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  1. Morjens Antti_K.

    I wonder who is mr M. Selin? He has supposingly painted those 2 Nikitas (2 x IL-28; NH-2 and NH-3) on Utti Air Force Base apron facing  four (4) Dakotas (C47/C53) ? Because on the painting there was a signature of M. Selin 2009. Do you happen to know the backgound of this painter? Who has taken that original picture during winter time on Utti Air Force base apron?

    I am interested of this picture (painting) because I served in Utti Air Force Base 40 years ago as Flying Officer / IL28 -navigator. I collected about 150 hours as IL28 -navigator before those bombers were retired in 1981. I served in Utti between the years 1980-1987 which after I was transferred to The Finnish Air Force HeadQuarters in Tikkakoski. I retired from the Finnish Air Force 1st of January 1997. Then I worked as Air Traffic Controller for FINAVIA between the years 1997-2014/ EFIV, EFKT, EFKS, EFET, EFKI.

    Mr. Antti_K - it would be nice to change with you private contact information and talk more.

    Have a nice day and weekend - Brgds, Marty55_IL28_Navigator

    1. Antti_K


      Morjens Marty,


      and welcome aboard. Mauno Selin's paintings were published in Finnish aviation magazine called "Siivet" where they decorated a series of articles called "Lentotarinoita". There were two stories about Il-28s among others but I can't remember any further details. I guess one of the guys publishing the magazine today (the former editor in chief) Pauli Perttula might have contact info for Mr. Selin.


      I will send you a "PM" (Private Message) with my contact information.


      Kind regards,


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