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  1. Except. It went missing with all crew on return from its attack on the Admiral Hipper in February 1941. It seems for a historically accurate MWJ L9866, I'm back where I started No bulges No chin gun No torpedo
  2. A more detailed look at the IWM photos shows examples of Mk 1 Beauforts (MWE & MWB) from 217 St Eval carrying torpedoes in Jan 1942. So maybe the a/c in the scheme carried one later in its service... Also, by this stage, I can see wing trailing edge bulges but still no chin gun. I'm new to this and, along with the model building, I'm quite enjoying the "detective work".
  3. Thanks dogsbody Those are some of the pictures I've been looking at that confirm my "no chin gun" supposition.
  4. Thanks Ewen The scheme is from Feb 1941 I think I have it right. There are pictures of 217 Squadron Beaufort 1s online and none with the "sea pattern" or similar serials appear to have the chin turret/gun. It seems plausible that they could have been fitted later and then removed or not. You've confirmed what I thought about the trailing edge bulges. The torpedo? Again. That's what I thought. I'm going to fit it in any case though since I've set the bomb bay to receive it. Let's say it's being test fitted for some reason.
  5. I'm enjoying building this model. My first for many years. I'm following the Feb '41 217 Squadron scheme in the kit. This is what I think is right based on my research. Can someone confirm? No bulges on wing trailing edge. These were added later in the aircraft's development. No rear-facing chin gun. I can't see these on any of the pics I've seen purporting to be aircraft from this squadron at this time. Apparently they were regarded as ineffective and frequently removed. No torpedo. 217 Squadron weren't trained in their use at this time and t
  6. Is that for tyres and other rubber parts, Amos? PS - your old place at The Woolpack, in Esholt, is just down the road from me.
  7. Most places I've looked are out of stock. Would matt black with a drop of silver be a reasonable approximation? 85 is specified for tyres, instrument panels, radial engine components and pilot's boots... in the 1:72 Airfix Bristol Beaufort I'm building. Are there better, more realistic treatments for these parts? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the lovely welcome, everyone, near and far. It does seem like a friendly place. I've seen Rabbit Leader's post and I'm following his build for tips. I've enjoyed a little Mendip caving, Jon. Stayed at the Cerberus hut, did a bit of free diving in Swildons Hole and a memorable (up to a point) several pints of Butcombe in the Hunter's. Happy daze!
  9. How do? I'm a very recent returner to the world of model making from West Yorkshire, UK. Now a parent, I remember my dad making models with me/while I watched, and thought it about time I inflicted similar pleasures on my kids. Things seem to have come a long way since the Airfix kits of the late '70s that I remember flinging together and ham-fistedly distressing. I'm looking forward to trying some more careful assembly and subtle weathering on the 1:72 Airfix Bristol Beaufort I've just started. Very much here for the tips, inspiration and huge skill and historic subje
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