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  1. Hi Chris, Yes I worked at SMTS. I started there in 1995 or 96, back when they were based in Brunel Rd. They had around 30 staff at that point, and Bob Hines was the pattern maker. I started as a model builder working on their CL and RL lines of 43rd cars, with the odd venture into American classics for Henk van Asten (not sure if that's exactly how his name was spelt!). I then volunteered to learn paint spraying and continued in that role until I left in 2001 to go self employed doing my artwork. I returned to SMTS around 2009, by which time they had moved to Moorhurst Rd. The structure
  2. Nice and unusual build/model manufacturer and a nice reminder of Colin. Quite often saw him where I used to work, he always took the time to stop and chat when he visited SMTS.
  3. The mix I've got written down is: 70% Tamiya XF-53 30% Tamiya X-2 plus a couple of drops of Tamiya XF-18 to add the slightest hint of blue. Hope this helps!
  4. Thank you very much! Glad you like the look of the final build I'm sure I've still got the mix I used written down in the work shed - I'll get back to you on that!
  5. Thank you mate, the compliments are very much appreciated!
  6. Thanks Jon! Doing a boat is a new venture for me, so lots of experimenting going on with the wear and tear effects
  7. Age is just a state of mind Alan. Unfortunately, with the state of my mind I've got no hope!
  8. Thanks Jeff! Glad you like the look f her so far Interesting to learn a new term/word too. Maritime kit is a relatively unknown subject for me (always been an aviation nut till now), so it's good to expand the knowledge base Cheers mate!
  9. This is the 1990 re-box of the original tooling released by MPC in 1983. No extra's added to the kit, it's just been done as a fun build and to get a bit more airbrush practice in (my third kit by airbrushing). The front inner cockpit surround was scratch-built from scraps as it was missing from the kit; it's not an exact replica of the missing part, but for what little you can see of it, it'll do the trick for the purpose of my shelf anyway! Painted with Tamiya acrylics, with X-35 satin gloss clear coat. Panel weathering/shadows using Citadel Miniatures 'Nuln Oil'. Display stand done usi
  10. And the painting starts: The aim is to get a worn wooden deck. This is a working vessel rather than a cruise ship, so grime and stains required. Tamiya acrylics airbrushed and slightly scuffed between shades with a very (very, very) worn out piece of 3M superfine sanding sponge. Some staining spots added using Citadel Miniatures shades (Nuln Oil, Agrax Earth, Riekland Earth), then again scuffed between shades. Lots of fixtures on the decks are moulded in. Decided the easiest way around this is a splash of Humbrol Maskol.
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