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About Me

I built my first kit in 1976 when I was 4 years old; an Airfix series 1 Bf109G-6 in the old blister pack, long before the construction was altered when the model became part of the 'snapfix' range. I built almost exclusively aircraft throughout my childhood and into my teens, with the exception of a few Star wars themed kits. I put the hobby aside completely in 1997 due to work and family commitments - but never stopped adding kits to the stash as I was certain I'd return to it one day.

Previously a brush painter with enamels, since returning to the hobby in the summer of 2020, I've converted onto airbrushing with acrylics, started learning more about weathering and detailed figure painting. I also find myself interested in a wide spectrum of subjects, and have started adding more military vehicles, cars and motorcycles to the collection, and in a multitude of scales.

Currently working as a clinician in the Ambulance Service, I've returned to the hobby as it's a great way to clear the mind, relax and rationalise some incidents that may have been attended in the last run of shifts.

I live with my Fiancée, who works at the local Emergency Department....and we share the house with two cats, a tortoise and five chickens that help keep us on our toes between shifts 

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