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  1. "Just 12 years" seems an awkward expression to me, given WW2 lasted less than 6 in total. But real machines are PITA compared to models when talking lasting finish. Repainting is simply part of the remembrance ...
  2. Well pointed out. Nazi-Germany had a tendency to go with "last one in first one out" practice, meaning the age of parts on a vehicle weren't very orderly spread. Nor paintwise. The UK however worked with running down inventory before changing to new paint. I remember seeing original parts of motorbikes still in G3 way into 1943, while some parts in early 1942 were already SCC2. Another plant.
  3. Steben

    Covid Jab

    Fully vaccinated since last saturday. 2nd Pfizer jab. One day after a bit flu like symptoms but nothing seriously. Second day nothing. First jab I felt absolutely nothing. In other words: 100% as standard symptoms described in advance.
  4. The current overhaul and repaint of "the princess royal" is IMHO a great KG3 example. Notice how in sunlight and surrounding it looks almost SCC2 and in shade almost US Olive Drab. That is pure KG3 behaviour to me and matches with the behaviour of Starmer's chips.
  5. Looks close to what my army friends call "warsaw pact" green. Seems 511 is their "wartime" colour. I bet it is darker, less olive. I'ld say the 512 can be used for some early war vehicles as well.
  6. Steben

    Camo advice please

    Looks great. Your green and yellow look very pristine. The green is very good. Some shades of yellow were around (tools, bins, ....) although the ones on vehicles were less variable. Bottom line: yellow is very forgiving. One thing I always struggle with is the used brown. You clearly use a really reddish brown, where "standard" RAL8017 is darker. This can go two ways: it is thinly sprayed, resulting in a more orangy colour like yours or a redder brown is used than RAL8017, ic primer red 8012. The "thin" theory is unrealistic in such a regular pattern so the primer red is the one which is depicted here. The latter is a can of worms. Not saying it's wrong. I definitely prefer the less bright brown, I am very aware of that. It is just that hard evidence is unexistent and "reddish" relics usually are thinly, diversely sprayed.
  7. A start around vallejo 70.888 oplive grey might work. My 5 cents.
  8. EBR Panhard in Saumur Museum. This is what I think of a very probable rendition of early post war French dark green. Several french vehicles have this colour at the museum. It's not far away from SCC15 / British OD. As with many post war colours, things get a bit vague until regulations and directives became omnipresent in a organised cold war era. The Belgian Army used paint used by the supplier of vehicles. US tanks were OD, Leo 1s were in RAL6014 and even in the 70ties dark bronze green was proscribed for UK delivered vehicles. From late 70ties into 80ties IRR Green became the main paint, not unlike many European based NATO countries. Germany, Netherlands and Italy (and Switzerland) still used RAL6014 but in IRR version. Austria RAL7013. UK's Nato green, Belgian Nato green and French Nato green all look very alike, but none are exactly the same since they age very quickly... YET ... IRR paint was not used in 1950ties.
  9. To my understanding it is quite an olive green close to drab. Haven't seen (much of) that early 40 50 ties tricolour though.
  10. I followed this build up of the kit a bit from the side line on facebook. I see they managed the 1889 Mauser quite well. They even added the carbines! The rifle is not unimportant in the theme. It are these kind of soldiers that halted the German advance in 1914 very well and avoided the total break through. The focus on markmanship in the Belgian army at that time made the Germans crazy.
  11. The wing underside colour is different on different parts on the picture... left side it is almost as whitish as the cowling ring. So you can easily make it 4 or 5 colours ... at some poitn it really becomes unrealistic. Problem with these pictures is they are easily aged or badly scanned. I'm not saying: impossible, but the reality is many old colour pictures have discolouration. WHat we DO know however is the fact Lufwaffe camo has always been prone to the use of different base colours and added disruptives and mottled colours. Even in 1940 this happened with the use of RLM02 on top of everything. or ... is it RAL7003 What OD or khaki types of colour was to the Allies, GREY was the holy grail for the Germans. More than half of all Luftwaffe colours are shades of grey, helmets were mostly grey. The use of dunkelgelb base colour is the only shocking German colour use during ww2. Point being: it is a very difficult subject and discerning grey based colour is even more difficult.
  12. Adding black will render interior green. Still, it is a sad change.
  13. CIElab values. And RAL references. Great.
  14. I know some may find this superfluous, but checking Chory's wehrmacht helmet colours against my GDR M56 helmet it is a dead on match with 1940 7018 Schiefergrau. East Germany ... full of awkward gear and decision making. A discarded wehrmacht RAL colour.
  15. Hah well... paint sellers (especially DIY stores) Just add to a vast list.
  16. Hi Jochen. I did add comments. The hikoki rlm81 is lighter than ral6014, yet ral7013 is too far. Of course the Merrick Kiroff ones are slightly different.
  17. Difference in sheen especially if less visible in real life shouldnt be a bummer. In fact in reality finish wasn't even on not so young planes. Reminds me of the enigma around pictures with differences on surfaces. These were probably not that different visually either. Personally I love metal and wood parts on a Camel.
  18. XF-81 is very very close. Perhaps still too saturated. All depends on your own demands.
  19. That's great info. Yet observer angle.... I found out this seems very very important. At least to me. Olive drabs in particular are every different in different angles. Something I link not only to gloss level, but pigments used as well. Always thought red/green pigmented OD's have more difference in hue in angles than ochre based ones. But it is pure pure intuition.
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