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  1. Here is a link to the images I have been using for the panel and rivet lines. If anybody has a better sources (other then the Kagero book) please send it my way. http://soyuyo.main.jp/p40b/p40be-1.html
  2. Long time no posts! The return of summer means the return of golf and slo pitch. a longer honey do list and lots of lost time to pints on the deck. Between building a few shelving units for the house, a retaining wall and refurbishing a tub modeling time has been limited. But I have been plugging away at the P-40, I have been spending quite a few sessions filling and sanding as the kit didn't go together quite as well as I expect from the reviews. As well I have just found out there are a bunch of misplace panel lines, so I have decided to fill the misplace lines, rescribe a bunch more and then do some riveting on this kit. I am a little frustrated with it at this point and have some what decided that it is to be a test bed to practice new filling, scribing and riveting techniques. As well I got a little Cricut machine and used it to cut out my own masks for the canopy, they turned out great. Once I get to painting (in a year or two) Ill use it make as many masks as I can and paint on as many markings as I can. Anyways here are a few pictures of where she currently stands.
  3. Does anybody know if the small holes on the side of the P40 are for lights? And if so are they white lights? I haven't been able to find a good reference for them at all. I have seen a few pictures of P40Bs where I can see there is something in the same spot but it looks like like a black hole then a light.
  4. For anybody else trying to track down color schemes for the AVG P40 I stumbled across this article a while ago that seems to be a great sources. http://www.ratomodeling.com.br/articles/AVG_cammo/
  5. Looks like I'll be tackling the intakes soon. I have seen references to them being interior green on the inside and other saying they are the same as the exterior paint of the underside of the aircraft. Anybody have thoughts on this? I have also read that the underside paint had a bit of sky blue in the coloring instead of just a light grey. Are these rumors true? Any excuse to go to the paint shop right? Thanks Rod.
  6. Evening everybody. The last few sessions were still banging away at the cockpit. I did manage to finish it up tonight and get it all glued into place. I think since the last photo I added a small amount of post shading, added some dust and dirt to the bottom of the cockpit floor and added the decals. I also sprayed some flat varnish to the decals to settle them down, did a little more detail painting to the instrument panel and put a little X-22 into the gauges. Anyways here are some pics. Overall quite happy with how everything turned out. Definitely my best effort yet. The decals for the sides makes such a huge difference. I bought a few sheets of generic radio and gauge decals to use in the future. Tomorrow I will likely try to tackle some belts and then after that will have to get into the instruction manual and formulate a plan for the next few stages.
  7. Awesome. That's what I thought but wanted to double check. Thanks for the quick answer
  8. A question for everyone. Should the section inside the rear windows be painted the interior or exterior color of the aircraft? I have seen a few conflicting views and was hoping to get a more definitive answer before starting to put paint down. Thanks.
  9. Tonight's progress on the flight deck. Pretty happy with how everything is going so far. I got some Vallejo paints to do my brush work with, they brush on so nicely. Pretty happy with how all the painting has gone, annoyingly a few flecks of the Flat Aluminum that I used on the seat show up in some of the interior green, you can kind of see it in the picture but in real life it isn't noticeable so I don't think I will have to touch anything up. There are a few things left to paint that I can't really find references for. Does anybody know if the cables and the box on the cockpit floor were a different color? I might paint the box black just to break things up on the floor a little bit. I was also wondering if that the straps on the fuel tank should be colored at all? Other then that I think the painting is pretty much done. Next I think I will do dry brushing before putting the decals on. That seems to make the most sense to me but if that's a bad idea please let me know and spare me learning the lesson!
