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  1. Thanks buddy first time painting one in this scale, all my previous planes have been 1/72, in some ways its easier but at the same time feels harder to hide the crimes Awesome thanks, got the printer out of its box and its humming away behind me, miraculously it doesnt seem to have lost any calibration in the move (touch wood) Made a little more progress today, Fuse together and wings assembled: The gear bay was a bit of a pain, the kit was never designed for a "gear up" build, so the doors needed some tweeking to get them to fit: Lined them up with a small peice of bluetack as scafolding while some extra thin was run into the seams: Followed by a liberal application of Vallejo's plastic putty, wiping the excess away with a finger: filled in the black paint round the cockpit with a brush, and sprayed a coat of matt black on some of the smaller parts: (that small piece on the left is supposed to go at the front of the cockpit, a gunsight of some sort I think but the instructions are NOT clear where its supposed to attach) Thanks for looking folks, thats all the progress for the moment, next challenge is figureing out how to run a thread through the canopy for the radio antenna. Any suggestions? Luckily the kit includes two seemingly identical canopys on the clear sprue so I'll get at least one screwup Edit: typos
  2. Hi Guys, I know its been a while but I'm FINALLY in the new house with something resembeling a man cave set up, so I can get back to this and dig the mustang out of its box! New desks setup in the new room, probably not its final arrangement but it will do for now! Last night I managed to throw a coat of primer on the first few bits for the cockpit. Started painting this afternoon, mostly with the revered hary stick for the moment which has reminded me how much I suck at brush painting but it's going to have to do for now, the airbrush will come back into action for the exterior once the fiddely bits are done. I made an bottom of the red on the dash so decided in my own headcannon that the pilot has taken a stray round that delt a glancing blow to his leg spraying blood across the instruments. anyway thats all I've got at the moment, fingers crossed the rest of the build should proceed a bit quicker now P.S. @PlaStix can I have a ruling on something? the kit cost exactly a tenner so while theres no wiggle room would you be opposed to me adding a 3d printed stand? I want to (if the kit allows) finish it gear up and in flight, the stand wont cost me anything as I've already got the filament lying around.
  3. I've been looking for an excuse to add a Starfighter to my build queue, I'm in if you'll have me.
  4. Currently just started "God Emperor of Dune" Book 4 in the series, cant wait for the new film later in the year! once I've finished with the Dune saga I'm going to jump back into the cosmere with Rhythm of War
  5. I agree doing a clean install is the way to go, if possible totally format the drive then start from there. You should however you should be able to avoid having to pay for the license. If you have it running currently then you can log into a microsoft account within windows and link the OS activation key to the account, then after your clean install you can activate it by logging into the account again. you might not even have to go that far as in some cases the OS pulls data on the Hardware ID's in your system to verify that its had a legit copy installed before. (I say in some cases because I know its supposed to work that way but I have seen occasions where it doesn't work) All that being said BSOD's are almost always caused by a memory issue, sometimes software related if something isn't playing nice in the OS, but it could also be hardware and just a coincidence that its happening now. Have you physically moved your PC recently? if so it could be that a stick has been dislodged slightly. or possibly one has died if they are on the older side. I'd try re-seating the RAM just in case, and if you're still having issues try going down to a single stick and swapping them around to see if one of them is dodgy. Edit: I also agree with Moggy in that I've almost never seen an OS "upgrade" successfully, there's always some kind of weirdness afterwards.
  6. The flat I lived in a couple of years ago still had a rewireable fuseboard, see trying to find somewhere that sells fuse wire now? It took me all day traipsing around Edinburgh to find a grubby wee hardware shop that just happened to have a single pack of fuse wire at the back of a shelf in his store room. He gave it to me for free lol. Jokes aside the build is looking great! cant wait to see the finished result.
  7. Yeh I couldn't resist lol, at the time I had no idea there was a new one coming, and now that I think about it finding that kit is a big part of what got me back into modeling this year.
  8. Thanks! No its Airfix's old kit, I picked it up a year or so ago in a local charity shop for 14 quid, (from memory I think its the 25th Falklands anniversary re-boxing form 2007)
  9. Any excuse to buy some more kits When I do get round to building the Vulcan I might need to pick your brains on paint schemes at some point!
  10. Thanks! really looking forward to building them, I'll need to see if I can resist before the GB rolls around, if not I'm sure I can find something suitably big to enter with by then
  11. Thanks Pete, just finished reading the wiki page on the whole project, trust the Soviets to come up with something like that Would have loved to see it in flight! Anyway sorry, don't mean to derail your build thread, the I-16 looks great so far
  12. I've got a Victor in its refueling configuration and a Vulcan to go with it on my to do list (both 1/72), and a couple of the WW2 heavies in my stash, would love to enter with one of those when the time comes!
  13. I'd love to get in on this, don't know what I'd build yet but I've got a couple of things on my wishlist that would fit so I'm sure I'll have something suitable by the time it starts
  14. Looks great! when I eventually manage to get stuck into my build for this it will be my first ICM kit, looking forwards to seeing how it compares to the kits I'm used to. P.S. @JOCKNEY that Zveno kit looks totally bonkers, cant wait to see it built (off to look up the history of the real thing)
  15. Wow, some amazing looking models since I checked in last! cant wait to see what else people produce. I've had yet another delay on my house move so sadly all my modeling kit is still locked away in boxes. Still got my fingers crossed that I'll be able to get the Mustang over the line before September
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