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  1. Will you be building a scale pilot to put in it?
  2. As usual with your figures, a) Marvellous painting - I wish I had a fraction of your skill. b) I haven’t a clue what any of these figures are! Doesn’t stop me admiring them, but they are a mystery to me. Still impressive modelling, though. Well done.
  3. Little progress as I’ve had Covid. Only just starting to feel up to getting stuck in again. Hard to explain what it does to one - knocks out the will to do anything. I hope to start up again in the next few days.
  4. An alternative reality that should have been true! Cracking “What If”.
  5. Speaking as a relative newcomer to the hobby, I agree with Scott. Buy something cheap - even a biplane, just ignore the rigging! - and practice on it. Spend time and a bit of money on a reasonable range of tools and glue/filler. Don’t stress if it goes pear-shaped (unless you’re building one of those “egg planes”, in which case, it’s meant to be pear-shaped). By your second or third, you’ll feel more confident and ready to move on. I would also suggest that you build the kit as per instructions and don’t get bogged down trying to build an accurate scale model of a particular aircraft or Mk. There IS a difference, as a read through these pages will show.
  6. Your workshop is bigger than my house! But putting it to great use - keep up the posts, please.
  7. Amazing water effect on that base, Francis. Well done!
  8. Fascinating link, @seadog and many thanks. I will certainly buy a set of plans and might even try to build something! Once again, I’m amazed by the knowledge and willingness to share of BM’rs.
  9. I must say, that’s all jolly heartening. Mayhap I WILL try and build it, then. It’s Barker’s Snipe, by the way.
  10. Like Bigbadbadge, I have one. I bought it a few years ago, returning to the hobby after over 50 years, fully intending to build it. I now know with certainty that I will NEVER gain the skills necessary to do it justice so it will remain unbuilt. But I still take it down from the top of the wardrobe now and then for a bit of a fondle
  11. True, but the principle is sound. Vacform canopy would work, would it not? Just a thought. As you say, those days are gone
  12. I’ve mentioned on here before that, back in the dim and distant, some Airfix kits came with frames and canopies separate. The frame sort of “clipped” into indentations in the canopy. Really neat - bring it back!
  13. Thanks, Seahawk. In a way, all I was saying was, had I been aware I would have taken more readies. No harm done except that the stash hasn’t been fed. The rest of the show was superb and I was in awe of the skills on display.
  14. Well, I went. First time and really enjoyed it. Sadly had to leave before judging finished so didn’t see the competition entries but from the rails they looked stupendous! Disappointment? So few traders taking card/contactless payment - cash only. I would have spent more but only had a fixed amount in my pocket. All in all, though, P.S. To all you BMers who saw me but were too shy (or overawed) to come up and say hello - what a shame! I’m really very user friendly!
  15. Very nice. I’ve got Blue Tits in the stash. OOEERR Matron - look what that man wrote🫣🫣
  16. I feel your pain. Getting hold of 17 Sqn transfers/decals for most of their aircraft is a nightmare
  17. 17 Sqn so it works for me Minor point - the Squadron Gauntlet isn’t between plain white bands; should be 3 black waves each side. Otherwise lovely to see.
  18. I need to refine the stair partition - it’s not right - then scratch build a telephone switchboard and some electrical boxes. Then I can finish painting the lower floor area and populate it. Hey ho!
  19. And a downstairs toilet (one of two. This is the Airmen’s, Officer’s next door but I haven’t made it yet). Toilet made from clay, brass tube and thread!
  20. Overhead showing new stair location. These are to a landing - ther will be a smaller flight at right angle leading to first floor
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