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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll have a look at those and see what I can use. Still work fulltime so it'll be a slow build
  2. Just starting on the 1/72 Severn (I seem to have the version where the hull sides and deck don't meet properly and need quite a bit of filling) and wondered if anyone knows of suitable figures for crew. I don't think there are any in the full RNLI gear but crews are sometimes seen in 'civies' such as thick jumpers, over-trousers etc. Please no 'reshape a 17th century lancer's body and fit to a modified Ming dynasty samurai', I'm doing well to glue things in the right place! Thanks
  3. Hi. Started a bit of modelling after a break of about 50 years (my goodness, that sounds like I was scratch building Bleriot's plane as it flew overhead!), after the kids bought me an Airfix Spitfire and Hurricane. Bit more spare money now than as a youngster so bought a basic airbrush to give that a try. Now starting on the RNLI Severn as that's a charity we support. Things have changed quite a bit, what with Micro Sol/Set/Clear, extra thin adhesive, model colour, model air colour etc. It's like potions class at Hogwarts! Think I might need quite a bit of help so this looked like a good pl
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