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  1. Nice! I've never built a civvie airliner before, maybe I should? . . . no wait, I built Concorde about a million years ago! Miko . . .
  2. Miko

    T55 Lightning

    The only thing the Trumpeter kit is good for is some crazy 'what if?' Mine will probably be a full NMF Red Star'd dodgy Soviet copy of English Electrics finest! a Yakovlev or Lavochkin something or other? Me too! Matchbox T55/Airfix F1a/F3 cut n' shut! . . . more here
  3. Hu75 used to be a great choice for various items British military hardware, but, Humbrol over the years took out all the stuff that made their product a world leading model paint, various chemicals deemed to be too toxic for Joe public to be responsible enough to cope with were substituted for an inferior blend, for me, they just don't smell right! I until recently bought and used Humbrol products out of nostalgia and misguided brand loyalty, remembering the hey day of Humbrol Authentics! Then I discovered Japanese paints, and my colour problems were over! Miko (bit of an ot
  4. Miko

    Cement types?

    Thanks guys, the knowledge base in this forum is astounding, we're lucky to have it Miko
  5. Miko

    Cement types?

    I'm working on my figure build here and the manufacturer 'Kotobukiya' recommends ABS cement? I'm assuming it isn't the regular polystyrene found in the vast majority of kits we build? Although I'm not too familiar with how hydrocarbon polymers work a little reading suggests ABS is a type of styrene? I had to import this Tamiya stuff, couldn't find a UK stockist, So what's the difference? Miko (who wonders why we use 'cement' solvent welding isn't anything like cement?)
  6. Now it's time to use decades of modelling experience to improve the girl to her best, She has cost me a few new colours from the Hr Hobby range I otherwise might not have ever bought, also, the official 'Kotobukiya' YouTube channel recommends Tamiya ABS cement, not something I have encountered before? Here she is all deconstructed ready for her makeover!
  7. Airfix Sabre project stalled due to decal import problems
  8. More clever close fitting well engineered joints, Materia will demonstrate! She articulates into multiple poses in a really clever way There are a number of spare parts like these to plug in various accessories I really enjoyed putting this one together, it's just a coloured plastic snapfit kit I'm going to throw decades of modelling experience at it, cement filler sanding paint etc I'm sure I can get her to look even more super cute! Miko
  9. WoW!! I was kinda kidding but thanks! Very helpful, you are indeed a valuable asset to this forum! Miko (in awe of dedication tot he cause in our little hobby world)
  10. Brilliant work! Can you do the same for 'Blue Impulse' types too? Ha! Miko
  11. Received this in super quick time from member 'giemme' for the price of postage across Europe. He even took the time to make me a copy of the instruction sheet placement diagram Thanks giemme, you're a star!! It's another example of just how brilliant our hobby is, I have sent and received bits and pieces from all over the world, just last month, all the way from Australia I had a package delivered 'gratis' from a fellow modeller on another forum, it's stuff like this adds an extra element to forums such as this, I for one, am extremely grateful
  12. Miko

    Cats and Dogs

    To my feline family that little bundle of cuteness is called a snack!
  13. Miko

    Cats and Dogs

    Nawwwwwww! so cute! . . . 'staff' Ha! it's true
  14. fell down on to
  15. Some are, BBC ITV C4 etc, UKTV network for example aren't
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