made more sense, I'll give the undercarriage bay contrast with a matt finish Miko (about to fit the three part canopy)
  7. Miko

    Canberra PR7

    They did! it could be used for PR3/7 or cut of the extension for a B2/6 I build one about ten years ago, I have a photo some where? brb Miko (currently searching photo collection!) Here it is! there's a build up on UAMF I think? not sure? I'm not welcome there anymore, not sure why? My ancient Ericsson phone cam hides a multitude of sins?!!?
  8. Great job! I thought the Mitsubishi was a bit of an oddity but the Sufa is kinda weird! Miko
  9. Impressive decalling, do you use a setting solution? My build requires a tricky decal job, so could do with some tips?? Miko (decalophobe!)
  10. It all looks kinda familiar but 'huge' my eye sight is suggesting I should move to 1/48, your build is convincing me maybe I should! Nice job, kinda interested how this one will go Miko (one inch to six feet)
  11. Very different to my modelling experience but you have got me checking out what is available! Nice job, like it lots! Miko (inspired)
  12. Installing the teeny tiny idda bidda undercart gear was a severe test for my eye sight and nerves! So, after taking a brave pill, half an hour yoga to get my 'zen' going I took a last deep breath and reached for the super tweezers!! Everything is pretty much where it's supposed to be being nice an symmetrical, I did break one of the retracting struts while cleaning up the little sprue tabs but after assembly a dab of MrCement sorted it just fine. I need to get the canopy on but needed a cup of extra strong sweet tea and a lie down before committing myself to affixing transparencies! Ha! Miko (knows how a micro surgeon feels?!!?)
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