  10. Okay so working on the P40 tonight, first a list of some of things I want to improve on with this kit. - Put in a few scratch built pieces in the cockpit (although the cockpit is pretty darn good out of the box) - Possibly try cutting out the gauge dials from the instrument panel decal and putting them in individually, though from what I have seen from other peoples builds maybe this isn't really necessary. - do a better job of dry brushing, I think last time I had to much paint still on the brush, or possibly try to thin the paint a little first then dabbing it off - try my hand at making some belts, also for the P51 if I can figure it out - add some dust/dirt effects to the bottom of the cockpit to make it look a little more lived in - generally do a cleaner job of sanding and filling and just getting straighter/smoother transitions - possibly take the plunge and do some riveting on this kit - do black basing again but this time try mixing in some other colors for the molting underneath instead of just using white - figure out how the Cricuts software works and make some spraying masks and do a lot more spraying instead of decaling, I would love to figure out how to spray on the roundels but I am not sure if the cutter I got will be that precise. I am also hoping I will be able to make some canopy masks. - in general doing a better job of masking, I would really like to achieve a crisper transition between colors when required, the P51 I felt the transitions were a little ragged and almost looked a little out of scale - flatten the wheels before assembly though I think that might be pre done in the kit - I'll use the same exhaust technique as I really liked that, though hopefully be able to drill out these exhaust stacks - do a better job decaling in general, this might have been the weakest part of my last kit, Ill try to avoid decals where I can on this kit, but when I use them I will do a better job of using Microsol to get them to really sink down (I don't think I really used it right on the last kit) - I don't think I will do any oil dot filters on this kit, I want to do one without and see if I notice a difference, I would like to play with the technique more in general before I commit it to a kit anyways, - I think I will do just a little bit of hair spray technique on this kit, basically just on wingroots, I would like to try setting up as metallics->YZC or what ever the primer should be -> top coat and see what happens. Ill probably do this on a paint mule first and then decide if I can make it work. - Ill definitely do the silver wash again, I love how that looks on the riveting and screwheads - I got some weather pencils so I want to give those a bit of a try, though I am not to sure where or how yet - use a stippling technique to create more of an impression of a generally oily/dirty area and then do streaking within that area - I got some enamel fuel and oil weathering supplies so probably try those as well - figure out if there should be smoke residue from the machine guns and find a more elegant way to recreate it then what I did with the airbrush last time, Okay, that's about all I can think of for now. Lots to chew on that's for sure! Now on to what I have managed so far on the P40 So far, I have just taken the cockpit parts of the sprus and started to clean them up. I am feeling better about the attention I have paid to this process so far. I got a few little metal files last week and they have been really good at helping with the filling and sanding work in tight corners like this. The cockpit detail seems really nice, And as somebody that doesnt have the cash for photo etch I like the idea of the decals for placards, radios and such for the side walls. I did find both the throttle and trim wheels pretty small and flat so I decided to try to scratch build some replacements, I just punched a few different sized pieces of styrene for the trim wheels, glued them together and then tried to smooth out the difference with a little bit of PVA. For the throttle I shaped a piece of styrene to match the throttle from the kit and flatted some copper wire and glued to the back, added a few drops of PVA on the top to create the grips and then glued that whole assembly to the old throttle on the sidewall. Hopefully when they are painted they don't look gigantic. I would also like to do something to make the MG's that can be seen in the cockpit a little more interesting but I am not really sure what I will be able to do at such a small scale. They are just kind of boring chunks right now. Hopefully if nothing out some dry brushing and such can make them a little more interesting. I also started to make a lever that appears in a few P40 cockpit pictures I have looked at, but I can't tell if they are from a 40B or not so I might just end up skipping this unless somebody here chimes in that's more knowledgeable than me. Anyways, thanks for reading.
  11. Quick question if anybody has an answer. Does anybody know what the level at the front right of this P40s cockpit is and if it would have been there on the P40B? http://www.warbirdalley.com/images/cockpits/P40-cockpit-800.jpg Also while we are at it any suggestions how how to get the polished/worn look that is noticeable in the center of the wear plates under the rudders?
  12. Yeah I actually splurged on a Cricut machine (the smaller one that's a lot cheaper, plus it was on sale, and my girlfriend might use it as well, there justified haha). So I am hoping to be able to use that to create some more effective masks. I was trying to do it by hand with masking tape and it worked pretty well but there was definitely room for improvement. Anything else you guys spot that looks like an area that can be improved on please feel free to post. I might be making some silly error that I don't even see.
  13. Hello everyone. I haven't had the chance to do much modeling the last few weeks as I have been back to work and quite busy the last few weeks. I did manage to more of the less finish the P51, I couldn't quite get the frame of the canopy to match the aircraft itself, another lesson learned. I also realized that I accidently drilled out two holes for the antennas instead of just one, but I think I was kind of at the point with this kit that I just decided to stick in both antennas and call it a day haha. I also still haven't made any belts for it but I plan on leaving that until I am doing the cockpit on my next build and then just making two sets at the same time. Anyways here are some pictures of her all finished up. Really nice little kit, much better then the awful 109's I was using before to learn spraying techniques and such, I definitely still learned lots while working on this kit but still think the final product turned out decent and definitely an improvement over my last effort. Next up I am building Airfix's P-40B. I plan on doing the AVG color scheme, tomorrow I will try to post the few things I have done with the kit so far and as well try to compile a list of the dos and don'ts I learned from the P51. Cheers.
  14. Hi guys with all the super turbo charger talk earlier I thought I would put this link out there for anybody interested. Greg's channel is great in general for lots of in depth discussion on the performance of WWII aircraft, his series on the P47 in particular stands out. Anyways, awesome looking build. Threads like this are an amazing source of ideas and knowledge for people like me who are just getting back into modeling, so thank you for posting.
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