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  1. Wow, impressive job. Looks like a fun kit to build. I definitely put it on my wishlist. Cheers, Remco.
  2. Well done! I can't remember the results of my first kits more than 40 years ago, but I don't think it looked that good. Cheers.
  3. Ook Hoi!, @alt-92! You're right: EHSB was the place to be. Although when my interest started around 1980, the 32nd had already begun transitioning to the F-15. My first encounter with the Phantom, that really triggered the hobby, was around the same time. I was on a cycling-trip with my school-class and around the city of Leiden we had a pause. Out of nowhere, two F-4's (as I found out later) passed over us really low level. As said, I only found out some time later (no internet back then) that these birds must have been Phantoms. They might have been from some other USAFE squadron (SP, BT, RS, etc.). I will look in to the Phantom GB. Interesting! Cheers.
  4. Thanks for your welcome, @Johnv! Interesting history. I also have a 109 (1/32) in my stash that I'm looking forward to build. Cheers.
  5. Thanks. Actually it is from a Dutch artist, Peter van Stigt. He makes very nice airplane related art. A good example of it you can find on the box-art of the Kinetic F-104G RNLAF Starfighter 1/48 kit (#K48090). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48090-f-104g-rnlaf-starfighter--1256016 He also had this "Dutch Tomcat" art and I asked him politly if I could use it as an icon. So, all credits go to him!
  6. Thanks! I always have a lot of sympathy for the Brits! And oh... , the mighty Phantom... the plane that got me in to planespotting when I was a kid... those were the days... Now we have flying computer-games... then we had Phantoms! And 104's, Lightnings, Buccaneers, Jaguars, F-111's, ..., ... do I need to go on?
  7. Thank you, @Bandsaw Steve! Well, I don't know of any "illegal act" when using emoji's... And if there is one, no one complies to it. But then again, there are more forbidden acts or things in the Netherlands that no one cares about... I keep using them! Cheers Remco
  8. I have some photo's here. I hope they are clear enough to show what I mean. Cheers, Remco.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if somebody had the same problem I had with Microscale Micro Coat Satin (or Flat) causing a white haze. I used Microscale Micro Coat Satin as finish over some parts of my kit that I had coated with Glossy Lucky Varnish from Ammo by Mig. After I had airbrushed two thin layers, some sort of white haze started to form and also some wrinkeling on the surface. Has anybody experienced this same effect? And what might cause this? Most importantly: how can I fix this? I'm hoping for some constructive reactions. Cheers, Remco.
  10. Ah, nog meer Nederlanders. Die kom je echt overal tegen... (Ah, even more Dutch guys. You'll find them everywhere ... )
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! It's funny to see all the reactions from different parts of the world. Maybe modelling is the most universal hobby in the world? Yes, we are practically neighbours. I live not so far from the German border, in Ede to be exactly. Well, any place in the Netherlands is more or less close to the German border... Cheers, Remco.
  12. Hello to everyone in this forum! I'm a Dutch guy returning to the modelling hobby. After a pause of around 30 years in my modelling activities, I finally picked it up again last year. You know how it goes: as a kid and even as a young adolescent, I built dozens of kits. But all of a sudden, your interests change to a whole other spectrum... However, that little flame of modelling passion kept burning and last year I felt that the time was ripe to start again. During my years of inactivity I made sure that my stash was filled with nice kits, although some of them are a bit dated. Also my skills and knowledge of modelling are a bit outdated, so I'm learning every day. That was also one of the reasons for joining this forum: learning from the experienced modellers. Oh, my main interests are military jets (1/48), warbirds (1/32) and armour (1/35). Cheers!
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