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  1. https://www.das-werk-models.com/products/pzkpfwg-vi-tiger-i-late/ similar but without the pain of interior. Would look well in a Normandy setting!
  2. Looking great! Roof rack could probably do with some gnarling up alright, if made of wood, which I’m guessing it is?
  3. Great work so far, will look the bizz once done. Good job on the scratch for the gun barrels too.
  4. Alpine figures are pretty much always lush and a joy to paint!
  5. Interesting subject. Mobile pull box springs to mind. Cracking start with the scratch build!
  6. Looking forward to see how it turns out in the end! The grassy field is a good idea as well, handy to have and can be interchangeable with models.
  7. Looking good John!! Would it be a desert gb or a Southern European flavoured one by any chance?
  8. I second that above. This is very well done and looks very interesting indeed.
  9. @Longbow get something in that space sharpish!!! You’ve been MIA for too long my friend.
  10. Could be your entrophy entry next year wink wink
  11. Fantastic work. Looks great. Like the oils on the wheels and worn look on the wood.
  12. Your miniart figure looks good but I find that some of them have an annoying mould line running down the sides of their faces. Their poses are generally more interesting though. Those wheels look mint! This will be a great build, best of luck with the rest. Paul
  13. I love the cleaness of the lines and mouldings on this. Looks like a lovely kit.
  14. I like what you have done so far…. Good ingenuity with the heat shrunk tube horn!! Theirs a sentence and a half!
  15. That head light jig for pe was well thought out by then, handy. Great looking kit so far George.
  16. Aaahhh so that’s how you do it! That is genius. Thank you so much. I was looking for quite a while to see how this was done.
  17. This looks painfully difficult and challenging to build but your doing an amazing job on it.
  18. Just stunning. All of it. All of the details. That idea for the stolen winch jack, the pin up poster and lugar. The weathering is fantastic, especially like the digger/brace shovel at the rear, weathering, just looks real and used. I know you used enamels and oils to achieve all but I’ve been trying to make the tied black mark like the one on the side between the white star and usa decal, how did you do that? I mean when I go to try that I make it, it’s too thin and it rolls of, doesn’t pool like that . Is that type of stain made by enamels? Sorry for the question but it’s that type of small but effective detail that makes it so good.
  19. Really liking all of this Bertie. I love it when that first coat goes down and unity’s the materials into one unit…feels oddly satisfying after all your hard work building.
  20. All practice is good practice …that’s my angle any way.
  21. Thanks again for the tip. I did not know that. I’ll have to separate them for use. I saw the spotter as well, did look good.
  22. weirdly enough in the same article someone suggested using mauritic acid which is a form of hypochloric acid!! Thinks I’d just get some burnishing fluid from ak or something! Although that comes with a load of health warning and safe use advice so must also have some pretty strong stuff in it too.
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