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  1. Here you are some photos of models of the civilian vehicles.
  2. The first photos of models, here are models made from paper.
  3. Žamberk wild boar. As every year, a modeling competition took place yesterday in the town of Žamberk. In the premises of the Museum of Old Machines and Technology. Originally a textile factory. In addition to the exhibited models, it was possible to see the museum and take a litle train ride. Here is the first part of photos from this event.
  4. Again, something from my archive. Replica of an Romfell armored car. I took the photos in 2014 at an event dedicated to reconnaissance vehicles.
  5. To build models made by Miniart is really artwork. They are ultimate kits with many parts. They are completely out of my modeller´s abilities. I admire everybody who finished MiniArt kit.
  6. Here are some photos from the Army Technical (state)Museum in Lešany. The museum is located near Prague, on the site of a former military base. Tank Day was held here every year, most recently in 2019.
  7. Yes of course, I have to use decal softener, thank you vaoinas.
  8. Today,small progress,applying decals. Name of the vehicle Fregat= Frigate.
  9. I consider the model completed. The final stage, staining the surface with pigments and dry pastels.
  10. Small progress, model is shortly before painting.
  11. Hi, I present here the building of another model made from Copper State Models. I started thebuilding at the same time as the Russo-Balt model.
  12. They all look very nice, you make a model as a piece of jewelry.
  13. Very well done, painting and weathering.
  14. Great work, this doors are beautiful.
  15. It is an interesting project. I´ll watch your building.
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