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  1. OK will try that next time, thank you
  2. This kit was brought on impulse from the works, having randomly seen it. It effectively flew together - this is my second airfix Provost and they are incredibly good mojo builds. The only problem I had was getting paints. It required humbrol 165, but could only get it in enamel, and couldn't get a good match. I ended up using humbrol 64 which is too dark, but I don't particularly mind. Thanks for looking Images are here :)
  3. No, I didn't do anything in the intakes, mostly because I don't have the required stuff to do it, and I wasn't gonna spend lots of money in a kit that only cost 1 pound
  4. This kit was actually quite good, considering its age. I can't actually find out how old it is, but this version was made in the 90s. It went together well, though it is fairly simple. The decals are ok, but they are old and therefore I have lost two, simply due to them falling off. Although easy, I think this may be my favourite build. See finished kit here
  5. Found this for a tenner in my local model shop and had to get. It's an easy kit, only challenging due to its age. The kit was really loose and didn't fit well, but I soldiered on and ended up enjoying it more than I expected. I'm fairly proud of this kit, and it sits pride of place on my shelf. See pictures here
  6. Well that's embarrassing . Here's a link https://pin.it/6ntHIFG
  7. My very first Tamiya and my very first 1/35, this kit has a very close link to my family. My grandad drove Chieftains at the same time in the same place and in the same regiment - and a close family friend fixed them. So I tried my hand at it. The kit is excellent, maybe the best I've ever done. No flash and all the parts fitted flush, I would recommend. Everything apart from the barrel. It's wonky, and it wouldn't sit right without the first piece having a massive gap, so I'm gonna have to live with it. If you it's have any advice I'd love to hear it. Tamiya gets top marks from a newbie builder, and it sits well on my shelf
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