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  1. Heres where the paint is so far, I wanted it to look a bit old and tatty, like most of the pics ive seen of real ones... Im surprised the yellow on the wings, and the red panel outline behind was not included in the decal sheet ? I had to go through my old car decals and make these ... Anyway its coming along, bit more silver scratches etc and then im building the undercarriage etc Thanks for looking !
  2. Been waiting ages for the blue/green mettalic colour to arive, but its finally arrived ! Inside painted, and the basic plane put together... Now paint ! This is the first `layer`, Tamiya XF11 on top, XF14 on the bottom and fades.. Next is a clear coat, then weathering, transfers, chipping and finally a matt coat ! Wish me luck eh !
  3. Good start, I'll be following this as I'm building the A6M3 by Tamiya.
  4. Thanks guys, Cockpit is almost complete, Ive tidied up a few bits, added the seatbelts and glued the seat and the `stick` into place. There was no seat height adjuster so i made one from a p/e piece and wire. I noticed the machine guns had no detail so added p/e handles to the sides of the guns. a p/e ring was also added to the gun sights. Made a start on the cockpit sides too, bit more to add maybe later when i find some pics to copy... Also need to get some of that greeny blue mettalic colour for the insides, but that can wait ! Thanks for looking in !
  5. Hi Mark, Hurricans are both coming along great, interesting thread too, with lots of helpful hints for me to pinch ! !
  6. Hi Guys ! On to my next plane, number 2 ! After building the 1/72 version of this i wanted to try detailing a larger size, so ordered Tamiyas 1/48 A6M3 HAMP.. Ive built detailed cars for years, so ive got a reasonable idea what goes where. But planes are new to me, its a fresh challenge, but i have to copy internet pics mainly for reference. I also picked up an Eduard cockpit detail set and seatbelts, but then found out an A6M3 is totally different inside to the A6M5 parts i bought... Still, I`ll carry on, some parts are okay still ! Not finished yet but heres what i have so far, I didnt like the flat p/e wiring so used solder wire to make my own. Still got seat belts etc etc and then start the side panels. Thanks for looking, as usual feel free to pick out mistakes etc as Im still new to all this !
  7. Great job on this, and a very effective little diarama too ! (How do you make spinning blades? ) Especially like the paint, very convincing !
  8. Well think this ones just about done. I say that because at some time in the future there should be a diarama for it, so i might add to it then ? Enjoyed building this, certainly makes a change to the cars Ive been building on and off for years... Thankyou to everyone who commented/ responded to this, and i hope you enjoyed the build ! Just need to find the canopy too, Ive put it somewhere safe (where i cant find it ! ) Looking for Ideas for the bigger version Ive received, Tamiya 1/48 to be precise. Id like to detail this, maybe open it all up so you can see more of it ? Im thinking maybe a A6M3 restoration, a part built plane being restored.... ? Well heres some pics, thanks... Martin !
  9. Thanks guys ! Jackson, im struggling along as it is with weathering ,damage etc. i think this is enough for now ! But thanks for the suggestion, Im still thinking about your diarama comments too ! And thanks Tcoat, this diagram will really help with the 1/48 Tamiya version Ive just ordered ! Bit more damage, and Paint ! One stabalizer (??) removed altogether, and drilled, and the tail has been ripped too. I added a small rip to the other wing tip too, as it helps with the broken tip hanging off ! First coat of primer and Tamiya XF11, looking forward to transfers, weathering and metal damage now, Oh and adding stringers !
  10. Welcome ! Ive just started here myself, first plane model underway ! Its a good idea to start on the little 1/72 kits, just take your time and there look great ! Never built any of the above, so i cant help, but there usually all similar to build so Id save the best till last. Practice first on the ones you dislike ! Only thing i would recommend, Tamiya extra thin cement... So much better and cleaner than thick stuff out a tube ! Good Luck, Martin !
  11. Hi Tcoat ! Enjoying your Zero build, cockpit looked great, it's a shame you won't see much of it ! Looking forward to seeing the paint , I'm tempted to buy one of these myself... Martin
  12. Thanks Mark ! I have the Tamiya colours on order, XF11 for the top, XF14 on the base, oh and cockpit green XF71 ! And thank you Tcoat, the diagram is very useful thanks, glad i`m not that far off with the ribs ! What are Stringers made out of ? From pictures I`ve seen, are the ribs cockpit green , and what colour is the inside of the wings ? Thanks... Martin.
  13. Mustang is coming along well, an enjoyable build, thanks for the tips n tricks Im learning a lot from this ! And yes i broke the control lever on my Zero too, makes me feel like a proper plane modeller now ! Martin.
  14. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated ! Tcoat, thanks for the suggestion, hope you approve of my attempt ! Thanks Mark, i might try a bigger Zero kit later, and maybe try a bit of photoetch on that , 1/72 scale is hard enough to see ! And thanks Jackson Duvalier, yes i had tree dents in mind with the wing, once the planes finished i`ll look at a diarama. I intend to try a lot of new things with plane builds, so this zero is a bit of a testbed as far as damage is concerned. Ive wrecked car models before but planes i have to muddle along best i can ! I really liked Tcoats suggestion for ripped panels, so thought id try it as i had a bit of spare time today. Following along from pictures, its probably a bit crude for you guys, but i can bend it around depending how it looks. I used bare metal foil, as it shows the panel lines well and i can bend it out the way while painting. The frame is just thin plastic cut and drilled. Hopefully it will look better in paint, hope it arrives soon ! Oh and Farley is my dogs name, im Martin !
  15. Thanks Tcoat, I like the look of your tail section, very convincing ! As a first build I wasn't going to go too crazy but I'm all for trying new ideas so I'll give your suggestion a try.... Thanks !
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