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  1. Good morning, Here is my diorama Revell, strictly out of the box, the build: and: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  2. Hello, all! I have THE project to put a 1/72nd scale B17 in a diorama (another one!) with DOZENS of figures. To see it, you will have to vote for this group build! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  3. Hello, Rather than seeing blood, I would rather see B17s. So LONG live a group build WITH B17s! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  4. Hello Chris, It's a great job, well done. Seeing your build makes me want to take out my 1/48 F4 Monogram that has been in dust endurance for seven or eight years. I just etched the plastic. You have just told me that the model you are building is a 1/72 scale reduction of the larger scale Monogram model. Indeed, it must be well detailed. Finally, I discovered the interest of Molotow liquid chrome markers on a Utube video. It will greatly facilitate the colouring of polished landing gear cylinders. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  5. Hello, All. Thank you for participating. I think you forgot this on, Denis : I hope to build this combo one of these days. Maybe at the next Monogram group build! Anyway, I have started building the F4F Wildcat Revell. I built it straight from the box and without any additions. I simply replaced the figure with an Airfix pilot. An ad hoc paint job transforms an Englishman into a USN pilot wearing a jacket. The little Grumman fighter is ready for painting: I have not etched the structural lines or sanded the surface details, the model looks like a steam locomotive with all its big rivets! I painted the beast, and I stenciled the nationality badges to avoid putting decals on the rivets: I've been looking through my binder of 1/72 decal scraps, and I've found the right patterns: I found a Felix the cat to decorate this F4F in VF3 colours on the Yorktown, and an F-12 from a Corsair Hasegawa board to register the aircraft that was flown by Ensign J.P Adams. I don't know if Adams "scored", but I think the two little flags are nice. I must admit that I finished this little hunter during the month of August: Okay, the Airfix model is probably better. But it is great to be almost finished with this project from... I am now hesitating between installing the zero not beautiful on the stem not beautiful, or installing another Japanese plane... Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  6. Good morning, In agreement with Denis/Corsairfoxfouruncle, I present you a construction that I started in 1981 (!!! ), and that I resumed a little before the beginning of this group build. Revell had made several boxes in a series called Famous Air Battle Scene: Photo source: facebook I remember seeing a FW190 crashed and flown over by a Thunderbolt at a friend's house, and I was thrilled with the diorama. And I found the Midway's one, produced in 1976. Allan31 showed us the Battle of Britain diorama in his work in the previous Revell/Monogram build thread. (That is why I wanted to show you this subject ). I had built the zero, which I found hanging from the ceiling of my teenage bedroom when we sold the house this year: Funny, isn'it? This construction represents barely 25% of the total, there is still a lot to do: I started by building the diorama: I found my childlike soul again, and jumped forty years back in time by doing some cutting! I have consolidated the walls of the dio which present the external decoration with thick cardboard, So I finished the base: To be continued... Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  7. Hello, Phas3e This is a very nice exercise in used paint, well done! mine is not as weathered, but I think it was newer! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  8. Hello, VP I got two more boxes of B17 Hasegawa! A friend of mine inherited a stock of models, and he sent them to me. I am in a panic because I have so many forts to build! The Hasegawa decals being unfortunately unusable, I hesitate for the decoration of the F model: _ either make the B17E, callsign 419100, Birmingham Blitzkrieg, Assembly ship of the 379BG, _ or make the B17F, callsign 42-5077, Delta Rebel from 91BG. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  9. Good morning, Old Man. It's not really a coincidence, as this group build gathers the Revell-Monogram builds, but I just finished the 1/72 F4F Wildcat Revell a short time ago! I decided to finish a model that I started forty years ago : I wanted to keep the spirit of the model, so I kept the reliefs, like the rivets. I made stencils to avoid using decals. The engine cover is not glued and can be removed, as it was in 1976, when this diorama box was designed. This model is a joy to build, as there are few parts, too. And it looks exactly like a Wildcat! I simply replaced the pilot with an Airfix figure. It's an English-style clothed figure, but a good paint job makes it possible to make a US Navy pilot with a jacket, doesn't it? I wish you as much fun as I had building this Revell model. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  10. Hello, I can still participate in this group build. And I choose to build the Monogram Dauntless. I already built this model in the early 80's: But I only kept the box and the assembly instructions. The model is marketed by Revell today, I bought one recently! The model is a dash 3, with an air intake on the engine cowling. I'm going to use Hasegawa decals to represent one of the planes that participated in the Midway battle. I would also like to build it with all its original features: retractable landing gear, movable machine gun and dive flaps, bomb that can be dropped. Would I do a little nostalgia? First drill the holes in the diving flaps. Regards. Eric-Snafu35
