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  1. You are of course correct. Here is a picture of an NVA Mig-17 with the early national insignia. Saluti Giampiero
  2. I am sorry but I overread the pre. Please accept all my excuses. Saluti Giampiero
  3. Fantastic Mig-15Bis! The NVA decals are missing the Hammer und Zirkel symbol. Saluti Giampiero
  4. From what I could find on a French modelling web page the Enaer Pantera has the wing of the Mirage III/V but with the wheel wells,gear legs and wheels of the Kfir.The air intakes seam to be those of the Mirage 50. Saluti Giampiero
  5. First of all this is not a what if.It was projected as Torpedo fighter but never built.This is the Special hobby 1/48 scale Fiat G55 kit converted into the Fiat G57 years ago.The cowling was taken from a Italeri Reggiane Re2002 with the bulges made with Barilla Risoni Pasta.A shortened Torpedo from a Trumpeter Savoia Marchetti SM79 was attached under the aircraft. Saluti Giampiero
  6. Splendid Sukhoi Su-25! Saluti Giampiero
  7. Vielen Dank! Die Räder von Kinetic sind wie gesagt zu klein und würden entweder durch Teile von Italeri oder Heller oder durch Resinteile ersetzt. The Kinetic wheels are too small as said and would be replaced either with the parts from Italeri or Heller or with Resin ones. Saluti Giampiero
  8. Splendid Sukhoi Su-27P and Diorama! Saluti Giampiero
  9. Beautiful Mig-15 and Mig-17 collection! Saluti Giampiero
  10. What are the visible differences between the Enaer Pantera DCM two-seater and the Cheetah D?I know that the Pantera has the extended tail fin. Thank you very much Saluti Giampiero+Christian
  11. Also von mir kommt diesbezüglich nichts mehr.Das war nur eine Antwort auf die Frage von Herrn Jensen. Grüsse Giampiero
  12. From Michael Ullmann. Test order E-2-45/31. Development and verification of camouflage for the mediterranean sea. Report August 1943. Alongside RLM73 a Dunkelblau colour will be used.Flighttest in the near future. Report September 1943. Using the camouflage pattern "Land" and "See" with RLM73 and the Dunkelblau colour 300/III suggested for information. Report November 1943. Closed with report date 10.11.1943.Colour RLM83 Dunkelblau with RLM72 for Sea and RLM70 for land aircraft suggested for introduction. Sammelmitteilung 2 from 15.August 1944. On the dark shades RLM72,73,75,RLM81,82,83. Saluti Giampiero
  13. The Eduard 1/48 scale model is also available in a Revell of Germany box but it is more expensive than the original version. Saluti Giampiero
  14. Here are the latest in progress pictures of the U-Boot Typ VIId Minenleger conversion. Saluti Giampiero
  15. Very nice! And using the research of Axel Urbanke you can be certain that it is original and correct. Saluti Giampiero
  16. Does anyone apart Hasegawa in 1/72 make decals in 1/48 for one of these Mirage F1 in special markings for the 50th anniversary of RC2/30 Normandie Niemen? Thank you very much Saluti Giampiero
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