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  1. Really good looking Valiant. Maybe should be three to go, though? If only there was a 1/72 Sperrin
  2. Absolute beauty, Alex. I am envious!
  3. Tell me about it. I was on the pan when the first Tornado was delivered to Cottesmore. It was the dawn of a new age. Guess that’s finished now?
  4. For what it’s worth, I visited Innsworth back when it was PMC. They really did have a dartboard.
  5. VMT Sleeper. Is the fin blue a good match? I assume there’s a Humbrol call-out?
  6. Aircraft? Jet? Pah! Only ever called them “bl**dy heaps of s**t” in my day. And that was when they were snag free (well, as snag free as a Tonka ever got. Most of them had a second 700 for the acceptable defects log)
  7. Not my photo - found on a resource called Fighter Control. Quite a few shots of a/c in the workshops (but well after my time there!).
  8. Me too! 17 Sqn. Only done 2 poor efforts so far, Hurricane and Spitfire with Beaufighter TT Mk10 on the way. Not doing every Mk., only types. 3 down, 26 to go. back in the day, one could purchase a T Shirt emblazoned with “Where is Decimomannu” on the front. On the back? “Just down the road from Decimoputzu”. Cool.
  9. This is the one I’d like. Any comments on it?
  10. Adam, I admire your Concordskis - a good model is good, regardless of subject matter. But……..nah. Ive looked at the suggested options and, so far, I’m leaning toward one of the the Airfix, simply because of the BOAC prototype option. I love the dark blue scheme. Thanks to all so far. Bill
  11. Afraid it’s long gone. Every visiting Squadron’s groundcrew left their imprint on it. I think the Rodneys decorated their mess, but I don’t know. Not sure what the building was - looked a bit like a very substantial bike shed. The more mementos went up, the less space there was. I wouldn’t bet that a few got overpainted over the years. As I said above, really should have been saved for posterity.
  12. I’m sure others will have memories of the Wall. Hope this link works
  13. It would be remiss of me if I let the picture with the badges go without at least a small nod to the Deci Wall (where my name appeared at east once!). Sadly, I believe it no longer exists. There was once a rumour that it would be purchased and moved to the RAF Museum. Now that’s one expenditure I would have approved!
  14. “In November 1944 he joined No. 155 Squadron, but was immediately moved to take command of No. 17 Squadron, where he scored his 28th and final victory - a Japanese Ki-43 "Oscar" aircraft. This was his first aerial victory since 1941, and was scored in a Spitfire Mk VIII fighter. It took his final tally to 28 destroyed, five probables and nine damaged, which put him seventh on the list of RAF's top scoring aces of World War II.” Hence his kill chart (port side, so not yet visible here) has a single red dot after all the swastikas.
  15. He did indeed survive. Advised on the Battle of Britain film, ran an air freight business. Died in 1989. So many great stories about him! “On the 30th of August, Lacey was badly shot up over the Thames estuary. Considering that he had sufficient altitude to glide as far as land, when he reached the Isle of Sheppey he decided to try and get all the way home in a shallow glide. As he neared Gravesend he pumped his undercarriage down and did the same for his flaps. With engine lifeless he made a perfect landing and rolled to a stop immediately in front of a camera crew who had filmed the whole landing. Lacey's pride at having brought his shattered Hurricane home safely would soon be shattered by the Engineering Officer who, surveying the eighty seven bullet holes in the plane, tartly commended "Why the hell didn't you bail out?... I'd have got a new aircraft tomorrow morning! Now I've got to set to work and mend it." As if a SEngO EVER got his hands dirty!
  16. There will be a coat of something at some point. Sadly, the “A” serial on the port side disintegrated when it sensed water - hence no photo of that side. I ordered a sheet of letters but the smallest was 5mm and I wanted 4mm, so a further hunt tracked down these and they are on their way. As soon as that applied, she will get the final finish. If anyone wants a 1/72 kit that lends itself to lots of cockpit detailing, I recommend this (Hasegawa) as the kit itself provides none. Nada. Zilch. I made the parcel shelf myself otherwise just a big gap (can I tick the scratch building box for that?). Otherwise, a nice, simple build, right up my street. Thanks for your interest Bill
  17. Grandkids want to buy me a Christmas present. I would like a Concorde. Which would the gestalt recommend? Scale is not important, quality of kit and decals is! Thanks in advance Bill
  18. The second of my 17 Sqn builds, a Mk XIVe Spitfire, meant to represent Ginger Lacey’s aircraft. Still many, many errors but I’m much happier than I was with the Hurricane. As always, criticism, hints and tips welcome. Next up, a Beaufighter TT Mk10. Should be fun - yellow and black undersides.
  19. That “gear pre-select up”? It wasn’t! It was an override for emergency use. Dragging 40 year old course memories out, we leckies were told that, while the gear was down, a degree of additional lift was provided by the u/c doors. This was good for landings as it allowed a slower approach. Normal gear retraction was fine as it would be well in the air before the doors closed and lost the lift provided. Using the override as a preselect was bad as it meant the retraction sequence initiated as soon as weight came off the oleos - too soon. The a/c would drop, much the same as in a carrier take off.
  20. Liney sunshine! Flying cancelled, runway closed. Groundcrew sent off to recover the landaways. Big, big crane hired in to lift the poor thing on to a Queen Mary and get her off the track. Runway repaired and countless fodplods. The casualty was eventually rebuilt! This was possible, in part, due to Tornado back then (83/84 ish) not having any pylons fitted so the underside was dead flat.I believe the rebuild was more to do with propaganda than economics as it would, supposedly, have been cheaper to buy a new one. I don’t recall seeing the actual cause announced, other than “undercarriage collapse”. Of course, we all had theories, didn’t we!
  21. My best liney experience? In the crew room at TTTE just strapping on my storno ready for a couple of hours ramp tramping in time to hear something along the lines of “Oh sh*t, the tw*ts landed wheels up and we’ve still got three in the air”. Everybody piled out to see the spectacle. Didn’t half slide a long way down the track. First Tonka crash, that was. Story has it that the tutor was still belting the student over the head with his bone dome when the fire tender arrived.
  22. Medium grey. I remember moving from Jags to Tornado (groundcrew) and being gobsmacked at how bright it seemed in there - and how much room there was!
  23. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    Update on this. Since acquiring these, I’ve been gifted a FroG PR7. These 2 and the conversion are now surplus. I'll put them up on the for sale pages today or tomorrow as individual items or with an option to take all three,if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by. Bill
  24. There was a bit in the Fosdyke Saga that went something like “at last our luck has changed! I’ve won tickets to New York on this new boat, The Titanic”!
  25. I’ll vote for it - as long as we agree that any aircraft given to a pilot is in the wrong hands. Only the ground crew truly cherish them!
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