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  1. Apologies to Malc2 for not having credited him in my original post for sending me a thoroughly comprehensive set of research images which complimented those I had already accumulated myself from the internet. Thanks Malc
  2. Many thanks Ian. Yes, I've steered clear of Heller most of my modelling life but they do produce some interesting French subjects that no one else does. I have a few more recent subjects which appear (on the sprue) to be better (moulded); we'll see.
  3. A difficult base model, ill fitting, badly moulded and just plain incorrect in many parts and places. However, as usual, this gives great scope for the dedicated, or some might say foolhardy, modeller. The result is very gratifying even if It is not totally correct - there are some areas of the subject that there just isn't reference to and even common sense doesn't produce a completely satisfactory depiction; I've tried my best. Lesson learned - a complete and thorough dry fit is necessary, I nearly always find that something isn't square, but only at the very end! • Body colour - Tamiya TS 10 French Blue, over 26 Pure White - no clearcote • other components generally Halfords automotive spray cans - satin Black and weathered/toned with MIG dark wash • Chrome and other metal colours - Alklad • Seat cover is tissue worked with PVA glue, belt is inkjet printed on photoquality paper from my own artwork with resin cast hardware by Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland (Norm Veber, doesn't appear to produce any F1 items these days). The back (maybe a little whimsical) but one reference photo appears to show yellow carbon/kevlar • The Heller decals were useless not only because they were yellowed with age (and not even UV exposure treatment helped) but mainly they are incorrect - wrong typeface/sizes/poor definition. Bestbalsakits are by far the best for both quality and being comprehensive and the ONLY absolutely correct set. I also used BBK instrument/gauges decal sheet • I replaced every single rivet with PlusModel (Czech Republic) resin items • The air intake funnels and plug details, mesh etc of the DFV engine is Model Factory Hiro • Switches on the dashboard are by Decalcas • Surprisingly, the supplied Heller kit tyres - solid plastic, not vinyl - initially disappointing (their profiles are completely wrong), redeemed themselves with the 'hardness' of the plastic proving the perfect medium for detailing slightly worn formula one tyre texture • The Heller rear, inboard, brake calipers were... 'disappointing'. I replaced them with a pair of Italeri 1/12 Alfa Romeo 179 units (Italeri could not have been more helpful, for a cost, obviously) • The representation of the 'glass' (windscreen) in this model (and every vehicle model, especially at smaller scales) is woeful. Simple enough to re-cut it in thin acetate and, in this case, give it a very light coat of Tamiya TS71 Smoke • There are many small items that I have 'scratched' together - the roll over hoops are 2.5mm solder for instance
  4. I'm with you all the way Rob. Anything I can do to help? Sorry, I still haven't sent you my Totip decal artwork. I did come across a problem, I hadn't planned it with the stripes, I was going to mask and paint for those.
  5. Sounds like an excellent plan Rob. Interested as ever.
  6. brilliant Rob, can't wait for you to produce these. Very keen indeed.
  7. Vesa, Andrea R and Rob. I'm still very interested in any of the model canopy improvements you produce and also anything for the front wheel arch vents. I am looking forward to your continued progress.
  8. I think your photos are pretty good actually and a very useful resource. Personally, I thank you for posting them.
  9. Useful information Rob, as always. Thank you.
  10. Thank you NFR, that's the greatest compliment to say you are inspired. Good luck with your 197, post progress on here.
  11. Ok, It's such a small thing but I took Camo Viking's advice and have added a retaining lip to the battery shelf. It is the only thing I can find in all the reference I have that shows any evidence that the battery is held in place.
  12. You are absolutely correct Dave. I can't count the different 'silvers' I've been through for this model. I'm still not convinced I've got it right.
  13. I can only add my admiration for your build to the other comments already here. I bought this 1/8 Heller recently with a view to future proofing and the probability that my eyesight will continue to degenerate - the bigger the bits the better the build (probably not!) May I ask how you determined the RAL colours that you state. I'm at the paint stage of a Citroen DS19 body and having trouble matching a light blue.
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