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  1. I am building my first diorama, and I am trying to include some sandbags. I have purchased the bags and brick wall from Tamiya, but they need to be painted. They indicate one colour in the plans which I can do, but I wonder if anyone has any further advice please, as to which colour(s), to make them look well used. The reason I ask is I am colour blind and thus need very specific guidance. Mike
  2. Thank you all for such a warm welcome, I am sure I will be calling on your expertise in the future. I should add that just prior to writing this I got delivery of a new model to build, it is a De Havilland DH83 Fox Moth. It was the very first aircraft in which I flew, off the beach in Southport many decades ago. The kit was so very hard to find, but I got one in the end! Mike
  3. Just joined the group. Been modelling on and off for most of my life, but lately back to doing it in earnest as my health slowly deteriorates. The revival was triggered by a promise to build my Dads left over kits, but has since grown into doing more and more. mostly aircraft, but also just finishing one of the Calypso which I had had in my oft for many years. The biggest problem I have come across, apart from my limited ability, is that I am colour blind, and finding the right colours is Humbrol, my paint of choice, is very difficult, especially if a mix is required, or I need something for ageing etc. thus my models are mostly pristine, which I guess the originals were at some point. So I guess there may well be many questions on which numbers to use in the future. Best wishes Mike
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