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  1. This is my Toldi I, I hope yours will be better.
  2. The horse looks great. With your upgrade.
  3. If you invested in Friul tracks, it would be a mistake not to finish the Toldi tank model. I look forward to continuing your building.
  4. I assembled other parts of the model. Some are fixed with adhesive tape. The model is quite detailed, so I will have to disassemble the superstructure again so that I can add various details.
  5. This evening I sat down with the model for a while. I glued some parts and cut off the center of the inside of the body.
  6. The building of your model is an example of a higher level of model building.
  7. I started building of this kit in the end. Here you are first steps.
  8. I'm looking forward to your building, I'll watch it with interest.
  9. Thank you guys. I enjoy building models of these terrible-looking conversions of captured vehicles. The people who used to build this must have had a great talent for improvisation.
  10. I consider the model complete. The building itself was a relaxed affair. I did not come across any problem or trickery. All parts went together perfectly. Thanks to this builder, I was able to add an interesting-looking model to my collection.
  11. I sprayed the model with matte varnish, then I sprayed the model with dust pigments to mimic the dusty look. Now I consider the model finished.
  12. Interesting camouflage, more spring than winter. Nicely done white wipe.
  13. St. Barbara's Cathedral in Kutna Hora, stone beauty. S
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