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  1. Thank you very much for the pictures. You are right.The Pantera probably has the original nose of the Mirage 5 and not of the Kfir. Saluti Giampiero
  2. Does anyone know the length of the Mirage 50CN Pantera or more specific of the cylinder that has been added between the radar nose and the wind screen and is the part signed in this cheetah conversion of the same size? I am converting a Esci Mirage V and a Hobbyboss Mirage IIIC into a Mirage 50CN Pantera using the nose of a Kfir. Thank you very much Saluti Giampiero
  3. I am sorry for the silly question but does the Zlin Z-26 have the same canopy as the Arado Ar 96? Thank you very much Saluti Giampiero
  4. Brilliant! I think I said this before but the Caravelle is one of the most elegant passenger aircraft ever built. Saluti Giampiero
  5. Rob de Bie's question about the strange construction at Volkel in the Netherlands has been published in the recent issue of German magazine Jet&Prop number 4/21,October/November 2021.Maybe someone of the readers knows what it is. Saluti Giampiero
  6. Fantastic Mig-17! I have the decals for Uganda airforce Mig-21MFs painted in aluminium allover. Saluti Giampiero
  7. The Myanmar airforce JF-17 are painted in blue paint scheme like the Chengdu J-7G and the Mig-29 9-12 and 9-19 SMT.It has nothing to do with the camouflage of chinese prototypes. Saluti Giampiero
  8. What orange is correct for the stripes on Indian airforce Mig-27,serial number TS558 test aircraft and what colour are Sri Lanka airforce aircraft painted? I found pictures showing them in a very light grey and others in white. Thank you very much Saluti Giampiero
  9. Thank you very much! The missiles are from a Revell of Germany Rafale. Saluti Giampiero
  10. Here are some pictures of the just finished Mirage IIIEA.It is the Eduard 1/48 scale Mirage IIIC converted into a IIIEA using the front of the fuselage,exhaust and the landing gear legs of a Esci kit.The wheels are the Eduard kit parts.The two horizontal antennas on the fin are scratch built using the stabilizers from a sidewinder.The ejection seat was replaced with a resin part from quickboost and the engine from reskit.It represents Mirage IIIEA I-003 which was the second aircraft delivered to the Fuerza aerea Argentina from Dassault and the first single seater.The allover blue paint scheme was only used for a short time in the mid 80s and only on this aircraft. Saluti Giampiero
  11. What type of grey are Kazakhstan airforce Mig-27 painted and do they also have the yellow aircraft number on the nose and the snow Leopard emblem like camouflaged aircraft? Thank you very much Saluti Giampiero
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