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  1. Holy hell Steve!!! Just seen this(bit late on the ball). Put my scratch to shame. Your vision and skill here are incredible. Seriously good.
  2. Excellent horses and figures. Are the figures dragon too?
  3. I’m also not usually a fan of ‘what if’ but this really is a great idea which paints pictures in your mind of the greater picture set by the diorama. Very well done as all looks excellent.
  4. Your work is always soooo neat and precise, they all look amazing. Hard to believe you have a shelf of doom with how clean and accurate they all look. Great job.
  5. All those figures. Your eyes and fingers must be worn out!! Great job on all.
  6. I second Ian’s comment above the carrier for me, the rich version provides more detail and good to see it in desert camo/decals.
  7. Wow those me-109’s and the stug III… hard to beat that.
  8. What a fantastic mixture of models, even with all those sleepless nights.
  9. From one newish member to another, great collection for the year. Your figure works great and love the French fancy gb build in particular. I too think it’s a good idea to queue up your next years planned projects (sort of set the target for yourself as well, in a good way.) and looking forwards to see you me finished products. paul
  10. This is really excellent. The wounded man is particularity good (the one on the stretcher). Your base/scene work is really good too.
  11. This is really excellent. The wounded man is particularity good (the one on the stretcher). The scene work is well done to.
  12. Thank you all for your kind comments. Much appreciated and happy xmas.
  13. This is really great. If I hadnt seen the scale at the top of the thread I would have assumed it was much bigger.
  14. Very good. What a great colkection. Another brush painter on here is always good to see and your weathering if really really superb.
  15. Thanks very much, much appreciated. Turned out well to my surprise!!
  16. Thanks for all the tips and great advice to get started in this. Keep up the top work. Paul
  17. Hi all, I started modelling back in March this year. I'm currently on a three week, enforced, break and will resume in the new year. I have the next 8 or 9 next builds planned and queued up (in my head!) and this will definitely be enough to see me through 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy new year. In chronology below: "The Grand Old Duke of York"-Part 1- The Baltic/Narva front Autumn 1944- in 1/72: 'The Grand Old duke of york' Part 2- "winter" in the Narva front- in 1/72: 'The Battle Of Britain'- 1/72 Me109E and a Hurricane- 1/144- (Group builds: Less than a tenner and Messerschmitt BF109:) "The Bouncing Betty"- The Reichswald/operation Veritable- Feb 1945. In 1/35: "Hunter Or Hunted?"- 1/35- Dec 1944- SS snipers at the siege of Budapest: Stoke ML- 3 Inch mortar- scratch built in 1/35 (Part of next diorama 'Rounds Complete' sept 1944, Arnham.): Thank for taking a look.
  18. That’s a huge and very impressive collection. Really like the tornado, Shackleton and il-2 in particular.
  19. They all look great. A very productive year for you and all fantastically produced.
  20. Oh man that’s a phenomenal lot of models, not a helicopter man but that Huey cobra is great!
  21. A whole bunch of fantastic models, really like the mossies, just a personal favourite.
  22. Turned out well grk. Good job. Enjoyed the wip too. Paul.
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