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  1. Retail therapy for me.


    1. Yellowhammer 1/32 74 Sqn F-4J decals coming from the States.

    2. Early walkway Tornado decals 1/32 from Hahen.


    feeling nostalgic as I race towards my birthday;

    1/72 Airfix Hawk, original box art

    1/72 Airfix MRCA, original box art

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  2. I’m new to this having tried it some 10 years ago and thought it was crap. But it was me not the product. Moving on I purchased 500 + 1000 2 weeks ago to use on my Hunter build. I’ve painted 500 on top of my go to filler (Plasto). Experimenting with what I’ve got, actually it’s my wife’s Nail product with Acetone (that’s the key)to removing the excess. Now a more focused approach is that this stuff isn’t bad but is not a replacement for the filler of your choice, it’s to compliment it. But as mentioned above I’ve used it on wing/tailplane to fuselage joints and it’s worked really well. 

  3. I’ve got photo’s of this somewhere. The pilot was Dave Southwood and in the backseat was Peter James. The pods were the usual converted ECM pods from the early days of the Tornado. If you google them you see. Behind each window down the side is a camera mounting position. When not in use there is (I think) a little curtain, which we see as a black square.  I’ll try and find my photos, but bear with me…….


    Note the extra marks on the fuselage.



  4. 30 minutes ago, Paul J said:

    What is the title?

    RAF. I saw this and recorded it, so might watch it today. This channel is a great source of archive aviation films, from pre war to the Hunter/lightning in the 60’s. I had loads of tremendous stuff saved recorded on our Virgin box. But if failed and took all the programs with it.😪

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