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  1. Sorry guys, This was for modern day military jets.
  2. Sorry folkes, i'm sure most of you will have this already but you never know? Jag site
  3. I'll have a dig around, but if you look on ebay you might be able to get the generic decals from the MATCHBOX T2 ETPS. The paint scheme is fairly easy. I'll have a dig around and get back to you.
  4. What paint can i use to get "THAT" primer look, you know the yellow-ish colour.
  5. It might be ok, or a pile of pooh. We'll see.
  6. I intend to droop the flaps and slats, and may venture into a landing pose with the parachute out. Photo's to follow.
  7. I'm in with a 1/72 Hasagawa "DERA" Empire Test Pilot School T2.
  8. All right then i'll dive in. Its my first GB, so what are the rules?. I will be building the 1/72 Hasagawa ETPS T2 Jag. I was intending to do a put in on a runway pose, is that allowed?
  9. Thanks for you kind comments. The end result is quite satisfying, as there's not that many about. Good luck - will keep watching.
  10. I built the MERLIN MODELS version earlier this year. Britmodeller - P1 Good luck, yours already looks more detailed.
  11. Thats the one. Still no photo of the T2 though.
  12. I think it was the M52 near Blackpool?. It wasn't open to the public at the time. The Jag did trials early on here, and it used to up along side the runway; T2 if i recal. Got a photo somewhere, but not an e-copy. There's photos around here somewhere, the last flight and a Jag with the chute deployed yet its still off the ground! - British - Hard as Nails. In total contrast, spoke to a chap about the Typhoon. Any probs the driver brings back, first thing they do is switch it on and off (aka computer hardware), this cures most problems! - how times change.
  13. Paints used were: Tamiya Colour - J.A. Green XF-13 German Grey XF-63 The jets are more of a dark grey, although they look black. They weren't allowed to be photographed, when they arrived as they had the German marking still on. Only when they were painted over could the photos be taken. Recently QinetiQ have been applying their logo on the noses of the pool planes. Word has it that eventually they will be painted black as per the Hawk with QinetiQ written down the side in white (mmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. Finally found it, Here you go: Any info you need please ask. Not one of my best items, but looks ok from a foot away!. I sprayed it with a matt spray which whitened on me?, and i still got silvering
  15. I built a QinetiQ one last year. Again using the Airfix, care of Ebay. Will post a photo, when i can remember my Photobucket password
  16. I've finished the Frog Javalin this year. Ive never used to much filler on one kit! Javelin #1 Javelin #2 Last one
  17. Funnily enough i'm just starting a T2 matchbox conversion. Have bought the Hasagawa F6, but thats for a later date, and have completed the Merlin Models P1. I only use the Airfix jobbie for the slipper tank!
  18. Never thought about it before, but was in Salisbury model centre and saw the Typhoon. Got me thinking though: 1. Which Kit is best for a single and Twin seat Typhoon in 1/72? Also, I'm after a FGA.9 Hunter & i think there is a big kit out there 48/32? (revell?). Ive seen photos of a rather detaild OOB build but can't find it :shithappens: 1. Which is the best kit for large (bigger than 1/72) Mk 9 hunter Thanks in advance.
  19. On a seperate note. Can you buy drivers for the cars. I've got 2 x Tamiya Sierra Cosworths, but would want to put a driver in one of them.
  20. Discovered it yesterday, whilst surfing and the items they offer seem to be alot. More the company rather than the individual item.
  21. Does anybody have a photo of a tornado landing. What i' m after is how much nose down, or main gear lift happens when reverse thrust is used. Cheers.
  22. Good detailed photos there. I'm in the background to one of your photos! watching the Lighting jet model.
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