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  1. I put a strip of cleat stretched sprue just aft of the bomb bay on mine and it’s also not immediately obvious at first glance.
  2. What a great model that is. I really wish they’d do those Sqn decals in 1/32.
  3. Great model there mate and it’s different to the red/white ones your going to see.
  4. Finished the build and now placed in the RFI.
  5. Hi all. This I purchased this kit a couple of years ago at Telford when I had an idea of building a NI fit cab. As usual with my builds I build memories, having done 3 tours in Ulster starting in the 80’s these along with the Wessex are pinned in my memory. Moving on I wanted the boxing that had the PIP filters and the tiger meet boxing it was. The kit itself was obviously a design of the day so moaning is fruitless although the quality of the clear part is shocking and I feel I definitely got the Friday version. I wanted to add a bit of detail to the kit as I think for the pose I had in mind, too much would be on show. My original idea was a flyer with the 3 undercarriage legs lowered, a gun mounted and a Santa Clause in the other door. Alas I couldn’t find a suitable candidate so another option was chosen. Plan B was a 14 Int photographer hanging in the door way and I found a 3D printed figure on the bay in 1/32 scale. So the build pressed on and through research and advice from guys on here and on PPrune I modelled this cab of 1563 Flt which was part of 33 Sqn from Oct 94 and just prior to the application of the 2 tone green. The MRB are actually straight as the look slightly drooped in these photos. The whole disc is removable but the kit is mounted on the pole. The nose antenna were replaced with 0.28mm rod and looks quite well in this scale. Anyway I’m rubbish at photography but I took advantage of today’s sunshine and here we go. Build log is here 869E6AB0-A3D5-4738-8816-7ECCFAA46188 F74CCD14-2E19-46C9-9B44-4C515994B3F0 BF416798-7E39-4113-A388-F43D837EC97C 51852B87-275F-4B27-AC04-ED865CCE3436 7BD2D1F6-4D07-4739-8190-DF9332194839 B8AB78AB-D2FA-445A-9EAE-428FF4C9E3FE 5ECB3F9C-CF20-484D-A09A-6DF948084B91 4578ABA0-39B6-4EEA-8EA2-0E5C01394CA8 B907009A-F66D-4C72-A1D4-A9E64DEED7E3 6FFBCCD2-2008-49ED-88D1-B3D33AF877F2 6586A696-8DB6-47DE-9D88-7C2307470AF5 45E17CA2-DDD1-44D8-8309-6000ABB4C7D5 23B776BC-29C3-4A6B-9818-750FEE686E79 AA6E6796-6082-41E1-B64D-546DD06AF658 8397A977-8C37-4E69-A794-4874792698B3 5ECB3F9C-CF20-484D-A09A-6DF948084B91 My thanks go to Pete in Lins, Jabba, Rickoshea52, Benbow, tarlucan, Sammy da fish. I’m sorry if I’ve missed you out but it’s been a great example of everyone chipping in. I’m calling this one done and I’ll have a break before starting the next project. Thanks for watching, Steve.
  6. With the Cossie, you could leave it on its roof and make a Dio. I suppose that’s where most ended up. I crashed mine, still mentally wear a black arm band some 20 years later
  7. Well back off our hols and these have arrived. 6mm for the mount, 1mm for the MRBs’ & 0.28mm for the nose antenna. Hopefully get bench time this weekend. 463E8FD9-CE37-40DF-AD62-DBA2ECD1C07A
  8. I managed to acquire a 1/32 Fisher Sea Fury T20. I’m very chuffed as I wanted one for ages, so plans for this already.
  9. Yes. Knowing you it will be built in a week and look tremendous. I’ve given up already
  10. This weeks update. My second choice of passenger. Initially in my mind I had the crewman on one side and a Santa Clause on the other, either standing or sitting. But the best candidate was a WW1 1/35 figure. So not having a tremendous amount of experience cutting and shutting figures I chose option #2. This is a 3D printed photographer in 1/32 that I found on the bay. I know zilch about cameras but for my purposes it’s suits quite nicely. He is painted in civvies again with a harness hooked to the floor. This is nearly done now so will start looking at a pole and some replacement antennas for the nose. I know already that I won’t do the washing line antenna down the port side as I’ve run out of EZ line, so will pick some up at Telford. I’ll add some more weathering after the handling I’ve had to to. So the next post will be in the RFI section in a few weeks, as a holiday looms. D5362BB5-423E-4A5D-8D0D-9799D2529996 80943AC4-EEC2-4BFF-B90B-BD2FE975628F
  11. I’ve asked a guy in work who has a chum at Valley, so Hawk related but we’ll see what comes back.
  12. Cheers PiL & Jabba, I asked on the aircrew forum about harness or a vest and in that thread I was informed that the crewman was encouraged to clip to the floor after an incident with a French Puma where the MRGB casing cracked and let go taking the load and the crewman with it. I assume it was down to the individual, so chose to hook to the floor. Although research shows both ways clipping on.
  13. So crappy weather meant that I could spend quite a bit of time modelling this weekend, which is most unusual for me. So the crewman is now painted and the gun is painted also the ammo box and bullets. I added some generic yellow writing decal and an orange diamond on the ammo box. The gun was weathered with a grey pencil just to bring out the features. I made a harness for the crewman and secured it to one of the floor rings. Still plenty to do yet, but a couple of photo’s. 77C9CD6E-709B-4C22-8F8E-5B8BA20FC250 6B2F6437-30F1-43CD-938B-765A809CBBD1 3516411C-B397-4ECF-A0D5-A426909CEDFC
  14. So mainly this week - I’ve been scratchbuilding the gun mount. The support is the body of a 1/72 sidewinder and I used a 1/72 Canberra pylon covered in 10thou plasticard then drilled. All the brackets and and ejector chute are scratch. I’ve made the collection bag out of paper maché but may revisit this as it’s still wet. The whole thing is glued to a temporary base with one spot of glue so I can set and adjust everything. The crewman was originally a PJ production pilot. This has had a lot of cutting sand and filling as I could not get them hot enough to bend. Bar the bag all ready for a daylight inspection then slap some paint on. I’ll then added the ammo box n belt. 697CA7FE-3C87-4646-8AFE-EB14F950D3A9 thanks for staying with it.
  15. Now I’ve some home made ones at home (in work at the mo). When I get home I’ll measure but I may have what you’re after.
  16. And my live resin stuff has arrived. 3662BF2A-9372-4D2F-84F8-3C5EE26E0D56
  17. I’ve got theses in 1/72 if it helps? 1ACB9415-E5C1-44AD-BD1A-4F2ABD2B09FC info my my mate is that those markings from earlier were fitted 22-6-85 and still on 30-7-88. More to follow perhaps…..
  18. Just to pick this up again. I haven’t left you in the lurch, I’ve asked one of my nerdy mate to ask his circle of knowledge, so waiting on his reply.
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