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  1. Oh, no idea. I’ve recently just gone through the process (UK) and it was fine. Drop them a line on the contract us or speak with a human, unless you’re happy with what you managed to do. There is a 16 part tuition video and I’m on #9. It’s not that daunting as some are only 6 mins. I’ve got it somewhere I’ll drop you a link.

  2. Ho folks, my wife bought me an Ender 3D printer for Chrimbo and I hadn’t dropped any hints at all, it was an inspired guess. I’ve set the printer up and have printed off a couple of things from the other thread listing go to places for STL files. This has got me comfortable with the machine whilst we’re still only days in. I’m now looking at the next step - how to create my own thoughts into design. So with the info above I’ll source that program and watch the videos. So brace yourself there will be questions. I predominantly do 1/32 kits and have a couple of ideas for years which now feel achievable.

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  3. On 11/29/2021 at 5:10 PM, tonyot said:

    Just kidding bud,..... had a mate on 14 Int and he rocked up for his annual jumps sporting superb locks,...... a Para RSM tried gripping him while marching down to Queens Ave,..... he just said 14 Int and it was like,.... oh,.. right,.... nose tap,.... say no more,.... carry on LOL

    My old WO was an ex-operator and a lad from my work went for it and passed. Turned up one day day tooled up and big hair. He was a ginge so probably made him stand out even more. My biggest regret of my service career was not applying for it to see if I’d got what it takes. Hey Ho🤔.

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  4. 19 hours ago, tonyot said:

    You`ve done a superb job on this one Steve,...... the extra work that you have done really stands out and I love the door gunner,....... I too have quite a close connection with the Puma and would like to do something similar,..... hope it turns out as nice mate. 

    Is the hair on the 14 Int lad long enough???



    Thanks everyone for the resurrection. Tony I thought so even painted on lamb chops and a gringo🥺

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  5. 18 hours ago, Andy J said:

    Thing is when she shut the boot of her car and the handle bar's of her mountain bike smashed the rear window i didn't smirk......well not much 🤭🤫

    Years ago my CEO was collecting wooden floor panels in her SAAB cabrio. Yep you guessed it she had a moment as put the roof up = straight through it. I made sure I got mileage out of that one:lalala:.

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  6. I used to have both of these kits but my skills aren’t good enough for cars, so I sold them on and brought a big diecast car in the Texaco livery. Think I’ve been lucky as the price has gone up over the years. I had a cossie back in the day and religiously followed touring cars when these were competing. Still got all the dvds and good times of racing.

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  7. 20 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    It's a funny thing but every time I drop in to read this thread, I think I want to buy one of the Lancasters. This happens despite:


    the cost, which is simply too much on my pension


    my lack of interest in the subject, which I became bored with years ago after making lots of them including a couple of the 'big' Tamiya ones, as we called them at the time, in our innocence


    my inability to sustain interest in anything for the year it would take me to build it


    my one bedroom 'cosy' flat, which would probably fit inside the box the Lanc comes in


    my almost total inexperience of 1/32 aircraft, caused by not liking them very much


    my insight that I'm vulnerable, like most people, to a sort of child like desire to belong to the big kids gang by having the cool toys.


    my fear of missing out, carefully nurtured by the advertising industry and the model manufacturers and traders


    And right at this second, I really, really want one. Fortunately, this madness will go away in a minute or two but ain't people complicated things when it comes to their wants and needs?

    So your going to buy one then. Your kidding yourself and the inner you has already made your mind up, probably like the rest of us.

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