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  1. I’ve had a look at the HAAF Scouts this morning and as Perdu says above. Blade lower surface is black. The upper surface is green (same shade as the camo). The leading edge of the blades are a very dark brown probably an inch in depth which looks like erosion rather than a protective strip aka Gazelle. There is a fine line (cream) of sealant around the 3 sides of the trim tab. The rotor head and mast are all green. 

    anything else drop me a line.

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  2. I had my 2nd Astra jab yesterday at 2pm. This morning at 3.20am I was awake shivering in bed with sore jacobs and general body aching. Based on jab 1 I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be fine. No energy though what so ever, very unlike me.

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  3. Just an update. The exhaust black panel has been painted along with the silver ring around the exhausts themselves. The Nav lights on the sponsons and tail have been painted. The gearbox on the fin has been painted grey. The 3 blocks on top of the door rails have had their faces painted red. Research showed some fully read and others just with their faces red. The Doppler underneath has been painted a light cream colour with a LAG surround (taken directly from the grubbyfingers website). I’ve removed the masking around the mast and there is no overspray accidents. Next is to remove the sponge at the rear and the undercarriage wells and hook hole. Then it’s gloss varnish time; which I use Windsor & Newton. They’ve been put in the airing cupboard to warm through since the last use. Here’s a photo but it doesn’t really show much, but there has been!?. I’m unsure of the antenna on the nose as now they’re painted they look quite chunky. I measured the same antenna on the Gazelles in work and they’re 5mm in diameter. If I use scaled down wire they may be very vulnerable, we’ll see.

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  4. Today I threw the black on which was actually quite time consuming. Again using whitetak and creating the weavy demarcation line which research showed varied quite a bit on how deep for each cab, especially noticeable from the sponsons rearwards. I also touched up some spray errors on the green/grey that slipped through the masking, but all now fixed. I’ll let this dry for a couple of days in the airing cupboard as I learn the new paint. Then it’s the black panels behind the exhausts. The mesh that will go over the drive shaft has been primed and sprayed.



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  5. So today after my logistical issue on the paint front, I went to Frome Model Center and purchased some Tamiya XF paints (DSG & DG(RAF)). It’s the first time I’ve used these as historically I’m an Xtracrylix user. I’m converted though as it sprayed well and I’m happy. I’m think the grey may be a tad light but a clear coat may darken this. Obviously the black to go on yet and it’s drying inside at the mo as it’s cold in the garage. I used white tak and it’s got a fine feathered edge on the demarcation lines. Further updates to follow.



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  6. As some will know I’m doing a 1/32 Puma and I’m at the painting stage. I’ve sprayed the DSG but it’s really quite dark so perhaps is old. The RAF Dark Green I had is done and I thought I had half a pot left over. I’m aware of the conversion charts out there, but with experience what would you actually use as an alternative to DSG & RAF Dark Green??

    CEO is running me to the local model shop tomorrow to replenish the stocks.

  7. Hi folks, well I’ve sacrificed myself from the weather and primed the Puma with my go to Halfords finest. As expected a few areas of attention as it still fights back, although it’s all my own doing. The main areas are around the cockpit where you can see massive gaps (just waiting on filler drying), then I’ll throw another coat on. Before I go book diving would anyone recommend the colours please (green/grey/black) to compare to what I’ve got in my paint stash.




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  8. 7 hours ago, Jabba said:

    Looking very good Steve. A question, what shape have you made the modded panels between the air filters as the should be triangular?

    Hi mate, they’re triangular(ish). The leading edge does have a progressive curve to it. I used the grubbyfingers site as a reference http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Aerospatiale SA330 Puma Walkaround XW222 RAF UAS 2017/content/Aerospatiale SA330 Puma XW222 RAF UAS 2017 013 GraemeMolineux_large.html


    thoughts?. I’ll try and get an overhead shot of the model.


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  9. So here is the latest update with it being a year ago tomorrow I started it:lalala:. I’ve sanded down the filler on both sides of the doors. The antennas at the front aerial fit have been glued and added (they were broken on the sprue). The hydraulic lines around the stabiliser have been added and the 2 port side mounts for the aerial wire. I’ve re-added the cowling handle which broke off months ago and I think I’m at the point now to start masking and priming. I’m fully anticipating some rectification work but the bulk of the build is done. There is more on the horizon though as the image that in my head is still on track and achievable. I put the MRH on for the photos but it’s not fixed on yet. The tie down hooks are also yet to be added once I work out how I’m going to position them.





    As usual thanks for looking.



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  10. Hi all, I had time off at Easter and managed to do zero modelling. Now back at work my attitude is now do a little of what you like each day. I’ve made progress in that the door cavity’s have been filled after sanding, they just need refinishing. The landing light housing underneath is now fitted. I brushed out the sanding dust from inside the canopy and added a dome to the back of the landing light or else you’d see straight into the cockpit. I’ve added the antennas to the nose and made the supports out of plasticard. I’ll added the actual antennas later as already one is snapped on the sprue. I drilled the frame with holes around the MAWS(?) boxes.





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  11. Hi folks, well what a 3 weeks it’s been, all I’ll say is kids. Our son and his girlfriend have found a place and moved out courtesy of Dad and the use of his trailer. For most of the time the Garage (where I model) looked like a bomb site as they gathered stuff for the new digs. I wish I’d taken a photo as I’m sure it was a candidate for a hoarding programme. Anyway it’s now just my wife and I plus the dogs and oh it’s quiet. So I managed to pick this up again during the week and this weekend. The roof instrument panel is now in with the roof panel on top of that. I noticed some mesh structure on the real think so the grooves on the kit were filled in and I’ve added the finest mesh I’ve got and cut 2 shapes out and glued the on top to give a nod to the real thing. The intake filters were made up but their fit to the intakes are poor. Research showed there to be strikes on the flat surfaces between the holed panels, so silver lining and all that. They were added with strips of plasticard and had their ends tapered, then glued into the kit. I’ve still got work to do on the filler around the roof panel.





    Thanks for looking.

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  12. I’m an avid energy switcher as educated by the Money saving website. As some above I/we were with AVRO for a few years and all was dandy, however their tariff was fine but the daily charged started to creep up. So I switched to E.ON, not the cheapest but I felt confident that the service would be good and certainly the numbers did add up. However nearly a year in I’m waiting on a smart meter which they’ve excused away (even though they say it’s part of the t&s’s). Their website site is very user unfriendly. Like others I input my figures weekly and it used to give you a live financial reading of your account, so I’d make overpayments to keep it at zero balance. It now doesn’t do this and when I have actually been able to get hold of any (ignoring that virtual chat thing which isn’t a human) body, it’s just shocking. Sorry for the moan but AVOID E.ON. 


    Steve (old fart).

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