  11. Hello Volker, This is a remarkable achievement, and you make me envious with the use of this MagicScaleModelling animation kit. Will I ever do it? Congratulations on the overall painting which is very well done. What a beautiful bird you have made there. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  12. Hello Ferrata, It is beautiful, well done! I like the way you have made the model's back dirty. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  13. Hello Mickael, Thank you for your appreciation. I am absolutely sorry to say that it is a 1/72 scale model. The F1 tanker trailer is the Airfix kit, the wheels have been changed to the Federal 605 tractor diameter. This is the website of the manufacturer DESKit: http://deskit.online.fr/01_systeme/pages_systeme/home_page.htm The latest 1/72 models (600 gal. trailer, Federal 606-C2, Federal 606-D and REO XS-28) are not yet available, but are expected to be on sale in September 2022. DESKit also offers a number of 1/48 resin vehicles and figures. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  14. Good morning, This thread is a delight to the eye. It gives a lot of ideas. I present a new vehicle that was found on American airfields during WWII; It is a Federal 606-C2 Wrecker: I built the model of the Garwood crane with the 15 foot curved boom to fit on the Federal 605 chassis. This master is now moulded by the craftsman DESKit who will market it from September. I will soon show you the 606-D version which is equipped with an 18 foot straight crane boom. Here are my US airfield heavy vehicles: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  15. Hello, Oups, I forgot to put in the pilot's sight! It is a characteristic of the Val. I made it: eight pieces to make this thing. You have to like it. I set it up: It's done-finished. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  16. Hello nostalgic modeler friends! How good it is to do what we like! We all have Airfix pilot figures in a box. A desire, a good knife, and hop!: stay tuned for my next Japanese plane in 1/72, with pilot figures! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  17. Hello everyone, Thank you for your messages. When I was younger, I used to dream when I saw the Airfix, Hasegawa, Heller and other brands of models that were shown in the first specialized magazines. Today, after sacrificing time and kits I can do almost what talented builders were already doing. And these "old" models allow me to make reproductions similar to the real planes. Well, okay; I am not saying that sometimes certain shapes are better rendered by the new moulds. But what, I am not going to throw away models I bought thirty years ago because they are approximate; It is my youth, all that! Thanks, Pappy! I did not take this picture at the time, and it did not even hurt to play with Paint! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  18. Hello, Here is a construction that I did for a group build about Midway. I have done the minimum to furnish this empty model which was designed in 1963: I used a dry point to engrave the structural panels of the model, and sanded the surfaces studded with oversized rivets. I interpreted the Aichi green with Gunze H302, and took the interior of the panels (wings and fuselage) with the colour added with yellow. Not obvious in the photos, but the effect is there. All markings are done with paint and covers, only the drift codes are painted decals. Here is the Airfix crude engine: I took the profile of the engine cover, as it looked very similar to that of an A6M2; The type 92 machine gun is made from scratch: I redid the fork of the bomb thrower: It is better this way, although the lower radiator should have been open in the middle. I added the gonio frame to the underside, too. On June 4, 1942, around noon, eighteen Val of the Koku Sentai of the IJN Hiryu attacked the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown. Will this Kanbaku escape the flak of the Yorktown and its battle group? Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  19. PS: I think the bonnet that extends the nose turret is missing. Eric-Snafu35
  20. Hello, A B17, I love it! You have done a beautiful job of ageing, it's very nice to look at. My wife must have got used to the idea of supporting the Flying Fortress, as there are five on display above HER library! (Oh my god! and I just got two more boxes of Hasegawa models! ) Finally, I would like to add that I like the REVELL version of the B17, because it allows you to make many versions, whereas the Airfix model only offers the Staggered Waist guns and cheyenne Turret version. And also compare some parts, like the exhaust pipes under the engines... Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  21. Hello Neil, What can I say? Present us quickly with another of your magnificent constructions! I think I am getting a little burnt out when I look at your models. And I am happy too, because I finally bought this Matchbox model. But I do not think I will show it to you. Not after seeing this magnificent representation of this four-engine aircraft! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  22. Hello Neil, The work you have done is remarkable, bravo And thank you for the inspirational sharing. I have had one in dust endurance for a year. But recovery is coming, and I am going to get back into it! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  23. Good morning, I Thank you for your compliments. I was thinking the same thing, Tony! I'm participating to a group build about Midway on a french forum, and it could be funny; a Monogram model is quite good against a SBD Accurate Miniature or Hasegawa! Plus the dive brakes can be opened, great! Michael, you should keep your Helldiver as it is; maybe make another one! You should take advantage of this group build to relaunch a construction; in any case, I will follow your assembly. Beware, Jean; nostalgia is the beginning of old age! But as we say when we are young: there is no photo. Today's glycero paintings suck because you have to make a choice between having fun or dying (very) old. All right. By popular demand, I'm going to push everything I have on the workbench to start an SBD Dauntless Monogram... ...Once I've finished a Kate Hasegawa, a Val Airfix, two Fouga Magister Kinetic, a F2A2 Tamiya... Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  24. Good morning, Here is My Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver from Monogram. Built with mainly the parts of the box, I remade the barrels with nested micro-tubes, the exhaust pipes, and I added Yagi antennas which come from another model. The marks offered by Monogram represent a Helldiver of the Marine Corps VMSB-244 in the Philippines in June 1945. The construction journal is here: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
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