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  1. The aircraft in question. I always liked it's really unique design, and I would like to have one of these things around.
  2. Yeah, big first thing is that those not being waterside probably didn't help. When I first did them, they all balled up actually, so I had to go thru the task of untangling them with minimal damage. I'm glad at least the top looks good. I've been not sure of my first "traditional" kit, I've been eyeing the Hasegawa Idolm@ster kits but those probably aren't a good idea. I still have a big backlog too (RG Sazabi, HG Byrlant, Figurise Fumina, MG Jegan)
  3. Yeah, anything Mecha that isn't Bandai are less likely to get any reprints (not to mention that even Bandai will not reprint everything as often, looking at you, HG AGE collection), so anything laying around become a rarity. It's a common thing you have to know of when you buy Japanese toys and models, "buy first; ask questions later".
  4. I think 3D printing is the way of the future model kit wise (besides whatever Bandai's been doing, such as the tech in their Figurise LABO line), especially when it becomes easier to scan already existing models and create things out of new ones. I've seen someone on reddit's /r/resinkits area print out a lot of really well detailed 3D models that just need sanding and paint to look really good.
  5. I am a somewhat young and beginning model maker, I've only done Bandai kits as of now and mostly Gunpla, but I've been considering other brands and genre of kits (as nervous as I am about buying and making all that stuff!). Most of the straight builds. but I hopefully will be able to do more eventually. Not exactly sure what else to add since most the kits I've made aren't really remarkable and a lot of it could be chalked up to the Bandai engineering then my work on it. The most work I have done on one was a YF-14 with Ranka Lee decals and a Topcoat. I'll post it here.
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