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  1. Great job on this, and a very effective little diarama too ! (How do you make spinning blades? ) Especially like the paint, very convincing !
  2. Well think this ones just about done. I say that because at some time in the future there should be a diarama for it, so i might add to it then ? Enjoyed building this, certainly makes a change to the cars Ive been building on and off for years... Thankyou to everyone who commented/ responded to this, and i hope you enjoyed the build ! Just need to find the canopy too, Ive put it somewhere safe (where i cant find it ! ) Looking for Ideas for the bigger version Ive received, Tamiya 1/48 to be precise. Id like to detail this, maybe open it all up so you ca
  3. Thanks guys ! Jackson, im struggling along as it is with weathering ,damage etc. i think this is enough for now ! But thanks for the suggestion, Im still thinking about your diarama comments too ! And thanks Tcoat, this diagram will really help with the 1/48 Tamiya version Ive just ordered ! Bit more damage, and Paint ! One stabalizer (??) removed altogether, and drilled, and the tail has been ripped too. I added a small rip to the other wing tip too, as it helps with the broken tip hanging off ! First coat of primer and Tamiya XF11, looking forw
  4. Welcome ! Ive just started here myself, first plane model underway ! Its a good idea to start on the little 1/72 kits, just take your time and there look great ! Never built any of the above, so i cant help, but there usually all similar to build so Id save the best till last. Practice first on the ones you dislike ! Only thing i would recommend, Tamiya extra thin cement... So much better and cleaner than thick stuff out a tube ! Good Luck, Martin !
  5. Hi Tcoat ! Enjoying your Zero build, cockpit looked great, it's a shame you won't see much of it ! Looking forward to seeing the paint , I'm tempted to buy one of these myself... Martin
  6. Thanks Mark ! I have the Tamiya colours on order, XF11 for the top, XF14 on the base, oh and cockpit green XF71 ! And thank you Tcoat, the diagram is very useful thanks, glad i`m not that far off with the ribs ! What are Stringers made out of ? From pictures I`ve seen, are the ribs cockpit green , and what colour is the inside of the wings ? Thanks... Martin.
  7. Mustang is coming along well, an enjoyable build, thanks for the tips n tricks Im learning a lot from this ! And yes i broke the control lever on my Zero too, makes me feel like a proper plane modeller now ! Martin.
  8. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated ! Tcoat, thanks for the suggestion, hope you approve of my attempt ! Thanks Mark, i might try a bigger Zero kit later, and maybe try a bit of photoetch on that , 1/72 scale is hard enough to see ! And thanks Jackson Duvalier, yes i had tree dents in mind with the wing, once the planes finished i`ll look at a diarama. I intend to try a lot of new things with plane builds, so this zero is a bit of a testbed as far as damage is concerned. Ive wrecked car models before but planes i have to muddle along best i can !
  9. Thanks Tcoat, I like the look of your tail section, very convincing ! As a first build I wasn't going to go too crazy but I'm all for trying new ideas so I'll give your suggestion a try.... Thanks !
  10. Hi Guys ! Well ive just started my first plane kit in about 40 years, a Mitsubishi Zero, and Ive crashed it already ! Its the little 1/72 Airfix model and i thought I'd try building it as a crashed/derelict plane.... there may be a diarama later to add to this ? I have a few paints on order, so for now im test fitting bits. The fuselage is not glued, as theres no interior yet ! Its a bit distracting when researching pics of this, im spending more time watching war clips than building but its all part of the fun ! Hope you like it, ANY criticism i
  11. Wow excellent work on this, interesting to feature the story behind it too, ill be following your progress !
  12. Oh good, thanks John. Its the start of a scratch built centre console for a car BTW, in case you was wondering !
  13. Hmmmmmm.... Seems to work ok, can you see the pic ok and it is the right size etc ?
  14. Thanks guys, Ive built cars for years so im not giving them up totally, sometimes its nice to try new things, and this seems the place to do it ! Ignore the picture, i just wanted to try posting pics here ........ thanks !
  15. Hi Guys ! My names Martin from Surrey (Farley is my Dogs name ! ) Been building modified car models on and off since i was a kid, and I`ve not built anything military since ! I did help my son build his first Spitfire recently so i fancy trying my hand at planes, and id like to learn to build diarama`s too ! Thanks for having me, and i look forward to following along on your build threads ! Martin
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