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  1. Nice work with the painting there, Grahame James
  2. She looks absolutely superb, mate! Well done, she's one to be very proud of James
  3. That looks pretty good from here James
  4. You're rapidly catching up to where I've got to. I like the acetate porthole replacement, and the interior is nicely detailed James
  5. Nice to see this one still progressing James
  6. Another nice interior James
  7. I'm glad my signature is inspiring you, Rob You seem to be off to a great start, I'll pull up a pew and follow the rest of the disaster build James
  8. I'd rather have a car with some go that people think is an old man's car than one with all the looks and no power. I used to own a Vauxhall Vectra 2.8 Elite estate, which was a lot of fun. Largely because it was the VXR without the bodykit, and Vauxhall put the chrome engine size badges on a chrome trim strip so you had to be close to see it wasn't just a 1.9. My favourite "victory" was the Mercedes SLK who tried to pull around me as we were joining the A130 from the A13 by going over the hatched bit. He ended up a very small spec in the rear-view mirror James
  9. I'll have to have a look into that, a Do 17Z in that scheme sounds very nice. I'm quite happy to stay well away from the Roden He 111 though! That's simply not good enough, Adam. Here we all are waiting to see the finished result, and you're swanning off to have a social life! Kids these days... Enjoy the trip James
  10. I can only echo what Craig's already said, and I know this will look superb on that base James
  11. I really like this one, John The pose and the base really achieve the idea you were after, and the model itself is beautifully built James
  12. Those cable runs are very nicely done, Stuart, and I admire your patience to do fit them James
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing it with the decals on, George, it's looking very nice so far James
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