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  1. Take this with a pinch of salt as I've only tried it once but I managed some success with mixing yellow into white primer which made it much more opaque and covered much better than the yellow would have done on its own. alternatively you could just hit it with a coat of primer first then paint the yellow over that, either way I'd recccomend testing on scrap first just incase it doesnt work.
  2. That's looking great Adrian! hoping to finally make some progress on mine at the weekend
  3. Looking through the gallery again just reminded me how many amazing builds there were. Keeping it to 5 per catagory is really hard, so many more than that I really like, picking my favorates is next to impossible.
  4. As the others have said, Thanks very much Stix, as you know this was my first GB and I've had a blast, it was a lot of fun and you and everyone else have made it a fantastic experience, I'll definitely be sticking around! can't wait for the next one
  5. Looks amazing Cliff, years ago I worked behind the bar in a hotel that played host to an annual Rolls Royce owners club road trip, one year there was one of these parked outside with the roof down over the weekend. Was probably worth more than the hotel
  6. Looks fantastic Heather! I've got one of these on my to do list, if it looks a fraction as good as that I'll be happy
  7. Yes it does! that's all amazing thank you. I'm hoping to make a start on sanding and scribing after the weekend, the light fitting above my bench just died so the project for the weekend is fitting the new one so I can see what I'm doing
  8. That's great, I'll probably do the same then, I thought the real thing would have been flush but wasn't 100% sure. I wasn't going to go for super accuracy with the panels and I had planned to follow the lines of the existing raised detail, although the myriad of rivets actually makes it quite hard to see the panel lines in amongst them. So the other evening i went over the lines with a soft pencil (it cleans off without any trouble) so I could wrap my head around them. I'm pretty sure they are all kinds of wrong compared to the real thing, it looks like there's a door on the starboard side of the tail which I'm almost certain wasn't there on the real thing. and the wings feel like they don't have enough towards the trailing edge.
  9. Looks great Adam! What are you using for display cabinets? I need something bigger and if your V's fit that's a good start
  10. Thanks Alan! @LDSModeller, that's really useful thanks. I probably wont be able to make a start for a wee while, I've ordered a pile of stuff for it, some of which is coming from the US so will take a little while, the White Ensign set I've ordered is This one which includes all 3 of the separate sets on the website, as far as I can see they only have one flight deck available now so hopefully its the right one ><. The exterior detailing comes with the older ASW antenna on the rear of the fuselage so I'll stick with a MkIII rather than the IIIa. In the mean time I'm debating whether or not to sand off the rivets and re-scribe the panel lines. I'm leaning towards doing it as I'm not sure I like how it looks with them and after reading a few other build threads for inspiration I noticed some people had issues masking for paint over the rivets.
  11. Thanks Stix, I am quite proud of this one, comparing it to the wee hurricane which was only built about 6 months ago was pretty satisfying I learned a lot with this one too so hopefully I'll be able to take it up a notch with the next big one.
  12. Thats looking really good, Love the base, I may have to steal that in the future
  13. Thanks for hosting Pat, was good fun
  14. Just in case anyone's interested, the decals have settled nicely overnight now that the microsol has had a chance to work its magic. P.S. Just noticed this is my 100th post looks like I'm gonna be sticking around.
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