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  1. Just an aside to a superb build, Koevoet was a unit of the SA Police, not an operation (Op)
  2. Just bought the G6............ better half best not find out
  3. I am presently building this kit. Whilst the time taken by myself on my builds can normally be measured in geological epochs, this one is even slower and entire galaxies will have died before I finish it. I seem to have all the parts, but most seem to be either warped or ill fitting. However, I believe that this is a great challenge and the end result can be absolutely magnificent. Good luck with your attempts to overcome Gallic rudeness. I will be following your build closely.
  4. Only the French could build something like that - love it!
  5. Seconded! I built all of those in the same period, give or take a year or ten ..... I vividly remeber sitting on the floor with my mates, in the officers mess at Waterkloof AFB building models with hairy sticks and the slow setting glue that was all that was available - largely Italeri (Sp) as they did the Impala and F1, the very aircraft we worked with. We were all very young and naive, 17/18, year old conscript 2nd looties, developed a passion for aircraft and modelling them that has not gone away in the subsequent nearly 33 years. Thanks for the memories
  6. Morning kirk Whilst being fascinated by the Harrier, I have actually never seen one ..... a very rare, in fact AFAIK never seen here, bird. This one is a first, I used the flightpath AM and will see how it turns out before posting LOL.
  7. Thanks Kirk, I shall smite part 70 mightily .......
  8. Excellent work and equally excellent choice of beers, although I find after a hot day in namibia Tafel rather does the trick! Looking forward to the final product Mike
  9. Gents, thanks for your responses! having had a look again yesterday afternoon when in a less frustrated mood I think part 70 is the problem. I will apply patience, lots of glue and sheer brute force this coming weekend and make it fit. Now that the major assemblies are coming together one has to be impressed by the sheer bulk of this thing! Mike
  10. Not sure where to post this, but I need advice from the leaned and experienced members of this forum .... I am in assembly stage of the Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR3 but for the life of me I cant get the spawn of Satan engine to fit - if the compressor fan meets the intake trunking the jet pipes don't fit through the holes in the side and vice versa. I know it can be done as others have built this POS, but I thought it best to ask before applying a sledgehammer to months of work. any ideas or suggestions?? Harrier hating Mike
  11. I just love the use of pick me up bits and pieces - modelling for a recession
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